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US hasn't made requests with Hong Kong over Snowden, say sources

PUBLISHED : Saturday, 15 June, 2013, 11:01pm
UPDATED : Sunday, 16 June, 2013, 6:59am

The US government has not yet raised any official requests with Hong Kong over whistleblower Edward Snowden who is hiding in the city, a source familiar with the situation told the South China Morning Post.

The source also rejected some earlier reports from the United States that suggested that Hong Kong and United States government lawyers are working together on the Snowden case.

“That is total nonsense,” the source said.

The former CIA analyst and NSA contract worker has exposed the American government’s global cyperspying programme – an act that could see him facing dozens of charges from US.

Snowden has been hiding in a safe house in Hong Kong ever since the Guardian revealed last Sunday that he was the man behind what is possibly the most serious intelligence leak in recent American history.

He gave an exclusive interview to the Post on Wednesday, during which Snowden said that the US was “trying to bully” Hong Kong over his possible surrender.

But a Hong Kong government source told the Post that “under no circumstances can the US bully Hong Kong in anyway.”


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hard times !
If the U.S.has not made any requests for the extradiction of Mr.Edward Joseph Snowden who came here weeks ago as a visitor and up till now he has not committed any offences in the territory, the SAR administration should not have him arrested or monitored.Instead,he should be properly and highly protected from getting any harm since his revelations that our Hong Kong Internet Exchange at Chinese University has been hacked since 2009 and our 4 million netizens' info.might be read by hackers from the NSA of America plus the hackers from that agency has also hacked into the computers of our major officials,businessmen (the big shots maybe) and even students (the radical ones ?).Our SAR administration has an obligation to have his safety guaranteed during his stay here---in the eyes of most Hongkongers,he is our benefactor indeed !
hard times !
Though the Obama administration has not made any formal request to have mr.Edward Snowden extradicted to America on charges of leaking national secrets or illegally stealing private properties or dishonestly using computers or...,we think our SAR administration has the moral obligation to have his safety guaranteed and Mr.Snowden highly protected from any attempted kidnapping of him by foreign agents or even gunned down to seal his mouth from revealing more top secrets related to the National Security Agency.Right ? The summoning of Mr.Snowden to the Legco might not be probable since his security issue can hardly be tackled---once emerges, he might meet great dangers as we know the CIA agents are everywhere in the world, including our beloved Hong Kong ! The judicial secretary of the US pledged to have mr.Snowden punished by law and his government might make use of every means---legal or illegal ones ! Right ? let us pray for the safety of this daring leaker-hero,Mr.Edward Snowden who is actually our benefactor in revealing those secrets concerning Hongkongers ! He can trust us and our 'rule of law'.His extradiction to the States might become impossible in the end as the Iranian in 2008 ! Just wait and see.
Very true. Until the US makes an extradition request it is not an issue for the Hong Kong courts or government. No arrest warrant or indictment has been issued. Right now he is a visitor. We have no idea of how much truth, fallacy or embellishment was in his statements made to the Guardian or the SCMP.


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