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Hong Kong's pollution hits dangerous levels again

Roadside pollution hits hazardous levels as pollutants emitted from vehicles are trapped by airless conditions

PUBLISHED : Friday, 08 March, 2013, 12:47pm
UPDATED : Saturday, 09 March, 2013, 1:36am

Roadside pollution in Hong Kong hit hazardous levels on Friday as pollutants emitted from vehicles rose during the stagnant weather.

Readings at roadside monitoring stations in Central, Causeway Bay and Mong Kok hit levels of 183, 193 and 137, respectively on Friday morning.

When a reading hits 100, classified as a “very high” level, people with heart or respiratory illnesses might experience a mild aggravation of their conditions, the Environmental Department said.

A reading of above 200 is a “severe” level of pollution and that the general public was advised to avoid prolonged stays at roadsides with heavy traffic or surrounded by tall buildings. They should also reduce physical exertion in such areas.

A reading of above 200 is a “severe” level of pollution and that the general public was advised to avoid prolonged stays at roadsides with heavy traffic

Since late Wednesday, the air pollution index recorded in the three roadside stations had been rising gradually from slightly below 100.

A spokesman for the department said the wind had been too stagnant in the past few days to disperse pollutants emitted by vehicles emissions.

He said the air pollution index would remain at very high levels over the weekend.

“According to the Hong Kong Observatory, the weather will continue to be calm in the next few days,” the spokesman said.

The department advised people with heart or respiratory illnesses, and the elderly and children to reduce physical exertion and outdoor activities, and avoid prolonged stays in streets with heavy traffic.



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Why are there vehicle emissions in HK? At least as early as the 1980's, the HK government had plenty of advance warning about evolving environmental conditions. There was ample opportunity to move to electric and other ways to reduce local pollution. When I worked in HK between 1987 and 1991, the view from the Peak was regularly clear as crystal. Today such clean days are few and far between. What's the use having high "per capita" GDP, if the population is decimated by heart disease, cancer and tuberculosis? From this optic of public policy, HK is a failed experiment. What an outrage that decades have been wasted without adequate responses to this particular environmental challenge!
Welcome to the Asia World city!
It has very little to do with "dirty" diesel buses and lorries.
It's because the stupid Government has allowed half a million cars on the streets.
Once again my throat is sore causing me to cough incessantly and my eyes are stinging. I don't have a common cold or flu. It is purely a case of irritation caused by local air pollution. Hundreds of thousands of Hongkongers have the same miserable symptoms right now , yet the Government remains silent.
Skeetle Artist
this is just so sukish . people are stupidly protesting again st the government to get him down when they shud ask him to do something abt the pollution this is why there are so many phuckin thin guys in hk or overly fat ... no good physiqued guy is in hong kong ... all of them are just office zombies ... boring life
Yada Yada the same old story again and again. Why do we Hong Kongers still ranked on top of the list in the world in longevity according to surveys ?? Explain this ! Our lungs have adapted to worst pathogens and are immune to pollution so it's time to shut up and make real news.
Many Asian, particularly Chinese cities, are so densely populated...I would say that the air pollution problem here is even more serious than Shanghai or Beijing, in the sense that HK is such a cramped place with busy traffic...Shanghai seems to be a far better place in view of this.
I do sympathize with your ordeal but if we are victims of such ïnconvienience we pale in comparison with those in the west that suffer allergy from pollens in which I think are equally if not more dreadful. But I concur the government is indifferent if not inept about this predicament but perhaps it is fairer to say if the mainland would cut down using coal HK wouldn't be half as bad. Yes I do tend to have a chip on my shoulder against the North. They are just bad news.
I should move to Hong Kong. The air is so much better there than here in Beijing.


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