Doctor found guilty by Medical Council over sexual remarks

Tsoi Wing-sang is removed from the Medical Council's registry, but can continue practising

PUBLISHED : Monday, 03 June, 2013, 12:00am
UPDATED : Monday, 03 June, 2013, 7:56am

Asking a female patient to pose like a dog that's urinating, and telling her to find herself a man: those were requests made by a doctor that have now landed him in hot water.

Dr Tsoi Wing-sang was found guilty by the Medical Council yesterday of professional misconduct after a 41-year-old former school teacher, known as Ms A, accused him of sexually harassing her.

He was found guilty on two charges - one of making statements of a sexual nature, and another of asking a patient to perform unnecessary postures under the pretext of treatment.

Tsoi was removed from the council's registry for 12 months, but the penalty was suspended for three years. It means he will be able to continue practising unless convicted again within the next three years.

"I was in a short skirt and he asked me to put my left hand up and bend my left leg back, like a dog peeing," said the teacher, imitating the pose at the disciplinary hearing.

The incident took place on May 8 last year, when Ms A was seeking treatment for the flu, rhinitis and insomnia.

"Oh, Ms A, you're so hot, you should get married and go hook up with a man as soon as possible," he reportedly suggested as a way to relieve the insomnia.

Tsoi repeatedly told the council that the insomnia had been caused by Ms A's negative thoughts and depression, but did not present any evidence supporting such a diagnosis when pressed during the hearing.

This is the third time Tsoi has been disciplined by the council in his 20-year career. In 2004 he was found guilty of presenting false credentials, and in 2006 he was handed a warning after failing to disclose a criminal conviction. He had failed to keep a proper register of dangerous drugs.

Tsoi's practice is currently based in To Kwa Wan, eastern kowloon.

Joseph Lau Wan-yee, chairman of the council, said this was the first conviction for verbal abuse. "We have to send a clear message to the public that we will not tolerate this kind of obscene remark," he said.

When asked whether the sentencing was too lenient, Lau said the council had taken into account past sentencing for sexual misconduct by the Medical Council in making their decision. Tsoi denied making any comments of a sexual nature, but admitted he had jokingly told Ms A to get married to a rich man and move to the Mid-Levels to cure her insomnia and rhinitis.

Tsoi had filed a writ with the High Court against Ms A in March, saying she had defamed him with malicious intent by accusing him of sexual harassment, but he later told the council it had been a misunderstanding. A legal officer accused Tsoi of making "contradictory" statements and being inconsistent with his facts.