Residents evacuated after 'shaking' in To Kwa Wan building

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 16 May, 2013, 1:19pm
UPDATED : Thursday, 29 August, 2013, 4:13am

More than 50 residents of four buildings in To Kwa Wan were evacuated after tenants reported they felt one of the structures shake on Thursday morning.

Emergency crews were sent to Maidstone Road at about 9.30am after tenants of the six-storey block felt a vibration and called police.

Police officers and firefighters evacuated tenants from two buildings before officers from the Buildings Department arrived to inspect the buildings.

To Kwa Wan – a district with many old tenement buildings in Kowloon – saw a deadly building collapse that killed four people in January 2010.

A section of Maidstone Road was closed to traffic on Thursday morning, according to police.

“Water was moving in the fish tank, and lighting hanging from the ceiling was shaking,” a teenager living in the building said.

He said it was the first time he felt the building shake.

An elderly woman said: “I thought it was an earthquake.”

The shaking could have been caused by nearby construction at an MTR site.

The Fire Services Department sent nine fire engines and one ambulance to the scene, and more than 40 firefighters and paramedics were deployed.

“For safety precaution, our officers evacuated about 50 residents from four buildings,” a Fire Services Department spokesman said.

He said no one complained of feeling unwell or needed hospital treatment.

After initial inspection, staff from related government departments told police that there was no immediate danger, according to a police spokesman.

The section of the road was re-opened about 11.30am.

Around noon, the Buildings Department said its staff were inspecting at the scene.