Ex-RTHK deputy criticises director Roy Tang's leadership

PUBLISHED : Friday, 15 March, 2013, 12:00am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 26 October, 2016, 2:38pm

A dispute over alleged political censorship at the government-run RTHK continued unabated yesterday as a former deputy director of broadcasting weighed in to criticise the current chief.

Raymond Ng Sek-fai described as "inconceivable" the way broadcasting director Roy Tang Yun-kwong was handling the issue, which he said had thrust RTHK into mayhem not seen in the past three decades.

Ng also threw his support behind erstwhile subordinate Forever Sze Wing-yuen. He said he trusted Sze's claims that Tang may be on a political mission to "fix" the quasi-public broadcaster. He hinted at Tang's possible conflicting roles: as a government administrative officer who is also chief editor of RTHK.

"From the outset, he has had problems building up mutual trust with the staff," he told Commercial Radio yesterday. "I have known Sze a long time and he is a respected staff member. If he has publicly said he is under political pressure, I would trust it is a real issue."

Ng retired in 2006 after more than 32 years at the station. Sze is still there after about 30 years and is now acting assistant director of television and corporate business. Tang was appointed to lead RTHK in 2011.

Tang is accused of meddling with editorial independence after he asked subordinates to explain why they had originally suggested using a Nazi character in satirical television show Headliner.

RTHK staff union chairwoman Janet Mak Lai-ching called Tang's moves "mental censorship", while Sze told Commercial Radio he was facing "the biggest pressure ever" since he joined the station.

Tang is expected to attend a meeting with staff members today.