Kwai Tsing dock workers strike

No chanting, no entering Cheung Kong, court tells protesting dockers

PUBLISHED : Friday, 26 April, 2013, 3:54pm
UPDATED : Friday, 26 April, 2013, 6:12pm

Cheung Kong on Friday afternoon obtained an injunction against demonstrators outside its Central headquarters, barring them from entering the office tower but permitting them to protest outside.

Granting the injunction, Mr Justice Derek Pang Wai-cheong, of the Court of First Instance, said: “Since you have confined yourself to the office tower and a balance is sought, I will grant the injunction until next Friday.”

The judge earlier said he would not deal with the injunction application seeking to bar protesters from staying outside the office tower in the absence of the demonstrators.

Under the order, walkout organiser and unionist lawmaker Lee Cheuk-yan, Union of Hong Kong Dockers members Ho Wai-hong, Chan Ka-kui, Wong Yu-loy, Mung Siu-tat and “persons forming a group of demonstrators” are restrained from “entering into or occupying without the prior permission or consent” of Cheung Kong or trespassing inside the office tower of Cheung Kong Centre.

They are also barred from “parading, protesting or demonstrating” inside the tower. They must not chant slogans or display any notices, banners, placards or posters nor can they use loudhailers or any broadcasting devices.

The defendants are also barred from “inciting, procuring or causing” others to do what they are banned from doing.

The injunction order will be sent to the named defendants. “Persons forming a group of demonstrators” can inspect the injunction at the office of Cheung Kong’s solicitors Woo Kwan Lee& Lo.

The defendants were not in court.