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Snowden's last few days in Hong Kong: dramatic events prompted flight

Lawmaker and lawyer Albert Ho tells of helping Snowden make his escape, with the logistics discussed over pizza and fried chicken

PUBLISHED : Monday, 24 June, 2013, 10:37pm
UPDATED : Tuesday, 25 June, 2013, 4:50pm

New details have emerged about Edward Snowden's final days in Hong Kong, including the identity of the man who escorted the whistle-blower to Chek Lap Kok airport on Sunday morning to board a Moscow-bound flight.

As speculation continued over which country will take in the fugitive, Democratic Party lawmaker and lawyer Albert Ho Chun-yan confirmed that he asked Jonathan Man, an associate at his law firm Ho, Tse, Wai & Partners, to accompany Snowden to the airport in case he was arrested.

Ho said Man had worked closely with Snowden during his time in Hong Kong so he was the ideal choice to be with Snowden if police did detain him.

Ho first met Snowden at a private home on Tuesday night when he sat down to dinner with him.

Man and another lawyer, Robert Tibbo, were also at the dinner, where the four tucked into pizza, fried chicken, sausages and Pepsi and for two hours discussed Snowden's legal options.

The dinner came the night before US officials reportedly asked about the possibility of Snowden's extradition from Hong Kong.

The New York Times reported that the dinner guests were asked to place their mobile phones in the fridge to prevent them from being tracked. The Times also said Snowden expressed concern that he might not be able to get bail and being forced to spend months or years in prison without access to a computer.

It was during this get-together that Snowden asked Ho to seek clarification about the Hong Kong government's position regarding extradition and whether it would "vigorously oppose" a bail application.

Snowden also wanted to know if he would be granted safe passage to leave Hong Kong and if this was what the administration wanted him to do.

The day after the dinner, US Attorney General Eric Holder reportedly called Hong Kong Secretary for Justice Rimsky Yuen Kwok-keung to discuss extradition.

According to a Justice Department official, Holder stressed the importance of the case and urged Hong Kong to honour the request for Snowden's arrest, Reuters reported.

After Tuesday's dinner, Ho said he remained in contact with Snowden through "various means", which is understood to include phone calls and secure online exchanges.

Ho lined up a meeting with a "top government official" to discuss Snowden's case.

That meeting on Friday came before court documents detailing US charges of espionage and theft were unsealed, an important development which prompted Snowden's decisions on Saturday.

At Friday's meeting, which lasted less than 30 minutes, Ho said the official asked if he had written authorisation to act on Snowden's behalf and Ho said yes.

But he did not bring a copy of the authorisation to that meeting and the official did not ask to see it.

Also on Friday, Snowden received a message through a "middle-man" claiming to represent the Hong Kong government that he would be able to leave without fear of arrest, but he questioned the reliability of that message.

By Saturday morning, Snowden was becoming increasingly anxious and nervous and made plans to leave.

He asked Ho to push his government contact for a green light on his safe passage out of Hong Kong and got ready to board a Saturday night flight.

This move was delayed because Ho was unable to get a response from his government contact. But by Sunday morning, Snowden had made up his mind.

Ho called Man and asked him to accompany Snowden to the airport, so if police did intercede the lawyer could help him.



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"Most IT geeks care more about their computer and their network speed than the food they consume. "

Well said. Notice how Snowden's biggest concern was being locked up in a jail cell without access to a computer? I can't blame him either!

"But that doen't mean they are naive. Rather, most are very smart with a clear vision of what they really want and the courage to get them."

Totally agree. Snowden is a selfless hero!

I also like the fact that all the people bashing China on here decided to bash the US for a change. As an American citizen myself, I feel that Uncle Sam needs to feel the heat for the unacceptable hypocrisy.

hard times !
by the nature of the words uttered by the guy down below,this Old Hong Kong can be sure that this guy is far from not being naive but instead naive to the extreme ! Why ? The food that our leaker-hero,Mr.Snowden ate at the 'private home'/safe home is very popular in Hong Kong indeed.It can be bought from the local KFC outlets.Even this Old Hong Kong will buy such food for myself and my grown-up children and so do many Hongkongers ! Are we all as naive as the nasty guy down below ? of course not ! I can predict the Snowden saga symbolizes the beginning of the decline of that American Empire (similar to the decline of Roman Empire over a thousand years ago !)--even its elite computer system analyst become so sick their government for its world-wide hacking acts !
hard times !
it is learnt that the files that Mr.Snowden smuggled out from his Bozz Allen Hamilton company were not just over 200 but might be as many as 1000 or more.No wonder,the top aides of Obama have got furious-------they would like to have this leaker hacked into pieces once they get him.But God blesses Snowden,he just won't fall into their trap or net and be tortured to death for his so-called 'traitor' or 'treason' or 'espionage' crime or stealing government properties which are also just loots stolen from nations all over the world only ! Right ?
Why would anyone wants to help or honor us's request if us is spying on your turf!!! What nerves, continuation of MFSOB richard cheney's arrogance.
hard times !
maybe you yourself used to enjoy hairless rodents and shovelling manure in your home town and treat your friends with these 'food ' as well ! Right ? Shame on you to write such nasty 'words'----------polluting the Comment column of our much-respected SCMP ! Shame on you again !
jerry.howe.7 comes off as a giant **** who is all about style over substance.
I don't know about Bill Gates nor Mark Zuckerberg, but being a mid-age IT person in Hong Kong myself, I know KFC, Pizza Hut, McDonalds (except Pepsi/CocaCola) are still the favourite food for the people of my kind. Most IT geeks care more about their computer and their network speed than the food they consume. But that doen't mean they are naive. Rather, most are very smart with a clear vision of what they really want and the courage to get them.
hard times !
No wonder the lawmaker and lawyer,Mr.Albert Ho Chun-yan described our leaker-hero as a very smart and high I.Q.person who is excellent at analysis---unlike his pursurers of course in the States who are yelling hysterically at other nations for the extradiction /deportation of him,acting as if they were bosses of other nations (including both China:No. 2 economic power and a rising military power and Russia whose military power is second to the US only but combined with China the USA has no advantage at all) and our tiny Hong Kong which prosperous economy can only be envied by Uncle Sam who is only good at priniting more greenbacks for her huge expenditure only ! It is known that Snowden had dispatched his files to several places/persons around the world and those files were protected by codes.Once he is in danger or arrested, these codes would be sent to those persons to open these files and have the contents disclosed to the world ! Marvellous ! Snowden,you are a role model of modern US youngster indeed though you are just a high school dropout only but many graduates or even postgrads just don't have the guts like you do ! It is for sure.We Hongkongers pay our tribute to you ! Salute !
instinct has served Snowden well so far I think
hard times !
all dear readers here,there is a good news:Now even White Russia (the neighbour of Russia and once a member of the Soviet Union) has agreed to grant Mr.Edward Snowden political asylum.Yet WiliLeaks said that they are still waiting for the replies of Iceland and Ecuador (which probably will accept Snowden since her president dares to defy the United States).it is learnt that Snowden carries with him up to 200 secret files which are valuable enough to many nations.In fact, he can be considered a treasure in the eyes of many nations---except those running dogs of the American Empire which remain mouths sealed and dare not utter a word even their countries' computers have also been hacked into by the notorious NSA !



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