Pet lovers brave rain for Paw Paw walk

Even in Hong Kong, 'raining cats and dogs' is rarely so literal, but animal-lovers undeterred

PUBLISHED : Sunday, 31 March, 2013, 12:00am
UPDATED : Sunday, 31 March, 2013, 6:56am

Hundreds of dog lovers and their owners braved atrocious weather to attend the Penfold Paw Paw Hoof Hoof Carnival in Sha Tin yesterday.

It was meant to promote animal welfare and a love for pets. But as the rain lashed down, owners took more and more extreme measures to shield their wet and miserable pooches from the elements.

June Lee had her chihuahua, Mui Mui, in her handbag with only its head sticking out.

"He's tired and doesn't like getting wet. I'm afraid he'll get a cold," she said.

Others took more evasive action, putting their beloved pets into prams and children's buggies. Wan Chung put his dog, Win Win, into a child's buggy when the rain was at its worst and pulled the plastic cover down over him.

Win Win let out a few yelps at the manoeuvre but his owner had his best interests at heart.

"There's no point in him getting wet," he said. "I'll let him out when the rain stops."

It seemed to defeat the purpose of the exercise. However, many other owners were happy to put in the hard yards, though for some it was more for practical reasons than anything else.

"I have to let him walk around because he is so fat," Connie Hung said of her 21/2-year-old Corgi, Mo Mo.

"He's too big to carry but the exercise will do him good."

A new world record could also have been set for the amount of pooper scoopers used during the course of the event as dogs got caught short regularly in various places along the route.

Overall, though, it was a great day for animal-lovers despite the inclement weather.

The oldest dog at the walkathon was 16 years old, and the youngest only four months old.