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Occupy Central
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Activist puts out Occupy Central action plan

Movement reveals a timetable to meet and consult supporters and experts on blockade

PUBLISHED : Monday, 15 April, 2013, 12:00am
UPDATED : Monday, 15 April, 2013, 2:53am

An academic behind a plan to block roads in Central to fight for democracy said it remained to be seen whether organisers can reach a consensus with another pan-democratic alliance on demands for the 2017 chief executive election reform.

University of Hong Kong associate law professor Benny Tai Yiu-ting offered more details about his timetable for the plan at a street forum in Mong Kok yesterday.

"I will meet the Alliance for True Democracy … I believe it will take some time to see whether we can reach consensus on the election reform proposal," Tai said after the forum.

His remarks came as social activist Yip Po-lam warned at the same occasion that it would be a "disastrous outcome" should the 27 pro-democracy lawmakers in the alliance not vote for the proposal to be formulated and authorised by the Occupy Central movement.

Asked if he might join the alliance, Tai said he found it "not defining" at the moment, and that the alliance members who support the Occupy Central movement could become a bridge of communication.

Tai said his movement plans to invite supporters to meet on a Sunday in early June to discuss problems that might arise during the action. Public hearings, he said, would also be held around that time for anyone, including those against this plan, to make their voices heard.

The second mass deliberation would be held in August or September to come up with solutions to the possible problems, Tai said.

After the second deliberation, he said they would collect political reform proposals and seek help from international experts on constitutional law to scrutinise the plans and see if they were in line with the international standard of universal and equal suffrage.

The experts would help summarise the valid proposals into a report.

The report will be presented in a third deliberation slated for early next year, followed by a mass electronic vote to decide on the final plan.

Meanwhile, Michael Tien Puk-sun, a local deputy to the National People's Congress, said a chief executive election with no screening mechanism could give rise to a "ludicrous" situation of 10,000 people running for the job.



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A Hong Konger
There was a time, not long after the handover, I would have feared joining the Occupy movement. Quietly I would have supported the idea, but I would have feared for my career, of being restricted from entering China, for my safety in my old age as China would inevitably tighten the screws in the coming decades. I would have scorned the protesters for provoking China who could use it as an excuse to take away the freedoms we have. But now, I see property prices becoming unaffordable for the majority, the growing poverty and inequality, the parallel traders, an huge number of mainland 'guests' overwhelming us, declining economic power, government bungling, diminishing freedoms, increasing political manipulation and violence, and no hope in our political future. Before 97 there was uncertainty, people would make wild predictions of 'convergence' politically, socially and economically between HK and China, or boastfully state we are the goose that lays the golden eggs. It was nonsense then and we knew it, but we would rationalise when we talked of the future. Now, in this horrific alienation, even the most optimistic people don't want to talk about the future, they just want to indulge themselves now; drinking and spending money. HK people don't even want kids for whom they can give no future to. So I will join the Occupy movement if I can, I've long since tired of being a coward, I hope you will too, what have we got to loose?
hard times !
the second generation of the rich (in town),Tien Pak-sun (who was once seen patronized a high-class girlie massage parlour in Hysan Rd.Causeway Bay several years ago and pictured as well) claimed that if there were no screening scheme for the candidates of the chief executive election, there might turn out to be as many as 10,000 people taking part in it ! How frightening his words (or absurdities indeed) are ! He is just like his colleague at the New People's Party,Ip Lau, who proposed a primary poll to screen out any unwelcomed guys (in the eyes of their Beijing master) in the first place.How malicious both Tien Pak-chun and Ip Lau are !
hard times !
it is learnt that the convenor of so-called 'Voice of Loving Hong Kong', a Ko Tat-pun, is actually a member of Ip Lau's New People's Party. No wonder this guy is so anti-democracy that he claimed that western democracy has only a history of three to four hundred years----in fact, western democracy was born in the Athens state on Greek peninsula 2000 years ago where the people (the male aged 20 or above) were allowed the rights to choose the government officials--including their leader of course---by 'one man, one vote'---so Athens is even named the birthplace of western democracy.In China, our saint Mencius ( follower of Confucious) said,'people are most valuable,the nation comes second and the emperor follows.'---a thought of democracy of course.
hard times !
As local scholar and commentator,Mr.Choi Tze-keung said in today's Ming Pao, when the capitalists in town squeezes their employees (either directly or indirectly like outsourcing jobs and responsiblilities) by even a cent,it is time the leftists rise up and the doomsday of these unscrupulous and over-greedy employers is approaching.Just look at those tents outside Cheung Kong Centre and the escalation of the strike against HIT and its boss---Hitchison Whampoa (its general manager Fok Kin-ling:right-handed man of Li Ka-shing, is again the top salaryman with an annual income reaching HK$180 millions) owned by Li Ka-shing. The strike will soon snowball into a social movement or even riots like those in 1967 when Li himself made use of the chance to buy lots of cheap land and thus started his business as a major land developer !
hard times !
'Occupy Central' movement, though is still in its budding stage,has attracted huge and numerous attacks from all local Beijing-loyalists (including our Commissioner for Police,Tsang Wai-hung who may eye the post of Security Bureau head after his retirement from his present post) ;Leung Oi-see, Maria Tam Wai-chu,Rita Fan Tsui Lei-tai,Ip Lau Suk-yee,**** law fan chiu-fun,Leung Mei-fun, Starry lee of the DAB and males:Ng Hon-man, Ip Kwok-him,Lau Nai-keung,Cheung Chi-kwong and now Lam Kin-fung plus others in town who used to be pro-establishment and pro-Beijing.Why Beijing is so nervous and excited or in panic about this planned civil-disobedience ? It is simple enough: a geniune universal suffrage will not be materialised and the planned movement will definitely have to be launched and our three organisers plus some radical elements in town are all prepared to be handcuffed or even sprayed with pepper spray or ...India's Gandhi has taught us a good lesson,once the people are not feared of death or being arrested or beaten up,there is nothing they should be fear of ! Gandhi himself was jailed for several times and he finally became a saint of India and highly respected by his people with conscience.


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