Driver causes chaos on streets of Kowloon City

PUBLISHED : Monday, 08 April, 2013, 8:58pm
UPDATED : Tuesday, 09 April, 2013, 3:51am

A man who drove against the traffic to evade an officer caused mayhem in Kowloon City yesterday morning, hitting four vehicles before abandoning his car and taking off on foot.

The 31-year-old owner of the car was later arrested in Kwai Tsing, but it was unclear whether he was the same man driving the car earlier, police said.

Three knives, nunchuks and masks were found in the car. He was arrested for furious driving and possession of offensive and prohibited weapons.

A traffic police officer had earlier tried to stop the driver - a plump man apparently aged between 20 and 30, and wearing a cap - after spotting him run two red lights at Kowloon City Road and Pau Chung Street. The officer attempted to intercept the silver Honda Accord on Ma Tau Kok Road, near Pak Tai Street, but the man reversed the car to evade him, ramming into a minibus.

The driver then made a U-turn and drove against the flow of traffic along Ma Tau Kok Road and Pau Chung Street.

A video posted on YouTube by a witness shows the car - with its boot, bonnet, bumpers and driver's door damaged from hitting the minibus - speeding away as the police officer chases after it, yelling. In the video, the car is seen nearly hitting a man on the road. A bus turns just in time to avoid a head-on collision with the car. A woman is heard shouting in the background: "Just open fire and shoot the tyres of the car!"

Another witness says, "[The driver] is really crazy," before the video cuts away.

Police said the car went on to hit another car, a truck and a taxi before it crashed into railings and stopped at Ma Tau Chung Road.

By the time the police reached the wreck, the driver had already escaped on foot. The dramatic hit-and-run incident left the street in chaos. The minibus driver was taken to hospital with a neck injury. A police officer said the driver did not appear to be affected by drugs or alcohol. Anyone with information can call 2761 8315 or 6148 0903.