Patient 'told doctor she loved him'

Married physician tells inquiry the woman's sex claims were made after he spurned her

PUBLISHED : Monday, 28 January, 2013, 12:00am
UPDATED : Monday, 28 January, 2013, 6:36am

A woman patient who accused her married doctor of having sex with her told him she was in love with him before she made the allegation, a Medical Council inquiry heard yesterday.

Dr Barry Tsang Ka-hung denied the woman's claim that they had sex five times during 2009. He said they had never had a relationship, and had only ever been doctor and patient, and insurance broker and client.

But Tsang admitted he had accompanied the woman to dinner and shopping, and that they had communicated via MSN instant messaging - three to four times a day, three to four days per week. "It was only casual conversations, like 'How are you?' … 'Are you busy?' - nothing particularly special or intimate," he said, adding that he had no record of the messages as his computer had been damaged by water when a pipe burst at the clinic.

Tsang told the hearing that the last time he had seen the woman in his clinic, on October 7, 2009, she said she wanted to celebrate his son's first birthday. He said she became agitated when Tsang refused her, claiming he was not married and his son was illegitimate. She told Tsang she had hired a private detective to find out about him.

Tsang said he showed the woman certificates proving he had divorced his first wife in 2006 and married again in 2008.

"Then [she] told me for the first time that she loved me very much. My immediate reaction was not to accept this, because I love my wife and my family very much," he said. "I firmly deny her allegations and this love fantasy."

Mark Chan, the legal officer representing the council secretary, asked Tsang whether he thought the woman had complained about him because he had rejected her; Tsang said yes.

In the hearing on January 1, the woman claimed she and Tsang had sex five times - twice in his clinic and three times in pay-by-the-hour hotels, paid for by Tsang. The inquiry was also told Tsang sold the woman insurance in breach of the profession's code of conduct after saying that he had money problems.

Yesterday, Tsang appeared at the hearing with a swollen right eye and bruised nose. He said he had been attacked by two men after he finished work on Friday.

The disciplinary hearing continues on February 23.