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EOC, consulate back Filipino fans over race abuse at Hong Kong soccer match

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 06 June, 2013, 12:00am
UPDATED : Thursday, 06 June, 2013, 7:40am

Outraged Filipino soccer fans subjected to racial abuse from Hong Kong supporters were backed by the Equal Opportunities Commission and the Philippines consulate yesterday.

A section of supporters yelled at Philippine fans that they were "all just slaves" during an international friendly at Mong Kok Stadium on Tuesday night.

They threw bottles at women and children and booed the country's national anthem.

When the Philippine players tried to celebrate with their fans after winning 1-0 they were abused and pelted with bottles and other objects.

The Hong Kong Football Association said it could not take action as it did not receive a complaint. But chief executive Mark Sutcliffe said: "Anybody found guilty of racial abuse will be banned from future matches."

The Equal Opportunities Commission called the incident "a form of racial discrimination and vilification". A spokesman said: "We are concerned the invective remarks may … be destructive to social harmony in our community."

A spokesman for the Philippines consulate said: "We are concerned about unfortunate incidents before, during and after the match … Discrimination should have no place in any society, especially Hong Kong, which prides itself as Asia's world city."

Tensions have simmered between Hong Kong and the Philippines since a sacked policeman hijacked a tour bus in Manila in 2010 and shot dead seven Hong Kong tourists and their guide.

A black travel warning - the highest - imposed after the tragedy is still in force.

Last month Philippine President Benigno Aquino vowed to defend his country's maritime territory against "bullies", amid a dispute with China over islands in the South China Sea.



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Folks, I have been working / living in Shenzhen & Dongguan for over a decade now.
While many mainlanders do have many uneducated habits due to poor education in the rural past, many are quite civilized , not as portraited in the media.
China has 56 races (probably unwared by most Hong Kongers), Believe it or not, many Mainland Chinese, among the more educated, do understand better than Hong Konger the sensitivity of race relations.
Hong Kong's shame!
Oh what happened? Shocking ... thought such uncivilised behavior only come from mainland tourist ...
Disgraceful behaviour. I simply don't understand why so many Hong Kong Chinese are so prejudiced against Filipinos. And why has the HK Government still got its black travel warning in effect? It makes a complete mockery of its travel advisory system.
Why can't some HK residents own up to their mistakes and move on? Why are they blaming mainland Chinese here? Blame mainland Chinese for their disgraceful actions is a cheap shot. Now, we know who don;t have the cahones to be statesmen/women? Hitting women and children with water bottles is really HK and blaming mainland Chinese is another stupid lowdown. Poor judgement on you guys! Wow!
Come on. Now Filipinos are just acting the victim and trying to vilonise the people of HK. Filipinos will try and milk this incident as much as they possibly can.
Their common method is to pretend to be so innocent and act like they cannot believe what is happening. HK people are no more or no less raceist than the people of the Philippines.
It is not like the Philippines is such a utopia where everyone hugs and respects each other. The Philippines I know has corruption, vice activity galore and people sleeping on the streets or in shanty towns.
When a foreigner gets in a cab the meter is covered and they charge as much as they think they can get. When you enter a shopping mall you are patted down for a gun. When you want to get something done a bribe is required.
Filipinos in HK understand that they can get allot of sympathy by acting the innocent victim. They know the harshness of life as they come from a much harsher place than HK. They should stop stretching the facts and taking advantage of the kindness of HK and its people.
Its time to make a strict rules and laws for racism and hooliganism, this is the best way to solve as HK ppl are atleast good in respecting rules and laws, mostly ..eh :)
Boosting one's own egos by abusing towards women and children? These guys are d*ckless scumbags.


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