Sisters score hit with the mother of all Gangnam parodies, Harilela-style

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 07 May, 2013, 2:48pm
UPDATED : Wednesday, 08 May, 2013, 4:15am

Those who think Gangnam Style has been laid to rest in the annals of pop history have never met these Harilela sisters.

Sherina Utamchandani and Hersha Chellaram's Mama Style - their take on South Korean pop sensation Psy's megahit - has received 12,500 views on YouTube in less than a week.

The three-minute, 42-second music video features "super mum" Utamchandani rapping about the joys, and pains, of 21st century motherhood.

"It's crazy how much attention we're getting," she said. "It all started because my sister and I are always chatting about how chaotic it is juggling part-time work and being a mum."

Chellaram and Utamchandani, an English teacher, each have two children. They are members of the prominent Harilela family. Their uncle, Hari Harilela, is chairman of the Harilela Group.

Utamchandani said the video was a comedy skit for a luncheon she hosts every Mother's Day. "We've performed dances and songs in the past, and last year I wrote a poem. This year I told myself I would like to top everything that I've done," she said.

The lyrical skills of Utamchandani, Chellaram and younger sister Lakshmi Harilela put into perspective the school run, planning a husband's social calendar and going out for "mum's night" wearing "Spanx under a dress" - only to rush home to tend to sick children.

"Time passes quickly, oh I feel sickly, because it's time … for afternoon tea. Take sons to soccer, daughters to doctor's, girls have the flu! Oh what to do?" the lyrics go before the chorus kicks in: "I've got Mama Style."

Chellaram, credited as the director, said it took six weeks to produce the video. Asked if she would put her filmmaking skills to use in the future, she laughed. "If there's demand for it … but right now, we're still in 'Oh my goodness!' shock mode."