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Xi calls on Hong Kong to unite behind CY Leung

President says goal of 'seeking change while keeping stability' requires consensus across city and 'active support' for administration

PUBLISHED : Monday, 18 March, 2013, 5:47pm
UPDATED : Tuesday, 19 March, 2013, 7:13am

President Xi Jinping called yesterday for unity in Hong Kong and for "active support of Leung Chun-ying's administration".

Xi emphasised that co-operation and mutual development between Hong Kong, Macau and the mainland was needed to achieve his "Chinese dream" of a rejuvenated nation.

He also reminded Leung that implementation was the key to the Hong Kong leader's vision of "seeking change while maintaining stability".

New premier Li Keqiang echoed Xi's view in a separate meeting, calling for harmony and unity among the people of Hong Kong and Macau.

Amid recent debate in Hong Kong over democratisation, Leung told the new president he would implement the five steps to amend Hong Kong's electoral methods to achieve universal suffrage in 2017.

Unlike previous meetings, in which the chief executives of Hong Kong and Macau met the president separately, Xi met Leung with Dr Fernando Chui Sai-on, Macau's leader, in Zhongnanhai, the leadership compound in Beijing.

During the meeting, Xi said: "I am very happy to see chief executive Leung's governance vision, which is 'seeking change while maintaining stability', has won general public recognition. The key now is implementation.

"It needs Leung and the SAR government to fulfil their duties, and joint efforts from different sectors in the Hong Kong society.

It needs Leung and the SAR government to fulfil their duties, and joint efforts from different sectors in the Hong Kong society
President Xi Jinping

"Therefore, I hope different sectors in the Hong Kong society can be closely united … and actively support Leung's governance in accordance with law."

Citing the proverb "many hands make light work", Xi called on all sectors in the city to support the Hong Kong government.

Zhang Dejiang , who is poised to take charge of the party's leading group on Hong Kong and Macau affairs, and Li Yuanchao , the newly elected vice-president who is expected to join the group as a deputy head, both attended Xi's meeting with Leung.

Other officials present included Yang Jiechi , one of the five new state councillors, and Wang Guangya , director of the Hong Kong and Macau Affairs Office. It is understood that Yang has become a deputy head of the leading group.

In the afternoon, Li held a separate meeting with Leung, in which he also called for unity among Hongkongers.

"[I expect] the governments and the people of Hong Kong and Macau to foster consensus, to be harmonious, united and to work with one another," Li said.

In response to Xi and Li's remarks, Leung vowed to make good use of the "economic policies that the country has for Hong Kong".

Xi said that to fulfil the "China dream", Hong Kong, Macau and the mainland needed to maintain co-operation and mutual development. "It also needs compatriots in Hong Kong and Macau, and the mainland people to look out for each other, and progress hand in hand," Xi said.

Political commentator Johnny Lau Yui-siu said the central government had made huge efforts to unite the pro-establishment camp since the chief executive election last year, but the rift remained.



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Fine, President Xi. Let's see CY Leung support Hong Kong in return.
Let's see a stop to wrongheaded and unpopular schemes like "national education."
Let's see more efforts to allow neighborhood shops to continue to do business for Hong Kongers, rather than turn into luxury shopping malls for mainland tourists.
And let's hear some concrete proposals to move forward in the drive to 2017, when Hong Kong's CE will be elected by universal suffrage.
If CY shows more support for HK, Hong Kongers will support him.
It's a quid pro quo situation, Mr President.
This is getting old. Every time, there's a holiday or a change in leadership, the Chinese government puts on a lavish display where:
1. The HK CE sits with the President or the Premiere.
2. The HK CE is told he's doing a good job and that he has the support of the Central Government.
3. The people of HK are told that the Central Government is proud of the economic achievements of HK and that great things are in store for us.
4. We're told we have to be united in our support for the plans the Central Government has in place for us.
5. Finally, a couple of traditional Chinese proverbs are thrown in to make his point clear.
And because of THAT we, the ppl of HK, are supposed to suddenly drop all the issues we have against the government out of FAITH that everything will be ok because the PRESIDENT (who by the way is not publicly-elected) said so?
hard times !
yeah,the rift in the pro-establishment camp represented by Leung camp and Tang camp remains.It is indeed good towards most Hongkongers who embrace democracy----a geniune universal suffrage in 2017 for our chief executive election,those who pursue rule of law instead of 'ruled by law'as practised on Mainland China; freedoms used to be enjoyed by Hongkongers and respect towards human rights.Both Leung camp and Tang camp are pro-Beiing conservatives who are only keen on their interests and will never put the general public's interests, not to say our ideals in mind.Right ? Let their rift remains forever and ever !
Silly Mr President. Let us choose our own CE, and we'll support him. How about that for an idea? But no. Instead, our "leaders" expend vast resources in a hopeless quest for a consensus because they have no popular mandate and no legitimacy. Meanwhile, on so many levels, HK drifts into obscurity and irrelevance. That may be what the commies want, but I don't think it's what HK people want. We deserve better.


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