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Leung Chun-ying
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Leung Chun-ying mobbed by protesters at Lunar New Year fair

Chief executive and wife abandon Lunar New Year fair visit, after police fail to hold back angry protesters calling for his resignation

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 05 February, 2013, 12:00am
UPDATED : Tuesday, 05 February, 2013, 7:34am

Leung Chun-ying had to cut short his first visit as chief executive to the Lunar New Year Fair in Victoria Park when he was mobbed by protesters demanding that he resign.

Leung and his wife Regina Tong Ching-yee were surrounded from the moment they stepped out of the car at the Causeway Bay venue until they got back in 15 minutes later.

In the chaos, Leung paid HK$100 for his only purchase, four bunches of lucky bamboo, which should have cost HK$140. His office said the balance was paid later.

"It was chaotic and some of our stocks were almost destroyed," said the florist who sold Leung the bamboo.

Leung spent a lot less than his predecessors Tung Chee-hwa and Donald Tsang Yam-kuen, who paid out at least HK$500 on each visit in the past decade. Tsang spent HK$936 last year on flowers, dolls and sweets.

Though the couple were encircled by more than 20 police officers and security guards, Tong was almost hit by a cushion thrown by a protester at the flower stall.

"It is the first time the chief executive has not been able to walk around the fair, let alone buy anything," said Wyman Kong, who has had stalls at the fair for more than 10 years and owns another florist stand that Leung had been due to visit.

It is the first time the chief executive has not been able to walk around the fair, let alone buy anything

Protesters, including League of Social Democrats lawmaker "Long Hair" Leung Kwok-hung, sat on Causeway Road briefly to block the chief executive's car before police carried him back to the footpath.

In a statement last night, the Chief Executive condemned Long Hair Leung and other demonstrators for causing the chaos. He also deeply regretted the inconvenience created for stallholders and visitors.

After a year filled by scandals, politically satirical souvenirs starred at the fair when it opened yesterday.

For the first time. the Democratic Party is selling products designed by its own people, including T-shirts that read "CY Step Down" and "Turn Loss to Win" to tease Lau Kong-wah, the Beijing-friendly loser in the Legislative Council election in September who was appointed undersecretary for constitutional and mainland affairs.

"We want to change our conservative image in people's minds and to raise awareness of local political issues in a more innovative way," said Kelvin Lai King-wai, head of the party's creative media division.

Other pan-democratic parties, such as the league and the Civic Party, also offered politically satirical goods, such as a pair of flip flops exhorting the wearer to "step on CY" and a cushion with the words "You lie! Don't tell lies". The latter quote was uttered by Leung's chief executive rival, Henry Tang Ying-yen, during a televised debate when he questioned whether Leung had suggested the use of riot police and tear gas to handle street protesters in 2003.

The fair has more than 400 stands selling food and dry and wet goods. It will end in the early hours of Lunar New Year Day.


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Long Hair received 48,295 votes in the 2012 LegCo elections - the most votes received by any candidate in the New Territories East constituency. Clearly there are a significant proportion of people in Hong Kong who do support him. Whilst CY Leung only received 689 votes.
Where or not you agree with Long Hair's methods for expressing his dissatisfaction with CY Leung and the Hong Kong political system, you cannot argue that a system in which the CE is selected by only 1200 people in a city with a population of 7 million is fair or just. When the system does not provide a civilised way to express your dissatisfaction with the Executive branch of the government (i.e. voting for the CE by universal suffrage without restrictions on who can stand as a candidate) what alternative is there other than to protest on the streets?
If you don't like the nuisance that protestors causes grant genuine universal suffrage for free and fair elections and the vast majority of the protests will stop - they only do it because there is no other way to have their voice heard in the present system.
1.Use violence and/or plot out of political motive is a rebellion,revolution.Any goal reached out of unclean hands is illegal.
2.Even the president of the US is elected indirectly.
3.Is election an universal solution to all problems?We don't want barbaric democracy.
hard times !
maybe our Chief Executive should deeply review his miserable treatment by his people, including those so-called radicals in town---the Long-hair and his guys.Both Donald Tsang and C.H.Tung could smoothly buy what they liked during their flower fair visits.But why not this Wolf ? His prestige and reputation nad public image are really below average---more or less similiar to Ma Ying-jeou of Taiwan whose popularity has plunged to all-time low---becoming a 'horse' both weak in performance and outlook ! What a pair of twin brothers:C.Y. and Ma Ying-jeou ! May God bless/curse them !
The behaviour of Long Hair was unbelievably rude and damaging to the image of Hong Kong, especially he is still a lawmaker (if I am not wrong). I just saw the video reported in another news media, Long Hair has turned Hig Kong into an unruly place. As a Hong Konger, I call on the HK Police to charge him for such behaviour, he and hus cronies had created disturbance to a CNY event that is the very core part of Hong Kong's culture/life all these years, during the British colony days, and after its handover. Long Hair and his cronies do not represent Hong Kong. There are many Hong Kong people whose interest and wishes are for the smooth governance and betterment of Hong Kong no matter who it belongs to. I understand Hong Kong cannot do what Macau did to reject Long Hair's entry to their territory, but Hong Kong has been a law and order place, such vulgar / unlawful behaviour needs to be curtailed; it is not Hong Kong at all, it is disgraceful. Are you happy to let such people like Long Hair, his cronies, or unscrupolous wealth lickers run Hong Kong?
Should call on all other lawmakers to start an impeachment process for Long Hair because of his behaviour. I, as a Hong Kong citizen with no political affiliation, just wish for the smooth governance and betterment of Hong Kong no matter who is the CE. I agree with you 100% that Long Hair is a disgrace to the image of Hong Kong.
I am ashamed and embarrassed. Is this HK? no matter what but what the mob did was uncivilized and just show on what level we are. The lowest.
No education, no manners, chaos, turmoils and vandalism! Are we really ready for democracy??? Is this what we should expect for the future to happen regularly when universal suffrage is introduce??? They (the opposition) don't like a policitician, a leader, a political figure and they attack him/her not matter what. Not with arguments and words, but with vandalism. I feel so sorry and I am so dissappointed from HK. At the end, we are just a bunch of uneducated rascals who can not handle political tools given to them. Now, think what would the British Lords during colonial rule have done, if this would happen to their sent Governeur? They would send the police force to arrest all of them. Long Hair would have been put in prison for a long time.
You're absolutely Right! Long Hair is not an educated person at all, at least his behavior in the past so many years did not show that he is. He makes his living (getting elected to the Legislative Council) by being rude, childish, disruptive, and all those nasty things. It's SAD that we, Hong Kong taxpayers, are paying for this. I can't imagine what our lawmakers and CE will be like in 2016 and 2017 respectively after universal suffrage.
These BS argue with violent languages and indulge in violent acts,insulting everyone connected with the government head.These BS should not taking part in any election and society's affairs.
Do we have a city ordinance for disorderly conduct? If not, we must stop this BS that Hong Kong is a city ruled by law.
It's so mean hurting someone's family.Barbaric and primitive.Flower farmer blames government head's visit,not the mob??????


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