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Peter Chan Chun-chuen

Peter Chan Chun-chuen, who used to go by Tony Chan, is a Hong Kong-born businessman and former fung shui practitioner born in December 1959. In 2013, Chan went on trial accused of forging the will of Nina Wang Kung Yu-sum, the late chairwoman of Chinachem and Asia's richest woman. Chan denied the charges, but was found guilty in the Court of First Instance on July 4, 2013.

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Peter Chan guilty of forging will of late tycoon Nina Wang

Peter Chan Chun-chuen convicted of scheme to claim fortune of late billionaire Nina Wang

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 04 July, 2013, 8:09pm
UPDATED : Friday, 05 July, 2013, 8:17pm


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5 Jul 2013
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Looking scared and red-faced, Peter Chan Chun-chuen was locked up on Thursday after he was found guilty of forging a will purportedly left by late billionaire Nina Wang Kung Yu-sum.

After almost 20 hours of deliberation, a Court of First Instance jury of five men and three women found the 53-year-old businessman, previously known as Tony Chan, guilty of forgery and using a false instrument. He will be sentenced on Friday.

Chan attempted to use the forged will to claim Wang’s HK$83 billion estate as the sole beneficiary in a drawn-out fight with Chinachem Charitable Foundation, which was set up by Wang.

Chan, who faces a maximum jail term of 14 years for each of offence, bit his lips and breathed deeply, as he heard the verdict.”Mr Chan, you will be remanded in custody overnight pending sentencing,” Mr Justice Andrew Macrae said.

Before Chan was led away to the custody, he removed his tie and his watch and smiled at his lawyers.

The jury found Chan guilty of forgery by a 6-2 vote. They reached a 7-1 vote on the count of using a false instrument.

Chan’s wife Tam Miu-ching, his brother Ricky Chan Chun-kwok and his daughter Polly Lon Pui-chun sobbed as they heard the verdict.

Emotional, they would not answer how they felt about the verdict and whether Chan would lodge an appeal.Chan’s family left the court building at about 10pm after having a meeting with the lawyers for an hour.

The court also heard for the first time that Chan had 10 previous criminal convictions relating to dishonest applications of credit cards by claiming to be a qualified medical doctor working in public hospitals, earning more than HK$460,000 each year.

He was fined HK$20,000 in 1986 after he pleaded guilty to 10 counts including obtaining property by deception and obtaining services by deception.

In a rare application, the prosecution asked the court to order Chan to pay the HK$2.11million costs the prosecution incurred in a preliminary inquiry requested by Chan.

“There is an issue whether taxpayers of Hong Kong should be liable for the costs of the prosecution,” Prosecutor David Perry QC said.

There is an issue whether taxpayers of Hong Kong should be liable for the costs of the prosecution
Prosecutor David Perry QC

Perry also asked that Chan be liable for HK$86,568 arose from DNA examination, also requested by Chan.

Perry said normally a defendant was not required to pay prosecution costs but Chan’s conduct throughout the case made it a suitable case for the court to make such an order.

Mr Justice Andrew Macrae had not made a ruling on the application.

Perry added that there were no case authorities that resembled the facts of Chan’s crime.

He added that there was no sentencing guideline on making and using a false document.

During the trial, the court was served salacious details of the relationship between Wang and Chan.

The court was shown a video recording supplied by Chan showing Wang and himself locking lips and his hands running all over her body.

The court also heard Chan’s claim that he had a passionate sexual relationship with Wang, who was 23 years his senior.

Additional reporting by Patsy Moy



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Being convicted as a criminal and having constantly lied to the courts while being under oath and perverted the cause of justice and considering his criminal energy when looking at his earlier convictions, it's only just that he is ordered to refund all prosecution cost he has caused . Why shall my tax money being spent because of this despicable individual ? Can we ask him also for the cost of his prison term ?
Could the SCMP please advise why it believes that the trial could have possibly not been fair !
Actually such a poll is irresponsible suggesting our judicial system has failed unless SCMP has solid evidence that something went wrong during the trial
If only he had been less greedy and content with what he got from Nina Wang when she was alive....
Finally, an apt ending but after a long drawn hugely expensive legal battle.
Finally, justice has seen the light.
dude stop snorting so much ketamine lickingming... its frying what little brain you were born with
perfect example : Greed Kills
obviously the woman was blind as well as daft. She gave him $3 billion and a further 30 million quid just before she died. So even after all his legal costs and 8 years in the nick he will walk out to the remaining billions - and crime does not pay ?
A fitting end to this incredible saga of rags to riches and back to rags. This serves as a lesson for future generations about the evils of greed. Tony (I mean Peter) Chan--God of Greed.
Should have stuck to bar-tendering. Enjoy your time in gaol. Bottoms Up!
What is with this strange SCMP poll on the front page asking whether Mr Whatshisnamenow Chan had a fair trial? Does anybody remotely serious suggest otherwise?
A victim of his own ambition. Given the dubious story of how Nina Wang came by the fortune in the first place, one wonders if justice has really been done. Most men would reach for the bucket at the very thought of physical intimacy with such a wizened creature........but fact can be stranger than fiction and one cannot help feeling a twinge of admiration that he managed to keep up appearances.
I wonder if he has any money left after all his lawyers have run through his pockets these past years.
Never hide truth
Rarely a court conviction can draw the same pleasure feeling from all sectors in HK. LOL
He nearly got away with the scam of the new century.
We are still waiting for the SCMP's statement why it was thinking the trial wasn't fair !
where is his smile now?
his mistress murdered her husband got away with it
caught up with them
Sticks Evans
He isn't smiling now.
1) only insane would forge such will to claim such huge estate. Clearly Chan is not insane.
2) this will bear two witness signatures !
Thus I would like to believe this FAKE will was given to him by Wang.
She told him "Please keep our secrets forever and i will give you my whole estate. Keep the promise"
Now he was in dilemma. Not disclose the secrets and he would never get her estate. Disclose and break the promise. And what follows is history ......
Clearly it was a FAKE will given
1) Wang was very experienced in such kind of legal proceedings challenging her father-in-law in courts the previous years.
2) No one see her signing her name on it.
She might have forgiven him had he not broken the promise.


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