Nina Wang

Nina Wang and Peter Chan videos of intimate hugging and kissing are shown in court

Evidence of their relationship shows the billionaire and her fung shui master kissing and hugging while on a picnic in Sai Kung

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 18 June, 2013, 12:00am
UPDATED : Tuesday, 18 June, 2013, 11:02am

Passionate scenes of Nina Wang Kung Yu-sum kissing fung shui master Peter Chan Chun-chuen as he ran his hands all over her body were shown in full for the first time in open court yesterday.

A video, which showed them holding a kiss for about half a minute during a picnic in Sai Kung, is the first evidence of their intimate relationship.

Chan had claimed that he had a loving and passionate relationship with Wang that began with a head massage and developed rapidly into greater intimacy. But it was not until yesterday that the proof was shown.

The 50-minute video was produced by the prosecution in the Court of First Instance where Chan is accused of forging Wang's will to claim her massive fortune.

Other parts of the video showed Wang, in a skimpy vest and hot pants, pushing Chan's hand away when he touched her buttocks and again when he touched her breasts.

Chan also pecked her on the neck as he placed his hands on her cheek and then brushed away her hair.

A portion of the video was played by Chan's legal team in court in 2011 in his appeal over the probate battle but the judge stopped the show after a short time. In the part shown in 2011 and replayed yesterday, Wang is shown posing on a car on a quiet road. Chan is heard calling her "Piggy" and calling himself "Daddy Piggy".

The video showed a cheerful and coy Wang removing her jacket to reveal her vest. Chan then said: "Don't take it off. It will be too sexy if you take it off … Piggy."

Later Wang asked again: "Should I take off my clothes?"

Chan: "Oh, that's good."

Wang: "What?"

Chan: "If it is filmed … the tape has to be dumped. Don't take it off."

Wang: "It can be erased."

Another scene, shot presumably with the recorder unattended, showed Chan and Wang looking into each other's eyes and then kissing.

While this scene was being played Chan, who was in the dock, half covered his face with a hand, closed his eyes and sighed.

In the video, after they broke their embrace, Wang said: "Take off the clothes, you said?"

Chan: "Don't take it off. That's it. Kissing is the furthest [we] can go. You can't take off the clothes. Daddy can kiss [her]. I don't want to throw the tape away."

Wang also asked Chan whether she was "flirty" and "coquettish". She said some coquettish women were cute.

Chan then asked Wang to try acting coquettishly. As Wang acted, Chan said: "It looks like it. [You] look like [you] want to take off your clothes."

Chan later said: "That's why I say you can't pretend to be coquettish but it's easy for you to act kittenishly."

Throughout the video, Wang is seen blowing kisses to Chan.

The trial continues today.





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