Edward Snowden

US hasn't made requests with Hong Kong over Snowden, say sources

PUBLISHED : Saturday, 15 June, 2013, 11:01pm
UPDATED : Sunday, 16 June, 2013, 6:59am

The US government has not yet raised any official requests with Hong Kong over whistleblower Edward Snowden who is hiding in the city, a source familiar with the situation told the South China Morning Post.

The source also rejected some earlier reports from the United States that suggested that Hong Kong and United States government lawyers are working together on the Snowden case.

“That is total nonsense,” the source said.

The former CIA analyst and NSA contract worker has exposed the American government’s global cyperspying programme – an act that could see him facing dozens of charges from US.

Snowden has been hiding in a safe house in Hong Kong ever since the Guardian revealed last Sunday that he was the man behind what is possibly the most serious intelligence leak in recent American history.

He gave an exclusive interview to the Post on Wednesday, during which Snowden said that the US was “trying to bully” Hong Kong over his possible surrender.

But a Hong Kong government source told the Post that “under no circumstances can the US bully Hong Kong in anyway.”