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Pan-democrats to roll out 2017 suffrage plan six months early

Lawmakers hope consensus will help counter government's message on chief executive vote

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 02 May, 2013, 12:00am
UPDATED : Thursday, 02 May, 2013, 5:09am

Pan-democratic lawmakers are set to unveil their blueprint for achieving universal suffrage in 2017 by the end of next month after reaching a consensus on the principles to adopt for the next chief executive election.

The Alliance for True Democracy, which comprises the camp's 27 legislators, from 12 political groups, had originally planned to wait at least six months longer before issuing its proposal.

The plan is expected to touch on the size and composition of the future nominating committee for chief executive candidates, and the interpretation of the "democratic procedures" prescribed in the Basic Law.

Alliance convenor Joseph Cheng Yu-shek said a statement of consensus would be published on Wednesday, after which a group of academics would be commissioned to draft a proposal that fitted the consensus.

The group would comprise eight or nine political scientists, including Chinese University's Ma Ngok. Cheng expected the alliance would be ready to announce its tentative proposal by late June.

"You may say the alliance's work flow has now been fast-tracked," said Professional Commons chairman Charles Mok. "The gap between parties over electoral reform is not as big as we thought and we want to come up with a proposal sooner so public discussion can be more focused."

Civic Party leader Alan Leong Kah-kit said the proposal would help the camp take back the initiative. "The central government is trying to convince Hong Kong people of its version of universal suffrage and we must be prepared to counter it," he said.

The consensus will probably stipulate there should be no screening mechanism and equal rights to nominate a candidate, be nominated for election and elect a chief executive. But there is debate about details, including the formation of the nominating committee.

Leong said his party would propose a 1,200-strong committee be formed by one person, one vote. Each candidate would need to secure the support of one-eighth of the committee to stand for chief executive.

People Power chairman Christopher Lau Gar-hung said the party would suggest the committee be formed by 3.2 million voters citywide and anyone who got 50,000 endorsements could become a candidate.

Ma said the academics would consider whether suggestions from the various parties were compatible with submitting a single proposal.

Elsie Leung Oi-sie, a vice-chairwoman of the Basic Law Committee, earlier called on the pan-democrats to come up with a proposal for electoral reform.


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The idea of forming the NC by an SAR-wide vote is unwise. That would mean that in order to choose our legislature and CE, we would have a total of three elections, which is likely to result in election fatigue in the electorate. Why not simply use the democratically elected members of Legco to appoint the members of the NC?
hard times !
The proposal of our pan-democrats should follow the Basic Law artilces 25,26 and 39 as well. In artilcle 25, it states that all people in the territory are equal before the law; and in both articles 26 and 39,stipulate that all Hong Kong permanent residents enjoy the right to vote and to be voted in a universal suffrage in 2017 of our chief executive.So the proposal of pan-democrats is simple and straightforward---no screening mechanism of any types regarding to the candidates in the chief executive election as it violates our Basic Law ! And there should never be a so-called primary poll too.' All animals are equal but some are more equal' exists in the novel,'Animal Fram' but should never be allowed in our beloved Hong Kong's universal suffrage when people have the right to choose/pick their leader in town for the first time ! no faked universal suffrage will be accepted then the movement,'Occupy Central' will never take place as well !
hard times !
That silver-haired old woman,Leung Oi-sie earlier called on the pan-democarts to come up with a proposal for electoral reform----------How naive and ignorant this old lady looks ! The so-called 'proposal' of our pan-democrats and their supporters are crystally clear and well-known in town by all who care about our universal suffrage in 2017 of our chief exective election: a geniune universal suffrage with no so-called screening mechanism or even a primary poll but just through 'one man, one vote' to elect the Nominating Committee (which is to choose the chief executie among the candidates) members so that the committee can be said to be a broadly representative one ! No pre-requisites or conditions as uttered by Old guy Qiao--'loving the country and Hong Kong' which sounds 'your mother is a woman'; and 'not confrontational to the Central authorities'---of course not since the winner in the election has to be appointed by the Central, how dare he/she be confrontational to his/her future boss ? of course not. Anyway, to avoid the emerge of the 'Occupy Central'movement in July 2014, a geniune universal suffrage according to UN's International Covenant on Civil & Political Rights article 25(b) has to be obliged so do the articles 26 and 39 in our Basic Law which stipulate that in a universal suffrage, people enjoy the right to vote and run for office: the right to be voted ! otherwise, no democratic camp supporters will turn out to cast his/her vote for the chosen candidates !
hard times !
Fully agree with what ianson ( a democracy-lover such as this Old Hong Kong) said in his posting down below.Too many elections through 'one man,one vote' might turn out to be a fatigue of elections which maybe harmful to our development of democratic system just like the current filibustering staged in our Legco by the four so-called radical lawmakers whose acts are not heartily supported by other pan-democratic lawmakers for predicting that in the coming future,when the most-disgusted and feared Basic Law Article 23 is presented for passage, there probably will be another filibustering (which is a must of course ) at the Legco !


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