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Elsie Leung warns against 'stupid' votes in 2017 chief executive race

Ex-justice secretary thinks universal suffrage can be perfected after 2017

PUBLISHED : Monday, 08 April, 2013, 12:00am
UPDATED : Monday, 08 April, 2013, 5:21am

If Hongkongers are "stupid enough" to vote for a chief executive candidate who does not meet Beijing's criteria of "loving the country and loving Hong Kong", they should not blame Beijing for the consequences, former justice secretary Elsie Leung Oi-sie says.

However, the veteran Beijing loyalist thinks such a vote unlikely.

"Why would Hongkongers vote for someone [who does not fulfil the criteria]? If we are stupid enough to do so … something against common sense, we shall not blame the central government for the consequences," she said yesterday. "I believe doing so will just do harm to ourselves."

She also said that achieving a perfect form of universal suffrage for the 2017 chief executive election would not be possible, nor would the vote mark the end of the city's political reforms.

Leung, vice-chairwoman of the Basic Law Committee of the National People's Congress, urged those involved in the electoral reform debate to be peaceful and rational.

"Democracy cannot be done overnight," she said on a Commercial Radio programme. "It is impossible for universal suffrage in 2017 to be perfect, but it does not mean it cannot be accepted. A vote for each Hongkonger in the chief executive poll is a step forward we should take."

Leung also shed light on the possibility of further electoral reforms after 2017. "Like many other countries, the political system will not remain in the same stage forever. We can have universal suffrage in 2017, but it is not the final destination [for political reform]," she said.

Leung said the criteria for the city's chief executive - which include not confronting the central government - set out by Qiao Xiaoyang , chairman of the NPC Law Committee last month were not new.

She added that it was too early to judge whether whatever electoral reforms were proposed would violate the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights.

"There are age restrictions, for example, for chief executive candidates. The point is that these restrictions cannot be unreasonable," she said.

Joseph Cheng Yu-shek, convenor of the Alliance for True Democracy, said Leung's remarks showed a lack of trust in Hongkongers. "[Her message] is clear, that you are stupid and I will fix everything for you. Isn't this a humiliation to the seven million Hongkongers?" Cheng said.

Hongkongers were rational and trustworthy, he said, and would elect a chief executive who works for their interests.

Cheng insisted that no primary election or vetting would be acceptable in the 2017 race.

Civic Party leader Alan Leong Kah-kit also questioned Leung's view that 2017 need not be the end point in the development of universal suffrage. "It can be a starting point only in the sense that it already complies with the internationally recognised 'universal and equal suffrage' principles," Leong said.


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"We would like to advise this white-haired old maid to have her mouth sealed if possible so as not to make Hongkongers disgust her more and even regard her and Maria Tam as traitors of Hong Kong !"
How are you any better than the Pro Beijing crowd when you say things like this?
Elsie is just saying the obvious. Defy your boss, you will be ruined career wise or do you expect to be rewarded? No matter how unpleasant those words appear, the reality in this case is clear whether those words come from her mouth or not. HKner should spend their time thinking what is the best choice of action rather than getting worked up.
I agree with her. Right now we have unprecedented freedom which we never even had during the British occupation. Universal suffrage adds nothing that we do not already enjoy. But confrontation with China will be different. It will definitely bring about civil disobedience leading to uncontrolled disturbances perpetrated by political parties with vested interest. It is nice to shout about democracy but given the pitiful conditions of the citizens in Iraq, Egypt, Libya soon after their “liberation”, “democracy” & free voting, do you blame me for wanting to preserve the present status quo in H.K?
She's just expressing her opinion. Why do you have to be so bitter and hateful. You're not very democratic when you say things like this.
She just expresses her believe that Hkners are not that stupid to vote for revolution which would be the downfall of HK for sure. Look to Tunesia and Egypt. How had the audience in the "democratic" world cheered with the "Jasmin Revolution". Now nobody is cheering anymore. For decades they won't cheer.



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