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No reply from US on hacking claims disappointing, says security minister

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 26 June, 2013, 4:55pm
UPDATED : Wednesday, 26 June, 2013, 10:31pm

Hong Kong’s security minister on Wednesday repeated calls by the government for the United States to clarify claims made by Edward Snowden that it had been hacking into computers in the city.

Secretary for Security Lai Tung-kwok also said the Hong Kong government was disappointed by the lack of a response on the part the US to its request for verification of the hacking claims.

The city’s security bureau wrote to the US government on June 21 asking for verification.

We hope the US can give Hongkongers a comprehensive account as soon as possible
Lai Tung-kwok, security minister

“We hope that the US government can give Hongkongers a comprehensive account [on the matter] as soon as possible,” Lai said after a Legislative Council meeting.

The explosive claims were made by whistle-blower and former CIA contractor Edward Snowden during a June 13 interview with the South China Morning Post while in Hong Kong.

In the interview, Snowden said the US had been hacking into computers in Hong Kong and China for years.

Snowden left the city on Sunday for Russia after the US laid charges against him and had requested that Hong Kong authorities arrest him. The 30-year-old is now in a transit area of a Moscow airport.

Lai said the government would vigorously follow up on the matter. He said internet security and privacy were essential to Hong Kong's role as a financial centre.



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Has Mr. Lai asked the Public Security Bureau in Beijing for the same clarification?
If the US government was really so desperate to have Mr. Snowden detained I wonder whether they issued a red and blue notice via Interpol ? That would have been pretty straight forward to have him located and detained by the HK authorities. But the US government is even not able to get his name or passport number right in the forms .
Anyway, in their great ignorance the person in the US preparing the documents probably even doesn't know where to find Hong Kong on the map.
Don't blame Hong Kong for all your short comings and wrong doings. Get your own act together at home and better answer the more than justified questions put forward by Hong Kong officials why you spy on our emails ! The world is watching and waiting for your justification .
You can't issue a red notice for anything of a political nature. Espionage is considered "of a political nature" to Interpol.

Even if the HK government detained him, it's looking a lot less likely now that the court of final appeal would have authorized the extradition anyway. The court of final appeal would have surely also ruled that this crime was of a political nature and therefore extradition is not allowed. It would have taken years to reach that conclusion however.
What illegal has Mr. Snowden actually done? He only told the world how the NSA works. That they monitor internet traffic incl. emails around the world and interfere into peoples private and personal spheres, they hack into other countries internet nodes and servers etc. The US government tells us the NSA acts strictly in accordance to the law. If it is strictly legal what they do, why are they so afraid that someone informs the world about their "legal" work methods ?
What gives the US government the right to blame the Hong Kong authorities for bringing them not back what they let go in the first place ? Snowden was not allowed to leave the US in the first place because of his security classification he had to apply 30 days in advance but the US let him leave the country without such clearance ! Why was he not stopped by US authorities when he left Hawaii ? Is it because the US has no proper emigration procedures ? When you enter the US everybody is treated like a criminal by unfriendly immigration officers with little manners but when you leave the country there is no emigration process whatsoever and nobody checks your passport and no chop proves that you have left the country.
If I want to fight terrorism one of the first things to do is to introduce proper emigration procedures.
hard times !
Weird.The US government has never denied what Snowden told the media in early June in Hong Kong.Of course HKGovt.has reason to believe what he said was true.If the US thinks that Snowden was telling lies to blackmouth or defame the NSA, why she remained silent instead of clarifying his words to all the world ? Our query is:' if you haven't done what he accused you, why you never clean up yourself ? What a shame !'
Strange, the HK government does not find anything to hold that guy here, but they believe he says the truth about the spy program? If the HK Government believes him, they could have ordered him to stay for further clarification and investigation. Te correct answer from the US should be: "you could have asked him, but now you let him go. What a shame!"
Well, Mr. Lai is not representing a sovereign state and government. He should and has to leave such enquiries to his sovereign in Beijing.
Maybe the USA will tell him in a couple of day that he used the wrong form sheet and therefore they could not entertain him. Did he sign the letter and used the correct government chop?
hard times !
Our officials (especially those in the top level) would not be as careless or negligent as their counterparts or much more senior(the US State Department or Department of Justice) of the US which could have three versions of the name of Snowden (their countryman). Even this Old Hong Kong well remember his full name is:'Edward Joseph Snowden' and not just 'Edward J.Snowden.'Or 'Edward ......Snowden ' as shown on two of the three documents sent here by the US government----rough and as simple as it could be.But most importantly,up till now, not a formal request of Snowden's extradition has been received by our official(s) concerned but just a phone call to our Secretary for Justice who holds the power to decide whether to have the case prosecuted or not only---his job is never to verify the documents or receive phone calls. Besides,Hong Kong is not a city or a dependent territory or even a colony of either America or Britain (which left here unwillingly on July 1st 1997 after midnight ). We are now an integral part of China while maintaining high degree of autonomy except defence (including espionage matters) or diplomacy of which we have no say at all. Maybe the US government's knowledge of Hong Kong after the Handover in 1997 has been poor enough due to the laziness or negligence of duties of their consuls sent here, I regret to say as a long-time resident of Hong Kong who was born here !
"We are now an integral part of China while maintaining high degree of autonomy except defence (including espionage matters) or diplomacy of which we have no say at all."
If that's the case, then perhaps the SAR should volunteer to have it's citizens treated by the U.S. in all respects just like people from Shanghai.
cic2: **** off you unbearable troll.

You're just as big of an arrogant sack of **** as your government. Bottom line is the US has no respect for the laws of other countries. They have no respect for HK's rule of law and only pay lip service to it. That is why US feels entitled to illegally spy on HK citizens!

HK has no reason to give the USA any kind of "face" for their arrogant deeds. The Secretary of Justice is technically 100% correct that the USA did not follow proper procedure and were more than happy to deny Snowden due process that he's guaranteed to have under both the Basic Law and the US Constitution!

I really don't give a damn how long it took the HK government to respond. The treaty gives both parties plenty of flexibility when it comes to response time. The HK government had every legitimate reason to take their sweet time considering the fact that their citizens were illegally spied on by the NSA and Snowden broke the news!




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