Peter Chan

Former fung shui master accused of playing on Nina Wang's superstition and loneliness

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 26 June, 2013, 8:41pm
UPDATED : Thursday, 07 May, 2015, 5:00pm

Alleged will forger Peter Chan Chun-chuen was accused by the prosecution in High Court on Wednesday of playing on the superstition and loneliness of the late tycoon Nina Wang Kung Yu-sum and treating her as a means to become rich.

Chan - previously known as Tony Chan Chun-chuen, his name before his conversion to Christianity this year - is accused of forging a 2006 will that he claimed left him Wang's multibillion-dollar fortune.

In his closing arguments, prosecutor David Perry QC also said it was “unthinkable” that Wang, who was very concerned about her image, would leave Chan the will in question as doing so would expose the intimate sexual relationship that Chan claims they had.

“The defendant’s own story is illogical, inherently contradictory, and simply doesn’t make sense,” Perry said.

Perry pointed to evidence heard in court that showed that their relationship was not the intimate sexual relationship Chan claimed but rather simply that of a fung shui master and a client.

In any event, Perry said, the personal relationship did not matter because the scientific evidence provided by testifying experts showed that there was a high probability that the will was forged.

Addressing the jury, Perry asked them to put side Chan’s suggestion that he was a victim of a conspiracy to implicate him as a forger. Chan, through his lawyers, had argued that Wang’s siblings and her long-time employees acted together to smear him.

Perry said Chan’s motive in creating the fake will was to obtain Wang’s “vast wealth”. He pointed out that Chan has showered Wang with flattery, telling the woman who was 22 years older that she was “beautiful and lovely” many times.

Perry compared Chan’s receipt of money from Wang, which included three payments each of HK$688 million, to winning Mark Six jackpot every week.

Addressing the videos produced by Chan showing him locking lips with Wang and his hands running all over his body, Perry said the video showed a woman being deceived by Chan.

Perry also said Chan had lied to Wang and her sister, claiming he had a special power that enabled him to talk to Buddha, which led Wang to believe Chan could help improve her health when she was sick and bring about the return of her husband Teddy Wang, who vanished after he was kidnapped.

The prosecution will continue its closing submissions on Thursday.