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SCMP readers discuss latest taxi fare hikes

PUBLISHED : Saturday, 12 January, 2013, 1:37pm
UPDATED : Saturday, 12 January, 2013, 1:37pm


  • None at all: 61%
  • Under 5%: 14%
  • 5-10%: 17%
  • over 10%: 8%
11 Jan 2013
  • None at all
  • Under 5%
  • 5-10%
  • over 10%
Total number of votes recorded: 450

How high a taxi fare increase do you think is acceptable?

As Hong Kong’s urban taxis consider a fare increase to meet rising costs and inflation, SCMP.com has invited readers to share their views.

The poll published on Friday has drawn more than 400 participants as of Saturday morning.

While 61 per cent of our readers say they don’t welcome any rise, 17 per cent find 5 to 10 per cent of an increase reasonable. Some 14 per cent readers say they consider an increase of under 5 per cent acceptable. Only 8 per cent of our participants welcomed an increase of more than 10 per cent.

Those who oppose any increase will be disappointed as taxi unions have agreed a fare rise and the hike looks inevitable, according to a SCMP report.

Some 17 per cent of readers who say a 5-10 per cent increase is justified will more likely agree with the proposal of a HK$2 flag-fall fare increase, which means a 10 per cent increase for trips in the two kilometre range.

Passengers currently pay HK$1.50 for every 200 metres after the flag fall until the chargeable amount reaches HK$72.50. Some taxi unions are seeking to raise 10 cents for every metre for short-haul passengers – roughly a 6 per cent increase. Others said they want the increase applied to any distance.

The SCMP poll is still open on Saturday. Vote now and let us know how much of an increase you find reasonable.



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Like everybody else, taxi drivers are people struggling to make a living by providing a service to the public. In order to continue with taxi service, these guys cannot do it by losing money, so if the hike is reasonable (to be investigated and rectified by appropriate HK govt departments I hope), I have no problem with it.
HK is a tiny place. In some cases, why not just take a walk from A to B - each resident should go green as much as possible anyway. HK has more air pollution than it can handle, so a little walking is good for the environment.
What is the inflation index for HK ? Must be ridiculously high.
We need to do a lot more than just review the flag-fall fare. The HK taxi system is antiquated and is falling far behind those of comparable cities. Why are taxi licences rationed by price? Why can't anyone who has proved him/herself competent to drive a taxi be given a licence for the cost of issuing it? Let supply/demand dictate the number of licences. Why do we have this ludicrous system of red/green/blue taxis? Why are the needs of consumers secondary to those of the vested interests involved?
Good Questions! And some organization still rate Hong Kong the freest economy in the world. What a Joke!


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