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Hong Kong lawmakers slam Washington for Snowden censure

US accused of hypocrisy for condemning city and Beijing for letting the leaker leave

PUBLISHED : Saturday, 13 July, 2013, 12:00am
UPDATED : Monday, 15 July, 2013, 3:44pm

Hong Kong lawmakers hit back yesterday at US disappointment with the city and Beijing for not handing over surveillance leaker Edward Snowden.

They passed a proposal to write to Congress and the White House condemning the comments and demanding an investigation of cyberspying activities against Hong Kong residents.

The US is like a villain suing the victim before the victim could prosecute him. It's completely disrespectful of Hong Kong and its citizens
Civic Party lawmaker Ronny Tong Ka-wah

Beijing meanwhile described Hong Kong's action in letting Snowden leave the city as "beyond reproach".

"The US is like a villain suing the victim before the victim could prosecute him. It's completely disrespectful of Hong Kong and its citizens," Civic Party lawmaker Ronny Tong Ka-wah said.

US Deputy Secretary of State William Burns said after a meeting with senior Chinese officials in Washington that the United States was "very disappointed with how the authorities in Beijing and Hong Kong handled the Snowden case, which undermined our effort to build the trust needed to manage difficult issues".

President Barack Obama also expressed "disappointment and concern".

Former US government contractor Snowden was allowed to leave Hong Kong on June 23 after revealing details of US intelligence cybersurveillance both locally and internationally, despite the US seeking his extradition to face charges of espionage.

He is stuck in transit at Moscow's Sheremetyevo Airport.

Video: Edward Snowden talks to human rights activists at Moscow's Sheremetyevo airport

The Civic Party's Dr Kenneth Chan Ka-lok said it was "regrettable" that the US government would violate human rights and privacy in the name of national security and terrorism, and the comments were intolerable. "[The US government] is endorsing intrusive and abusive ways to interfere with international allies' citizens' rights," Chan said. "I hope that the Chinese foreign service will continue to show support [to Hong Kong] by bringing up this issue at every Sino-American meeting in the future. The US is allowed to condemn violation of human rights in Hong Kong and China, so we can also condemn them for their violation of human rights - which is what they are doing by breaching Hongkongers' privacy rights."

State Councillor Yang Jiechi said Hong Kong had "handled the Snowden case in accordance with the law and its approach is beyond reproach".

Pro-government lawmaker Priscilla Leung Mei-fun said even without Beijing's verbal backing, Hong Kong could stand by its decision, which was based on the rule of law.

Lawmakers decided to ask Legislative Council chairman Jasper Tsang Yok-sing to write to the US Senate, House of Representatives and the Obama administration to express dissatisfaction and condemn the cyberspying on Hong Kong. They also are demanding a thorough inquiry and report on Snowden's allegations.



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hard times !
yeah,the Obama administration is just too arrogant and self-righteous,regardless the feelings of Hong Kong people who have long been the vicitms of its cyberspying ever since 2009.It has not explained its NSA's intrusions into our Internet Exchange at Chinese Univ.in Shatin but instead expressing its disappointment upon our not handing over her most-wanted leaker /whistle-blower,mr.Edward Joseph Snowden who informed the netizens all over the world that their e-communications were hacked and bugged by the largest hacker ---the NSA of Americia ! Shame on the Obama administration indeed ! Shame on his NSA !
It is time for the whole world to tell the US, loudly and clear: F... off! This is the only kind of language that the US understands.
hard times !
now both the pro-establishment and pan-democratic lawmakers have jointly demanded an explanation from the US government for its intrusions of our computers on the excuses of so-called national security and terrorism.As lawmaker Ronny Tong Ka-wah said,'the vallian is suing his victim before the latter is prosecuting him.It's completely disrespectful to Hong Kong people ' Yet there is a small bunch of Hongkongers who firmly support the cybersping acts of the NSA of America by claiming publicly they (such as writer Tao Kit / Tso Chit) welcomed such acts or just remained mouths sealed in the past weeks over the shocking cybersurveillance incident ! Shame on these blind loyalists of Uncle Sam ! Shame on them indeed !
hard times !
no more thanks,dear pslhk
maybe I was not polite enough
to point out some of your 'errors' made
tonight I happened to watch a program
of Taiwan titled,'Crucial Moment'
which host and guests stated
that their intelligence collected
through their several intelligence
centres on the Island would
finally sent to the NSA of
America which was headed
by that 4-star general,Alexander
(nicknamed Alexander the Great)
who rose from a major general
in just 10 years for his
info.delivered to the head
of the US Navy Seals whose
men had 3000 so-called
terrorists killed !
No wonder both China and
our beloved Hongkong's
Internet Exchange and computers
had long been intruded
by the NSA of
America as
disclosed by
our dear Snowden
silent is the night
I agree that HK people’s representatives should write to the US to demand apology and punitive damages for privacy intrusion
I only find it funny that within the Civic Party, some took exception to US wrongdoing whereas some wrote “the villain” asking for mercy.
BTW, thanks for the honest compliment, you showed me the need to reconsider my experimental style
hard times !
never before have our lawmakers,
not 'lawmakers' of course
to write to the US Congress and
asking for an explanation of
their intrusions of
our Internet Exchange
at Chinese Univ. in
Shatin. Plus our
computers of public
officials and businessmen
plus students.
what was wrong with
that ? may I ask
this 'psihk' should
have his brain
examined and mind
checked before
uttering nonsense
here !
The first HK "lawmakers" to write the US
regarding the truth teller, ES
were affected Mo and who's that Fan
direct to the black resident in the white house
begging "mercy" (re scmp, 15jun13)
It's funny that R Tong turns around complaining
US' complete "disrespectful of Hong Kong and its citizens"
It's advisable that those with personal fetish
should think and choose between licking and kicking
before acting on the rear end of the body


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