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Occupy Central Hong Kong supporters ready to block traffic and go to jail for democracy

Three-tiered strategy includes blocking traffic and being prepared to go to jail to press the case for universal suffrage

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 28 March, 2013, 12:00am
UPDATED : Thursday, 28 March, 2013, 8:33am


  • Yes: 79%
  • No: 21%
28 Mar 2013
  • Yes
  • No
Total number of votes recorded: 1,754

Plans were revealed yesterday for political protesters to block traffic in the heart of the city in July next year, unless the government delivers an acceptable proposal for universal suffrage.

But the civil disobedience plan - dubbed the Let Love and Peace Occupy Central movement - would be "absolutely non-violent", organisers said as they unveiled the campaign's manifesto at a news conference at the Kowloon Union Church.

The press conference marked the official launch of the controversial plan first proposed in January by Dr Benny Tai Yiu-ting, an associate professor of law at the University of Hong Kong.

The blueprint sets out the steps to be taken, finishing with the "occupy action" in Central, if the government fails to deliver a proposal for universal suffrage that is in line with international democratic standards.

"Civic awakening will determine the success of the movement," Tai said yesterday. "We shall be like preachers communicating enthusiastically with different communities to convey universal values such as democracy, universal and equal suffrage, justice and righteousness … We hope [Hong Kong people] will be willing to pay the price."

We shall be like preachers communicating enthusiastically with different communities to convey universal values such as democracy, universal and equal suffrage, justice and righteousness 

Tai said he was hoping that at least 10,000 people would participate. He said he was expecting them to support the movement in various ways, from performing acts of civil disobedience to risking arrest and agreeing to plead no contest at trial.

"The participants should resolve to accept going to jail - for how long, I don't know. Teachers and some professionals might lose their qualifications," Tai said.

"There will be a price to pay, but participants should not be worried about losing their lives."

Commerce sector lawmaker Jeffrey Lam Kin-fung, also an Executive Council member, said he feared the campaign could damage the city's reputation as an international financial centre.

Fellow Exco member Starry Lee Wai-king, of the Beijing-loyalist Democratic Alliance for the Betterment and Progress of Hong Kong, urged the public not to break the law and to instead debate political reforms.

Tai was joined by Chan Kin-man, associate professor of sociology at Chinese University, and the Reverend Chu Yiu-ming, a respected pro-democracy leader.

Chan said participants would submit to arrest without resistance.

"Many people think we want to paralyse Central, but all we want is self-sacrifice," he said. "Police can arrest us and no violence should occur. If the government announces a state of emergency, it will be [escalating the incident] on purpose."

Chu offered no details as to where the road blockade would take place or how long it would last, saying only that it wouldcertainly occur "on thoroughfares in the centre of Central".



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These imbeciles should go home. Democracy won't be good for Hong Kong.
hard times !
Democracy is what most Hongkongers long for and yearn for a long, long time ever since the Handover and the practice of the Basic Law plus annoucement of the Joint Sino-British Declaration which stipulates that we Hong Kong people can goven oruselves and 'One country, two systems'---an autocratic system on Mainland while a democratic one here.High autonomy means we can have elections ( finally a geniune universal suffrage ) to elect our chief executive and lawmakers through direct elctions---'one man, one vote' from all qualified voters and no screening scheme of the candidates who are qualified and supported by most Hongkongers/voters. Right ? Long live democracy and long live our beloved Hong Kong--- a free and democratic Hong Kong for ourselves and our next generation and next. Right ? Bravo ! Let's strive together to realize our ideals ! Okay ?
"There will be a price to pay, but participants should not be worried about losing their lives." I am not too sure. I google and couldn't find one single revolution without violence. Aung San Suuyi did not use violence but her supporters were killed, tortured etc.
the other successful elements of this type of "change" or "revolution" normally has a support of 90% general support. If you look at last CE election poll conducted by HKU, Ho acceptance is the lowest amongst the three. Unless there is a candidate with a personality and a mandate, like what Burma has Aung, that is widely accepted, say 70 to 80% general poll, it will not be a convincing story.
I doubt china will yield on this as they don't want to see them easily overpowered by 10,000 Hk people - how can they manage 1.3b people?
hard times !
Shame to Hong Kong U. ? Not shame on you instead ? Democracy or democratic political system might have faults (which will still produce such corrupted leaders such as Chen Shui-bien who is being jailed in Taiwan )but it is generally considered the best politcial system in human history.Even as early as ancient Greek period, the Greek state---Athens practised democracy and had been proved a success.Even our saint Mencius had democractic ideas by saying that,' People should be most valued , the country comes next with the king comes last'.He said these words thousands of years ago.Being a so-called intellectual, this whymak's political views are so regressive ----favour autocratic rule instead of democratic one ? Either this guy is a so-called fifty-cents gang member or professional writer deployed in Hong Kong to beat those pan-democrats and their supporters here in the SCMP's Comment column. Right ? No way,whymak ! Just this pflim040 can beat you heavily and ...! ha ! ha !
Send them to the "Tower" and off with their heads!
hard times !
Hong Kong has never been a revolutionary base ever since it was taken by the British in 1841 when the invading British soldiers (sent from British India) landed in our Sheung Wan area. Even before 1841, since Sung Dynasty,Hong Kong has never been a revolutionary base.Right ? The upcoming 'Occupy Central' movement is definitely a non-violent and peaceful gathering only.Though it might block the traffic of Central (around the Central MTR station exits ) in early July 2014 but it will just be a civil-disobedience movement which never advocates violence even when force by the cops led by Tsang Wai-hung exerted on them----just like what happened in India during Gandhi's time----non-violent civil-disobedience and Gandhi was jailed for his hefty ideals, so will our organisers:professor Tai,professor Chan and reverend Chu Yiu-ming be ! Just wait and see.
If there is one thing I like good lawyers it's their ability to take on various perspectives. This consists of sizing up previous opinions of a presiding judge, the skills and track records of his adversary - a prosecuting attorney or plaintiff, the makeup of the jury and public sentiment of the case. Yes, don’t be sold easily by the claptrap of a total independent judiciary.
Given the uncertainties of all of the above, an attorney – glorified by mediocre lawyers themselves as officers of the court – must proceed in every case with cautious discovery as a trial progresses. Reading fickle public opinions that is easily manipulated by the media requires similar investigative spirit.
Obviously, Mr. Tai, a wooly headed academic has none of the good qualities of his profession. Instead, he persists in his own ideology with a singular track fanaticism. Any reasonably intelligent person could also offer another highly probable scenario. Given the intransigent, doctrinaire anti-Beijing sentiments of the constituents of the Occupy Central participants, impassioned advocacy to topple the central government – I had seen one headed by Anson Chan with “Tear down CCP” signs, our silent majority also fears scenes of Tahrir Square and Arab Spring.
This professor will fail in any course I taught in freshman class that requires critical inquiry, let alone allowing him to teach our students. Shame to HKU!
For your info, far from being hefty, Ghandi weighed less than 9 stones. Your Democracy God, Winston Churchill, at one time said something to the effect that Britain shouldn't negotiate with a half naked barbarian.
While democracy might be good for imperialists which feel free to invade and colonize nations inhabited by lower races, it was never intended for inferior yellow people like me.
Congratulations to your self-promotion to the rank of our former masters of the Crown.
Simply saying..what communist party fears and foresee is HK is Bethlehem, so being King Herod ,he has to kill all the newborns to save his throne. Remember it just need a small spark to cause the damaging large scale destructive fire.The question is will the HK be the HQ for Chinese democracy? Who knows... it did work for Mr. Sun Yat Sen... :D


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