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Hong Kong journalists attacked in Beijing

PUBLISHED : Friday, 08 March, 2013, 7:38pm
UPDATED : Friday, 08 March, 2013, 11:15pm

Two journalists from Hong Kong were attacked by unidentified men on Friday in Beijing while trying to interview the wife of Nobel Peace Prize winner and dissident Liu Xiaobo, one of their colleagues said.

The two journalists were cameramen working for Hong Kong television stations.

One cameraman from TVB was pushed to the ground, then punched and kicked by about five plain-clothed men, according to a female TVB reporter.

A second cameraman from another station was punched and his glasses were damaged by the same men, the reporter said.

The two were among a group of about 10 journalists from four Hong Kong television and radio stations, who, along with Hong Kong activist Yang Kuang, were waiting outside the home of Liu Xia.

The attackers, who did not identify themselves, suddenly appeared from around a corner, shouted at the group, demanded that they stop filming, hit journalists' cameras and attacked the two cameramen, said the reporter.