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Peter Chan Chun-chuen

Peter Chan Chun-chuen, who used to go by Tony Chan, is a Hong Kong-born businessman and former fung shui practitioner born in December 1959. In 2013, Chan went on trial accused of forging the will of Nina Wang Kung Yu-sum, the late chairwoman of Chinachem and Asia's richest woman. Chan denied the charges, but was found guilty in the Court of First Instance on July 4, 2013.

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Peter Chan gets 12 years' jail for forging late tycoon Nina Wang's will

Former fung shui master granted individual cell in Stanley Prison after judge describes him as 'shameless, cruel and extremely greedy'

PUBLISHED : Saturday, 06 July, 2013, 12:00am
UPDATED : Saturday, 06 July, 2013, 3:25am

Peter Chan Chun-chuen secured special protection in prison yesterday after he was jailed for 12 years for what a judge described as shameless, cruel and extremely greedy conduct in forging the will of late tycoon Nina Wang Kung Yu-sum.

Chan, 53, a former fung shui master previously known as Tony Chan, was locked up in an individual cell in Stanley Prison after he apparently made a request for protection to the Correctional Services Department.

A department spokesman said individual cell arrangements were considered on the basis of offences and security levels.

On Thursday, Chan was found guilty by a Court of First Instance jury of forgery and using a false instrument. He attempted unsuccessfully to use the forged will to claim Wang's HK$83 billion estate as the sole beneficiary, in a drawn-out fight with the Chinachem Charitable Foundation, which Wang set up.

Passing sentence, Mr Justice Andrew Macrae called Chan a "charlatan" and his act "the cruellest and most egregious of all" for taking advantage of a sad, lonely and tragic widow.

"Notwithstanding that you received during Mrs Wang's lifetime well over HK$3 billion, which enabled you to carry on a life of luxury few people in the world could ever imagine, you were not content with that and decided that you would have her business empire and estate as well," the judge said.

Chan's botched scheme to claim Wang's estate was "insidious, shameless, wicked" and displayed "unparalleled greed".

"Cruel, because by this forgery not only did you insult Nina Wang's friendship, but egregious because had you succeeded, you would have cheated a charitable foundation. I have no doubt from the evidence I have heard that you are nothing more than a clever and no doubt beguiling charlatan," the judge said, adding that Chan showed no remorse.

In sentencing, Macrae said Chan's crime was so serious that he found it appropriate to adopt the maximum sentence of 14 years' imprisonment as the starting point for each count.

But the judge decided to reduce his sentence by two years due to factors including the efficiency of Chan's lawyers, which cut the length of the trial to half of what had been expected.

The judge also ordered Chan to pay more than HK$2 million in costs incurred by the prosecution during a preliminary inquiry requested by Chan, an exercise that the judge called "wholly misconceived".

Before the hearing started, Chan, who looked tired after spending a night in custody, fought to hold back his tears in the dock.

He looked dazed as he heard the sentence. His wife, Tam Miu-ching, his brother Ricky Chan Chun-kwok and his daughter Polly Lon Pui-chun sobbed as the defence lawyers pleaded mitigation but later looked calm as they heard the sentence.

Chief Inspector Siu Wai-sing said: "We are very pleased about the result. It shows Hong Kong has a sound judicial system. It sends out a positive signal that deception will not be tolerated.

"[Chan] made changes to his legal team five times and once applied to conduct DNA tests overseas. The judge said all were attempts to delay court proceedings," Siu said.


Video: Peter Chan's brother and daughter are forced back by dozens of reporters outside the courtroom on Friday.



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There was a grinning fungshui master
Who saved Nina Wang from disaster
To demonstrate his skill
He deftly changed her will
And now he’s with the prison pastor!
If he has a clear conscience, why would he wants to request for protection?
To be placed in a single cell is clearly giving this profligate charlatan an easy time.
Seems so easy for every high profile criminal isn't it?
Finally he is in jail. He should have been there for many years already.
I do think that there are grounds for miscarriage of justice here. It should either be declared a mistrial or simply a partial verdict. Judge McCrae showed his bias against the defendant which was highly unusual from a judge, which could be construed as prejudicial against Mr. Chan. Since the ordeal Mr. Chan had been enduring during all these years were well publicized, I doubted that there could be any impartial jurors found in Hong Kong. The choice of jurors was dubious. Since it was a criminal case, his crime had to be proven beyond a reasonable doubt, the verdict should be overruled and the sentence thus not fitting to his crime. No one can be so unsure that indeed Ms. Kung had endowed his will to the defendant, ! I'm no fan of the converted Christian or am I a lawyer, but I think his high paid lawyers were doing him a huge disservice by employing the strategy of exposing all the intimate details. That was cruel and infamous to say the very least.
John Adams
Why should he get a private cell at taxpayers' expense after he wasted so much taxpayers money with all the court cases ?!
He tried to rob the Nina Wang charity organisation of tens of $ billions.
Some of those billions would most probably have helped fellow inmates of Stanley prison to change their ways and thus not end up in prison.
So let him spend the next 12 years with those inmates whom he would have happily deprived, and at the same time spread the gospel he now believes in.
"All things work together for good..." ( St Paul)
The dots are well suggested and Peter might in due time request to join and lead the rest.
I don’t really agree with the degree how Hong Kong people put so much importance in fungshui yet society has no restriction on people who claim to be fungshui master and charge at will. So one got caught.
John Adams
I agree
Put Chan into a public cell
After all - he tried to rob the public
John Adams
Chan's lawyers were paid by Chan
They disclosed whatever Chan allowed them to disclose. Fact !
Shame on Chan for allowing them to disclose such intimate details regarding an old, emotional and generous woman
Who is this Miss Kung by the way? :)
verse 2:
But not content to share cell
No servants or aircon, he decided
are almost worse than living in H e l l.
So convert Peter now has some doubt;
perhaps his new found faith should be derided.
But sitting in gaol , another new faith might sprout
and Mohammed Ali bin Chan will be released
when the prison doors open and he finally walks out


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