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'Troublesome' Hong Kong activist Yang Kuang sent home from Beijing

I was released because I did nothing wrong, says Yang Kuang after expulsion from Beijing

PUBLISHED : Monday, 11 March, 2013, 12:00am
UPDATED : Monday, 11 March, 2013, 8:31am

The Hong Kong activist arrested in Beijing while trying to visit the wife of jailed Nobel peace laureate Liu Xiaobo received a warm welcome on his return home last night.

Yang Kuang said he had been escorted to Beijing airport and put on a flight after being held for over 30 hours by police, who told him he had been detained for "provoking quarrels and making trouble".

On his arrival at Hong Kong International Airport, he was met by a dozen supporters holding banners and flowers. They cheered as he appeared in the arrival hall. "I am very pleased to set foot in free Hong Kong again," said Yang, smiling.

He said he had been treated roughly at the time of his arrest, when his face was shoved into the pavement, drawing blood, but that no force had been used against him during his detention.

The authorities like to make up excuses and arrest you. This time it has been better. They did not say [Yang] possessed drugs
Human rights activist Hu Jia

He said he had been denied contact with the "outside world" for two days. "It was a normal procedure for mainland police," he said. "I was told I would be repatriated."

He was unaware of any attempts by the Hong Kong government to assist him.

"I did not see any Hong Kong government representative during the detention ... I had to borrow money from a mainland police officer to buy a ticket to fly back to Hong Kong." He said he had lost his home-return permit but was confident that he would find a way to return to the mainland, where both his parents live.

He declined to go into details of what happened during the detention, for fear it would affect friends still on the mainland.

"I was released because I did nothing wrong," said Yang.

Yang, known for his fight for recognition of the Diaoyu Islands as Chinese territory, was in Beijing trying to visit Liu Xia on Friday, after a failed attempt the day before. Liu Xia has been under house arrest since 2010, when her dissident husband won the Nobel peace prize.

A video, uploaded to YouTube by rights activist Hu Jia - a friend of Yang's - showed how Yang was surrounded by several cars and bundled into a police car and driven away. There was no information about Yang's whereabouts until Hu broke the news on Twitter that he had been released and would be sent back to Hong Kong.

Hu criticised Beijing authorities for abusing their power. "The detention was flatly illegal. Mr Yang just liked to visit friends. It is absurd to say he was trying to provoke quarrels and make trouble," Hu said in a television interview.

"The authorities like to make up excuses and arrest you. This time it has been better. They did not say [Yang] possessed drugs."

"Provoking quarrels and making trouble" is widely seen as an excuse police use to arrest dissidents. Melamine-tainted-milk activist Zhao Lianhai was accused of the same thing after he tried to raise public awareness of the problem and fight for the rights of victims.

Hours before Yang was arrested he and several Hong Kong reporters had tried to visit Liu at her home. He claimed security guards at Liu's residence refused to let him in and then about a dozen men came out and pushed him and the journalists away.

The unidentified men then shouted at reporters and a scuffle broke out. A cameraman from TVB news was allegedly struck on the head.

A spokesman for Hong Kong's Immigration Department said that since receiving calls and seeing media reports on Yang, the government's Beijing office had used different channels to understand the situation and to find out about Yang's whereabouts, but had been unable to contact him before he was repatriated.

Earlier yesterday, Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying said: "Lawful and normal reporting by Hong Kong journalists on the mainland should be protected and respected. That is the long-standing position of me and the government."


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It all comes down to the fact that the Chinese Communist Party operates above any laws for the protection of its own existence, and enforces its brainwashed ‘comrades’ to use whatever means to perpetuate this status even if it means using violence, lies, or, on a political level, rhetoric but with intentions of the exact opposite. For example, stating that they condemn North Korea for their nuclear program, but when if fact they are actually in secret alliance with them.
For over half a century of the CCP in power, they have proven that they are an illegal entity no different to a sophisticated gangster operation. The small details reveals the larger plan – control information to its people and you control them. The outside world and Hong Kong has such a great role to keep reporting truth and access to the freedom of that information. It all citizens in China knew the truth, the CCP would simply collapse within its own corruption, lies and inhumane acts.
What does Yang stand for exactly? It appears that his goal in life is simply to draw attention to himself and if this creates conflict between nations or conflict within a nation he doesn't seem to care. The Central Government and China as a whole is now quite transparent. Some might not always agree with the actions of the Government but they at least know what these actions are. It doesn't seem to be much different than in many other countries in the world.
I object to Yang being 'repatriated' to Hong Kong, couldn't we just send him straight to the Diaoyu Islands?
There needs to be more than just knowledge of a situation being a certain way. Just because corruption and other acts are reported, even on the mainland, does not mean that the people will or can overthrow the ruling party. After all reporters are simply reporting on what occurs in a certain place. The majority of residents on the mainland are already aware of the extent of the corruption and are acutely aware of the consequences of attempting free speech that may be against the party's stated position.
The biggest opportunity for change can only come from within the party. We saw this with the case of the USSR. The biggest chance for a more open and honest political environment can only be brought about when the CCP has governed itself into irrelevance and someone similar to Gorbachev emerges to lead China.
To believe that simply causing trouble and printing stories will bring about the collapse of the CCP is only wishful thinking.
hard times !
If the Mainland government were a civilzied one which abides by the law and practises'rule of law', then the beating-up of our two cameramen outside Ms Liu Xia's residence and later, the beating up of Mr.Yang Kuang ( a Hongkonger from Mainland where his parents still live) by over ten cops after his visit paid to a handicapped woman who went to Beijing to complain against injustice in her home village/town would never take place.Even the extralegal house arrest of Ms Liu Xia ever since 2010 when her husband awarded Nobel Prize of Peace would never happen.Right ? Mr.Yang Kuang went to Beijing trying to visit Ms Liu Xia on March 8th----the International Women's Day---to pay respects to her and comfort her by giving her some gifts only.But Yang was later charged with so-called,' provoking quarrels and causing trouble' ---a charge frequently used against dissidents/activists to suppress their activities as in Mr.Chiu Lin-hoe's case.Our representative in Beijing is both useless and incompetent in the whole case.Yang said that even the air-ticket back here was lent from a police officer there. How absurd and shameless the whole incident appears ! Shame on the PRC government and their cops--especially those plainclothes ones ! Right ?
Good point. He should be a dutiful little slave and worship the Communist Party for all good and all wealth comes from the Communist Party only. His disagreements bring disharmony. Thank you, comrade, for stating the policy so well. The Chairman himself would be honored to call you his servant.
hard times !
Think before commenting Greater China which should include:Taiwan, Mainland China,Hong Kong and Macau. ? Readers of this news on S.C.M.P. inspires or provokes all readers with conscience to air their views and express their opinions in a society which values and allows freedom of speech.Right ? Why can't a resident of the SAR comment on unreasonable or absurd incidents that took place on Mainland if there are Hongkongers involved ? We are exerting our rights to comment only ! Gone with those slave servants or blind loyalists of the Chinese Communist ruling regime which is notorious for her barbaric acts against dissidents/activitsts while corruption among cadres are so rampant that president Xi warned that it might cause both his Party and country collapse !
hard times !
Totally agree with your view once there is freedom of inforamtion on Mainland China where the common people know that how corrupted the ruling Communist regime is, the collapse of the CCP government is inevitable ! Its rule in the past sixty plus years is similar to a gangster society and actually late paramount leader, Deng Xiao-ping was described as looking alike a Sichuan underground society leader after the crackdown of peaceful protesters in 1989. Once, all citizens know the truth of their government's inhumane acts (such as those against the Falunkung), lies told and rampant corruption among cadres in all levels such as the latest one related to a general named Kok Chun-shan, the deputy minister of the PLA's logistics department.It was found that there were over 10,000 moi toi wine in his big mansion (occupying 2 hectres) in Honan province.
This is because the central government is not in control!!!
It is sad that even an activist like Yang can been successfully cowed into silence by the mainland's Party thugs. Clearly, his parents will be under tremendous pressure now.
Don't DARE to MESS with greater CHINA
HKSAR 100% people are living to their 100% rights ?
why no rights group speak in hk for hk people rights?
think before comment about Greater china



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