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Leung Chun-ying
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Reform comments are not new, says CY Leung

PUBLISHED : Saturday, 13 April, 2013, 12:00am
UPDATED : Saturday, 13 April, 2013, 5:45am

Recent comments by NPC official Qiao Xiaoyang about electoral reform were merely a reiteration of long-standing principles and general requirements, Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying said yesterday.

They were not a declaration about how universal suffrage should be introduced in Hong Kong.

It is the second time in three days a Hong Kong official has sought to dismiss pan-democrats' concerns over the remarks by Qiao Xiaoyang , chairman of the National People's Congress Law Committee.

Qiao said last month that future chief executives must fulfil the criteria of "love country, love Hong Kong" and "not confronting the central government".

Qiao's comments were taken by critics as a hint that a candidate-screening mechanism would be imposed for the chief executive's poll in 2017.

In an interview with Pastor Enoch Lam Yee-lok that appeared on Christian website Channel J yesterday, Leung suggested Qiao's statements were nothing new.

There is no proposal from the pan-democrats, the administration or the central government yet."What Qiao said recently were principles or concepts that were raised in the past

"There is no proposal from the pan-democrats, the administration or the central government yet," Leung said.

"What Qiao said recently were principles or concepts that were raised in the past.

"Some were discussed in 1988, such as 'loving the nation and loving Hong Kong' as a criterion for [choosing] the chief executive. We have not yet reached the stage of putting proposals forward."

Raymond Tam Chi-yuen, secretary for constitutional and mainland affairs, made similar comments on Wednesday.



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I tryly do not believe they understand the can of worms they are opeining with this rhetoric, especially if they actually plan to rig the election in 2017 and call it universal sufferage.
CY is skirting the truth. Qiao spoke of a process of "weeding out" "unsuitable candidates" and that the final stage in that process was that "the central government will decide whether to appoint [the candidate] or not". He said that Beijing would refuse to appoint a democratically-elected CE if he was opposed to Communist Party rule. That slammed the door on the foot of democracy in Hong Kong. And that is contrary to Deng Xiaoping's statement that "We don't demand that they be in favour of China's socialist system; we ask only for them to love the motherland and Hong Kong" which was essential to the Joint Declaration's express statement that the socialist system would not be adopted in Hong Kong after the Handover. Thatcher did little for Hong Kong but even that little is being sought to be expunged by Qiao and Yu Zhengsheng.
hard times !
primciples or concepts only but not pre-requisites, I hope that is really what Qiao meant to be.Yet our chief executive is well-known for his lies and insincerity, so how can most Hongkongers trust what he said or uttered ? I wonder.Anyway, the best way to push forward a universal suffrage scheme is for the leung administration to launch the consultation process as soon as possible so as to allow ample time for thorough discussions on our electoral reforms.


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