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'Great loss to local music industry': Tributes over death of singer Sita Chan

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 17 April, 2013, 9:53am
UPDATED : Thursday, 18 April, 2013, 9:15am

Pop star Sita Chan died in a car crash early yesterday, just three months after winning TVB's best new female singer award.

Chan, 26, was pulled unconscious from the wreckage of her Lexus which went out of control and crashed on a Yau Ma Tei flyover early yesterday. She was declared dead less than two hours later.

Police said the black sedan rammed a concrete barrier and hit a kerb before slamming into the central divider on Hoi Po Road shortly before 2.30 am.

It was only on Tuesday a photograph of the singer attending a private singing lesson in Tsim Sha Tsui was posted on her Facebook account. In January, Chan - also known as Chan Hei-yi - won best new female singer at the 2012 TVB Jade Solid Gold Best Ten music awards presentation.

"Her death is a great loss to the local music industry," TVB's deputy controller of external affairs Tsang Sing-ming said.

Her death is a great loss to the local music industry
TVB's deputy controller of external affairs Tsang Sing-ming

Hong Kong celebrities also took to social media on Wednesday to express grief and shock.

“This is really hard to believe…we will always remember your smile…RIP Sita,” said mode-turned-singer Shiga Lin Si-nga on her weibo account.

“The first time I heard you singing live I turned to your colleagues and said ‘this little girl is going to have a great future’. The last time I saw you I told you: 'work hard! Don’t give up'. Right now, all I can say is rest in peace,” said radio personality and DJ Bob Lam Shing-bun.

The front of her car was badly damaged and firefighters had to cut her from the wreckage.

"She suffered fractures to her ribs and had serious head injuries and was in a coma," a police investigator said.

Another officer said she was believed to have broken her neck. Chan was taken to Kwong Wah Hospital, where she was declared dead at 4.16am. An autopsy will be carried out. The investigator said the crash site was not a traffic black spot. Police are appealing for witnesses to contact officers on 2773 5281 or 2773 5388.

Chan was en route to her home in Kowloon West at the time.

Sun Entertainment Culture, with which she signed a contract in 2011, said its managing director Paco Wong and all the staff were shocked and saddened by the singer's death.

Last year, she released two albums Crazy Love and Let Me Find Love and had minor roles in the films Lan Kwai Fong 2 and Love in Time. She held her first concert in June. Yesterday, hundreds of fans left messages of condolences on her Facebook page.

Her parents, relatives and colleagues burned incense and offerings at the site of the crash.

Police figures show that 14 people died in 13 traffic accidents in the first two months of this year.



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Toxicology report please, and to be made public as soon as possible.
Also check phone records to determine if the driver was using a mobile phone at the time.
Cars do not just inexplicably "go out of control". It is drivers who LOSE control.
Come on SCMP..........this type of news is normally saved for the HK Chinese gossip tabloids.......I know many feel sad for the loss of an entertainer in HK but let's leave it with the HK gossip press to deal with it..........
Daily, this isn't gossip. Someone who was in the public eye died, it is news worthy. Yes she is a singer, but SCMP didn't spread any gossip or state anything that is false. I have no idea why you would be offended by this. The article also stated that the investigator are looking for eye witness and to call the hot line. Honestly everything in the article is done tastefully and news worthy.
Daily: I am sure you didn't complain when the SCMP reported the death of Michael Jackson. Nor would you complain when traffic accidents of ordinary citizens are reported, as they do in side columns. What you are griping about is that this singer is not famous enough for your liking and you felt the incident did not deserve a full article. If the SCMP is a place of civility then it's ironic that the comments posted here are the most insensitive I have seen with regard to this incident. Comments on other newspapers, forums or blogs were those of respect for the loss of a young life. Yet here on the SCMP, we have idiots like captam below.
Captam: Why should the toxicology report be "made public and as soon as possible"? The crash did not involve any other parties, so this is a private issue and is frankly none of your business. According to other newspapers, the driver wasn't high on drugs or on a drinking binge, but was at a recording studio for three hours doing a video shoot with her team before driving home. The preliminary police statement was that the accident was caused by poor visibility due to fog and wet road conditions. You are right, it's drivers who lose control of their cars. What is your point? That all driving accidents are the fault of the drivers, and that this driver deserved to die? Please save your heartless comments to yourself. The world would be better off without people like you.
@ tewlve98; Kerb - yes for the edge of a road or pavement. Curb is to restrict or curtail
I wrote this in her honour, may she rest in peace.
RIP. So Sad. So Young.
Rest in Peace, Sita Chan!!!
I have to agree with "daily" and "cap tam"
It's an unfortunate event for such a tragic death to occur. But when we think about it, was she really that famous? To be honest, I didn't even know her existence until this news report came up. What I'm trying to say here is that SCMP should not report the deaths of such minute and irrelevant characters, and what they've done here is simply devaluing themselves into those uncivlised chinese gossip tabloids.
kerb? curb...


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