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Elsie Leung suggests threshold for Hong Kong's top job

Beijing's demand for non-confrontation and patriotism violates law and rights, she says

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 01 May, 2013, 12:00am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 01 May, 2013, 5:47am

Support from an eighth of nominating committee members could be a possible threshold for aspirants to enter the chief executive election under universal suffrage, Elsie Leung Oi-sie says.

Pan-democrats have suggested retaining for the 2017 chief executive election, the first under universal suffrage, the one-eighth threshold used for last year's election.

Leung, vice-chairwoman of the national legislature's Basic Law Committee, also said making it a legal requirement that candidates "love the nation and Hong Kong" and "not be confrontational to Beijing" would contravene the Basic Law and the Bill of Rights.

Qiao Xiaoyang, chairman of the Law Committee of the National People's Congress, who listed the two requirements in March, had earlier said there was no need to make them legal requirements.

Leung, a former secretary for justice, made her remarks in a pre-recorded interview with Democratic Party chairwoman Emily Lau Wai-hing, to be webcast on Friday on online media platform OurTV.

Leung said the idea of requiring an aspirant to gain support from an eighth of the nominating committee, whose members have yet to be determined, would be worth considering.

Qiao's remarks - in which he also said the nominating committee should decide collectively, not individually, who could stand - sparked concerns from pan-democrats that the threshold could be set too high for them to compete. Asked if the threshold could be set at 10-plus per cent of the committee, Leung said: "It is one of the proposals but it remains unknown how many proposals will be put forth."

Pressed on whether requiring support from 60 to 70 per cent of members would be an "unreasonable restriction", Leung said: "It won't be 60 to 70 per cent."

The NPC Standing Committee had stated that the composition of the nominating committee could draw reference from the existing chief executive election committee, she said, adding: "Our Election Committee has never imposed such a rule."

Leung said writing Qiao's two requirements into law "would contravene the Basic Law, which stipulates that all should be equal before the law".

It would also breach Article 1 of the Hong Kong Bill of Rights.

However, Leung disagreed with the suggestion that the city's political reform was no business of the central government. She said Beijing had a role to play in Hong Kong's political development given the importance of the political system.


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Smoke and mirrors continue with proclamations that "...the idea of requiring an aspirant to gain support from an eighth of the nominating committee, whose members have yet to be determined, would be worth considering..." - Whether it is one eight, one percent, or fifty percent, the 'threshold' decision can only be discussed after the process for election and appointment of members of the nomination committee has been agreed first!!
hard times !
As this solicitor and former secretary for justice said that, 'writing Qiao's two requirements into law 'would contravene the Basic Law ( which implies that his two conidtions contravict our Basic Law) which stipulates that all should be equal before the law---in both articles 26 and 39 clearly state that in a universal suffrage at HKSAR, people have the right to vote and run for office !-----and it would also breach Article 1 of the Hong Kong Bill of Rights.As Hong Kong practises rule of law---everything should be done according to the law and nothing against the law should be approved or accepted though Qiao is himself a legal expert on Mainland who should well know that Basic Law is our paramount law and a mini constitution of the Hong Kong SAR as well ! Then his two requirements should never be raised publicly to many pro-establishment lawmakers during their visit to Shenzhen recently ! This Qiao has betrayed his professional knowledge and conscience to suit the rulers' will ! How miserable/shameless he is ! I should say.
hard times !
today is 2nd May, and our geniune illerate doesn't have to attend office or school since he/she has to post his/her so-called posting at 1:37 a.m. instead of playing with his/her computer games or games on moblie phones as most youngsters in Hong Kong will do at that moment.The reason why this nasty guy (who accused our beloved pflim040 as an illterate and doesn't have a clue about democracy) seals his/her mouth on May 1st is that it was Labour's Day---a scared day in the Communists' eyes ! These hired 'writers' here have to work on shifts ----even night shifts which explain why they used to post here (on local political topics only and never touch our livelihood or other fields !) in the early hours---after 1:00 a.m. and before 6:00 a.m. ! What a shame of these anti-democracy elements---actually the worst bits of our Chinese race ! They just dare not face our National Father,Dr.Sun Yet-sin after their passing away in the future since they just don't have any conscience nor sense of righteousness at all !
hard times !
Does this so-called vice-director of the Basic Law Committee under the NPC standing committee, Ms Leung Oi-see knows that according to Basic Law articles 26 and 39, all qualified voters in Hong Kong enjoy the right to vote and to be voted (run for office) in a universal suffrage ! She deliberately ignored these two vital articles which concern our upcoming universal suffrage in 2017 of our chief executive but instead emphasizes the role of Central authoriteis in our policitical system development or reforms and defends Qiao Xiao-yang's words uttered in Shenzhen weeks ago----setting a bottom-line for candidates who would like to compete for the top post in town by saying that they should 'love the country (or the Party ?) and Hong Kong (of course they will) plus not confrontational towards the Central authorities (by demanding the end of one-party rule on Mainland China and a vindication of June 4th victims ). There are no such rules in the Basic Law ! How can a self-taught law expert like Qiao to raise such conditions ? it is absurd and unreasonable enough ! Right ?
I am fond of Mr. Michael Chugani because he is a good-hearted person. Most emphatically, he is one of us and a good role model for Hong Kongers.
However, I reserve my right to disagree with him for his position on, or more accurately about him lacking a broad balanced view of, Hong Kong's political economy. Compassion and empathy of a common man create many conflicts for our collective social interests, which is something I would like to remind Mr. Chugani.
You're right. The illiterate doesn't have a clue about democracy and the political economy.
hard times !
Dare you say 'we Hongkongers' ? Of course not ! Since you are not one of us as this Old Hong Kong who was born here decades ago and grew up here ! You are just hired to 'write' here to attack those who support 'Occupy Central' movement organised by our respected professors, Benny Tai Yiu-ting,Chan Kin-man and Reverend Chu Yiu-ming ! Shame on you and your 'words' which are paid to write here ! A disgrace to all intellects in town and all Chinese around the world !
hard times !
no one is more naive and sometimes simple than this so-called 'bluechinagroup' which actually should be,'redchinagroup'---a small team of hired writers to monitor the local website postings and attack those that oppose pro-establishment or pro-Beijing writers here in this Comment column or elsewhere.These blind-loyal slave-servant are shameful enough ! How can they have a better understanding of true democracy (which started in ancient Greece two thousand years ago in its small state:Athens ?) Of course not ! They are just the blind supporters of an autocratic ruling regime which pays them quite well maybe. Shame on them and their words ! By the way, this so-called Elsie Leung has never been much respected here in Hong Kong ever since she took up the post of secretary for justice (now held by barrister Yuen Kwok-keung) in 1997.Instead,she is regarded only as a puppet or mouthpiece of Beijing auhtorities---her true master ! No representation at all here in Hong Kong and her words can be ignored and we won't be irritated nor annoyed any more ! Leung Oi-see once claimed that she had her freedom of speech by criticizing local judges who have long been highly respected here for their integrity and impartiality !
hard times !
This white-haired old maid is again publicizing her unwelcomed words here in Hong Kong.She just doesn't know that her words uttered from time to time has no markets here since most Hong kong people are longing for a universal suffrage( a geniune one of course) to be materialised in 2017 in our chief executive election. The future chief executive will be produced by the Nominationg Committee which members should have broad representation---the best way is for the members to be elected through 'one man, one vote' ! Right ?
Obviously, again she's trying to move focus away from what really matters, the composition of the NC. At least she's trashed Qiao's rabid nonsense which is the first of many coming victories for democrats.
"I think you should stop being naive and stop with your mindless babble about democracy when you don't even understand what it really means."

After all you said people like Michael Chugani shouldn't be allowed to comment about democracy because this is an ethnic Chinese struggle. You're a total racist and an ignoramus about the democratic process.



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