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Pan-democrats try new plan to start ICAC probe

Lawmakers file unprecedented petition for searching investigation of former commissioner

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 07 May, 2013, 12:00am
UPDATED : Tuesday, 07 May, 2013, 5:45am

Two pan-democratic lawmakers who have been unsuccessful in triggering a Legislative Council inquiry into the former ICAC chief's allegedly lavish spending on meals with mainland officials are likely to win support for another inquiry tomorrow.

The Labour Party's Cyd Ho Sau-lan and the Civic Party's legal-sector lawmaker Dennis Kwok Wing-hang, are pushing an unprecedented petition for an inquiry into the conduct of former ICAC commissioner Timothy Tong Hin-ming.

They said that an inquiry panel - if one is even appointed - would not have the power to summon witnesses, but that it was still worth a try.

"Given the serious allegations that have surfaced through the various channels … we believe the current matter warrants the use of this procedure," Kwok said.

Given the serious allegations that have surfaced through the various channels … we believe the current matter warrants the use of this procedure

The inquiry would also help "to fully look at the whole matter from different angles", he said.

Last Friday, Legco's House Committee vetoed the pair's plan to invoke special powers to investigate the controversy, and that plan is likely to be vetoed again tomorrow if the minority pan-democrats follow convention by tabling a motion and putting the matter to a vote.

But instead of going ahead with a doomed effort to get a motion passed, Ho and Kwok have chosen to present a petition, as it requires the backing of only 20 lawmakers.

The petition was filed with Legco president Jasper Tsang Yok-sing yesterday.

Ho said she was confident that the petition would be backed by the Labour, Civic and Democratic parties, with 16 seats, as well as independent pan-democrats.

At least three pan-democrats have lodged complaints with the Independent Commission Against Corruption, alleging misconduct in public office and breaches of bribery laws by its former commissioner.

Snubbing calls for an independent inquiry, the government announced last Thursday that a review committee would look at the corruption watchdog's regulations on entertainment expenses.

The Public Accounts Committee will now hold a hearing on May 18 at the earliest, focusing on ICAC's general policies and two apparently extravagant dinners that Tong approved.

Committee member and lawmaker Ng Leung-sing said Tong had told the Legco secretariat that he would "help with the investigation".

The committee will confirm whether or not Tong is available on May 18.


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hard times !
According to today's Ming Pao Daily News ( a local Chinese newspaper which enjoys credulity among intellects in town),the director of Community Relationship,a Ms Muk Fei-man (wife of deputy bureau head of Constitutional & Mainland Affairs,Lau Kwong-wah ) was heavily involved in the Tong scandal and it is proved (based on informative source within the ICAC) that she was the one who claimed that foodstuffs (cost totally up to over HK$50,000) were not gifts ! The Mainland Liaison Office under her Department at the ICAC was responsible for all the meals,gifts,accommodation (while Tong and Muk visited Mainland) and air fares plus meetings and seeing off of visiting Mainland senior officials.And according to contracted security guards who claimed that they had eyewitnessed cartons of gifts sent to the ICAC headquarters (including expensive Moi Tai wine of course) by a van of the Liaison Office in Western District several times a year duirng corrupted Tong's tenure (2007--2012) ! How corrupted our once-trusted and respected ICAC-- cream of Hong Kong society--has deteriorated and declined in Tong's five years---not to say his four years at our Customs & Excise Department (2003--2007) after being highly recommended by lawmaker, Ip Lau Shk-yee (who was then the secretary for security ) who was forced to leave her post as secretary for security after the grand march of 500,000 in 2003 for the much-hated and feared Article 23 in our Basic Law !
hard times !
Whether this coward and corrupted Timothy Tong will appear on May 18th is not too important as he will probably try his utmost to defend /whitewash himself while exposing that not just he himself involved in the extravagant/lavish banquets offered to visiting Mainland senior officials, but also his top aides:the directors of certain departments as well and these guys alos help in the choices of gifts given to visiting officials.Besides,whether he would explain his working style during his five-year tenure at the ICAC is still a mystery ! Right ? Setting up a high-level idependent committtee to investigate in the scandal is the only way to ease the minds of Hongkong tax-payers including this Old Hong Kong whose tax should never be wasted on corrupted officials (both here and Mainland's !)
hard times !
agree with what daily said, this corrupted coward,Tong Hin-ming can never defend or explain his absurd waste of public money---tax-payers' indeed ! Now he is hiding somewhere outside Hong Kong,waiting to be summoned to testify before the lawmakers or ...Anyway,Tong might become the first Commissioner of the ICAC to go to jail (maybe together with former chief secretary,Mr.**** Sze-yan and his superior, Sir Donald as well.) Just wait and see how this scandal will develop:whether the Leung administration has determination to uproot corrupted elements in the territory or just staging a show to fool the public so as to save the face of Mainland government and her corrupted senior cadres ! Right ?
This guy is screwed..........I just can't see how he can still come out and defend himself........better to just accept the responsibility and take the blame for all that he's done so far.


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