Stalker nurse who owes almost HK$1m vanishes as assets frozen

Nurse who has been ordered to pay her ex-boyfriend compensation for six years of harassmentis nowhere to be found

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 16 May, 2013, 6:04pm
UPDATED : Friday, 17 May, 2013, 10:23am

A nurse who was ordered to pay her ex-boyfriend almost HK$1 million in compensation for harassing him for six years failed to appear in court on Thursday and cannot be found.

Joey Yip Lai-kuen, 34, failed to attend Thursday’s High Court hearing in which her ex-boyfriend Lau Tat-wai, 30, was seeking court orders for the disclosure and freezing of her assets so that he could be paid the HK$946,673 she was ordered in April to pay him.

Her assets include the proceeds from the sale of her HK$2.8 million property in Tsang Kwan O, the court heard on Thursday.

Without Yip’s presence, the orders were granted.

Victor Luk, Lau’s lawyer, told Deputy High Court Judge David Lok that he had been unable to locate Yip and serve her with a court summons.

“We have tried to contact her but it is not successful. We contacted her mother, but she was not able to locate her," Luk said.

Lau’s lawyer said that he had also been unable to contact Yip at her place of work or at her last known address, her Tsueng Kwan O flat.

In April, the court has also granted an injunction to restrain Yip from harassing or contacting Lau and his family. She was also barred from going within 30 metres of his or his family’s flat and his workplace.

Lau, a former engineer, had previously told the High Court that Yip had stalked him, bombarded him with calls and messages and recruited debt collectors to splash red paint not only on the gate of his flat but also on his mother.

She also circulated missing person notices of Lau online and distributed posters describing Lau as having Aids.

It drove him to stay in Japan for a time, and his mother and brother moved to Shenzhen for two months.

The court heard that the two met in a Japanese language class in 2007. They quickly developed a relationship but Lau decided to end it after four months.

From August 2007, Yip called and sent text messages to Lau and sent malicious e-mails to Lau, his friends and colleagues. She hacked into Lau’s e-mail account and downloaded contacts.

Yip made 120 calls and sent 80 text messages in an hour to Lau’s mobile phone and his company line. She hired a private investigator to monitor Lau while also personally stalking him. On one occasion, she appeared uninvited on a plane when Lau and his family were returning to Hong Kong after a trip to Shanghai.

Yip also bought and moved into a flat in the building where Lau lived so she could monitor him through the building’s surveillance cameras.

She deactivated his bank cards and also made a false report to police accusing Lau of stealing from her, which caused his arrest.

Lau became depressed, and said he developed a phobia about the telephone ringing.