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Rowdy protesters against CY Leung may face prosecution

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 16 May, 2013, 2:47pm
UPDATED : Friday, 17 May, 2013, 6:51am

Scores of protesters may face criminal prosecution after they tried to block Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying's car from leaving a school in Tseung Kwan O yesterday, police have warned.

Hours after the incident, Leung said no one should cause a nuisance or break the law when it came to airing their views.

The 20-minute commotion - in which some protesters sat on the road defying police orders - came amid poll findings that public sentiment was at a 10-year low. Twenty people from the League of Social Democrats and the Federation of Students, a group of student unions from eight tertiary institutions, encircled Leung's car, calling for universal suffrage and a universal pension scheme.

"I think the police were accusing us of an unlawful assembly. But we were just protesting at a school. I don't think we need the government or the police's approval," said the federation's secretary general Chan Shu-fai.

I think the police were accusing us of an unlawful assembly. But we were just protesting at a school. I don't think we need the government or the police's approval

In the morning, Leung attended a seminar at the Caritas Institute of Higher Education. As he was leaving, the protesters demanded he talk to them. The scene descended into chaos as they ignored police warnings to leave and were forcibly removed.

Some students claimed the police used violence, with a female student saying an officer grabbed her from behind. Police later issued a statement criticising the protesters for ignoring warnings and jeopardising social order. The protesters could be prosecuted for engaging in unlawful assembly and disturbing public order, the statement said.

Dissatisfaction at Leung's administration is growing, according to a University of Hong Kong poll that studied locals' impression of government performance and feelings about society. Researchers found the public sentiment index fell to 71.9 out of 200 in the middle of this month.

It was a record low since Leung took office last July, and a 10-year low since a 2003 march against national security legislation, when it stood at 63.8 points.

Last night, Leung said there were many channels for people to voice their views, but no one should break the law in doing so.

He said the protesters' behaviour not only affected the order of the venue but could also jeopardise the safety of those at yesterday's meeting.



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It may jeopardise the safety that protesters sat on the road and encircled Leung's car despite it is a legal protest! Their rowdy behavior was disappointed!
Looking at the photograph which accompanied the SCMP article, I wonder how many press photographers are amongst the throng that crowded around the CE's car? I'm not excusing the students' actions, which were quite blatantly wrong, but quite often it is the press and not protesters, who escalate public order incidents out of control.
These student protest tactics are unacceptable. They should not be allowed to obstruct the punlic highway. Good on the police for handling the situation so well. If this incident had happened in another Asian country, there would be students nursing sore heads and bones in a hospital.
These protesters are either agitators or too ignorant to understand what it means to make a living. Where is the money coming from to fund the universal pension scheme? It's not a bad ideal but let's discuss and debate the details first. Universal suffrage is not a cure all. It's only suitable when the voters are of a reasonably high standard. I'm afraid too many voters in HK are either not educated or are not taxpayers or both!!
hard times !
where the money comes from is none of your business at all,Jkhleung ! What the government should do for the poor elderly is to introduce a universal pension to protect the underprivileged in town (excluding this Old Hong Kong who might be too well-off to be financially aided by the government though not being a civil servant as well-paid as John Tsang ). As students,these youngsters' motives are not for themselves but the society as a whole.Their acts in the protest may be controversial, yet their motive is sacred---unlike you at all who used to fight against a geniune universal suffrage in 2017 ! Shame on you and your colleagues who used to bark here in this Comment column !
what an ignorant point of view...please study more about universal pension scheme. indeed universal pension scheme is not good for the poor. do you know what "universal" means?? it means it will include many rich people in Hong Kong! including the tycoons, including lee ka shing so on so on!! they are the enemies of those claiming 'we-are-so-caring-the-poor-people', like you! money should be used to focus on helping the poor instead of giving out to any one regardless of their financial conditions!! besides, if it is really universal in the future, it must be a terribly huge burden on the younger generations!! it is so irresponsible to give a unrealistic promise and let the younger generation to pay for it!! money of course a problem!
please study more on this topic before pretending to be righteous
You know what is sad...........that these post-80's kids are getting more and more violent with these protests and then they always tell the media that police used unnecessary force against them........what did they think the police were gonna do?.........just stand around while these kids are making a nuisance of themselves wherever they feel like?
I hate to say it but the post 80 generation are too stupid to realize that what they are doing accomplishes nothing because they have no understanding of society or the world.........they don't take on any jobs and complain that there is inadequacy of many things in the world.........well that's because they are not prepared to work for it because they are use to daddy and mommy feeding them..........WAKE UP Post 80 kids!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Stop making fools of yourselves and go contribute to society by doing something meaningful like working and supporting yourselves for a start. Stop wasting our taxpayer's money by needing the police to babysit you imbeciles all the time..........
Universal pension scheme... Really? Students = protestors + NOT taxpayers. I wonder if they really know the consequence(s). Needless to mention us taxpayers WILL NO DOUBT be charging higher tax rates to feed the scheme. When I was younger, I had a childhood friend. This friend came from a very poor neighbourhood, broken family, raised by his grandmother in a suburb area in HK. He learnt the hard way of life. He is a saver. So he was able to buy his own dreams later on. He never put the blame on the society or his parents. Because it is only life. He has much important work to do. Donating to the poorer. Helping the needy ones. I do think students nowadays are rather spoiled. Sad story. No wonder. No vision, narrow perspective, indulgence... etc. These people... are moaning only. Not solving problems.


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