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Henry Tang: I will support wife during illegal basement case

PUBLISHED : Saturday, 02 March, 2013, 12:00am
UPDATED : Saturday, 02 March, 2013, 3:52am

Failed chief executive contender Henry Tang Ying-yen promised to accompany his wife - who was charged over an illegal basement at their home - to court, when the case is heard on March 13.

Tang, who was appointed to the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) a month ago, hinted that his family is "prepared" for any outcome of the trial.

Tang's wife, Lisa Kuo Yu-chin, was among four people charged last month over a 2,250 sq ft illegal basement at their house at 7 York Road, Kowloon Tong - while Tang himself escaped charges.

Revelations about the luxurious basement in the run-up to last year's chief executive election, together with Tang's handling of the scandal, dealt a fatal blow to his bid for the top job.

The charges could result in a jail term of up to three years and a maximum fine of HK$1 million, the Buildings Department said.

Tang responded to the prosecution for the first time, before leaving for the CPPCC meeting in Beijing this weekend.

"During the campaign for the [chief] executive, which I lost, I have gained the … full support of my family," Tang said.

"Therefore, I will support my wife when she goes for the first hearing on March 13. I will be there to support her spiritually, as well as physically."

He added that his family had become more united since the failed chief executive campaign.

When asked whether he was "prepared for the worst", Tang said "we have made adequate preparations … and I don't want to make further comments".

Tang said he now hoped to help shape mainland politics as a local delegate to the CPPCC, which is China's top political advisory body.

"This is the beginning of the [Beijing government's] 12th five-year plan. Hong Kong has a very special place in this plan, so I will be humble, observe [the CPPCC's workings] and make the best of this new opportunity for me to contribute to Hong Kong and the mainland," he said.

Tang is hotly tipped to be elected into the standing committee of the CPPCC, but he declined to comment on that yesterday. He said his experience as a former legislator and chief secretary, and his business network, would help him fulfil his role.



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John Adams
I think Henry can plead mental incompetence on this issue (anyway - he is mentally incompetent ... or should one say "mentally challenged" to be more accurate ?) .
This at least absolves him personally although not morally ( but did he REALLY not know about his wife's illegal basement ? Total BS ! )
All this still allows his wife to go to jail and I hope she does so, just to prove that the rule of law is truly impartial in HK ... for once.
CY is indeed having a tough time since he was elected about this time last year, but can you imagine how HK would be now if Tang had been in the driving seat the past 12 months ?
The mind shudders in horror .
Too much wine makes one suffer from the speech impediment. I never understood what he tries to convey verbally whether in English or Cantonese. The best support he could offer to his wife is to stay away from the media and stop making gibberish remarks and leave all the speaking to his PA. He reminds me of a dumb down ex president George Bush Junior.
be a man Henry...take the responsibility.
A prison term for the wife would free Henry to pursue his affairs openly.
How very honourable of him, being the one who shopped his wife in the first place. He should be in the dock too, but possible incompetence or cowardice by investigators or prosecutors has spared him.
Henry Tsang needs to stand up like a man and be the one to say: This is my house, I am the man and I will take whatever punishment is coming my way. Even if his wife organized it and had the guy do it, it should still be Henry standing up. If my wife organized an illegal alteration I would try and divert blame but not at my wife. In the end it is the man who takes it on the chin. Someone who leaves it to their wife is a coward in my books.
He is finally supporting his wife! How brave!
You can be sure that Tang will pull every string possible and call every favour owed to him to ensure that she won't serve a jail sentence. A $1m fine?? That's small change for him
I'm really disgusted that Lisa Kuo Yu-chin does not have any self-respect and allows Henry to continue to use her to mop up his own dirt. She should have kicked his sorry **** to the street the moment his infidelities came out; but no, she's staying to face criminal charges for him as well. Oh well, maybe she deserves a jail sentence for being such a disgrace to all intelligent and self-respecting women.
That's so ignorant and uneducated of you.
Firstly, placing someone in jail because of an illegal structure is not only extravagant and totally unnecessary, but is very harmful. There's so many illegal structures in Hong Kong, it's abnormal not to have any. This is the first time someone was actually prosecuted for illegal structures, think of what happens when she actually gets jail time. This sets a ground for other illegal structure cases, no matter the degree or amount of illegal structures one own. Your friends, family or helpers can actually blackmail you about your illegal structures at home.
Secondly, he never said he was unaware of the structures! -Get your facts straight!-
And thirdly, Tang has technically been governing Hong Kong for year, even though he wasn't sitting in the top seat. Yes, he might not be the best husband in the world, but he is a great politician with great intentions and actions. So stop being such a little prick to him and go focus on all the harm CY is doing to HK. Tang was for the one person one vote policy, Giving YOU and everyone else a voice in this community. Good luck with CY, he was against this.



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