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Peter Chan Chun-chuen

Peter Chan Chun-chuen, who used to go by Tony Chan, is a Hong Kong-born businessman and former fung shui practitioner born in December 1959. In 2013, Chan went on trial accused of forging the will of Nina Wang Kung Yu-sum, the late chairwoman of Chinachem and Asia's richest woman. Chan denied the charges, but was found guilty in the Court of First Instance on July 4, 2013.

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Peter Chan: I am famous for being unpopular - I will make use of that

Peter Chan, the late Chinachem billionaire's fung shui guru, speaks to the Post from behind bars

PUBLISHED : Friday, 02 August, 2013, 12:00am
UPDATED : Friday, 02 August, 2013, 10:11am

Fung shui guru turned Christian Peter Chan Chun-chuen was on the point of screaming he was innocent as the judge sent him to jail for 12 years last month.

But Chan says he drew on the strength of his new-found faith and held his tongue.

"As I was about to stand up and scream my innocence out loud, I heard the Holy Spirit tell me to calm down. I struggled in my heart and eventually kept quiet," said Chan, fielding questions from the South China Morning Post through one of his friends who visited him in prison last week.

The day before the July 5 sentencing, Chan had looked shocked and turned red in the face after a jury declared he was guilty of forgery and using a false instrument.

Chan, 53, who went by the name Tony before his religious conversion, had contended he was the lover of late billionaire Nina Wang Kung Yu-sum, head of property developer Chinachem Group and Asia's richest woman, and that she had left him her entire HK$83 billion estate.

He is appealing against both the conviction and sentence. Through his friend, he declined to predict his chances of winning, but said he would preach the word of God once he was free.

"I have become widely known as one of the most unpopular public figures, so I should make use of my special identity to spread the gospel," he was quoted as saying. "I believe many people will be interested in listening to me, which will help me evangelise."

The friend, who passed on Chan's replies to the Post on condition of anonymity, continued: "Peter said life without freedom would be very agonising. But he told me it was a new life arranged by God to give him a new opportunity, so he promised me he would learn to adapt.

"Peter said he had not assessed his chances of winning the appeal, nor had he ever asked God about the outcome. Peter said he simply left it with God, as well as his legal team."

His days in a single cell in Stanley Prison are spent mostly reading and praying. Chan plans to continue his studies in theology, philosophy and English while incarcerated.

"Peter told me his English was so poor that he had obtained an 'H' grade in his secondary school public exam," the friend said. "His son was always teasing him, saying he was the only person in the whole world who could understand his father's English."

Besides studying, he talked to God a lot. "Peter said he had prayed for Ah Kung, hoping she went to heaven," the friend said, using Chan's pet name for Wang.

"During his criminal trial, Chan had heard [Wang's] sister testify that Ah Kung used to go to church when she was young. On hearing that, he had felt relieved as he believed God had taken her to heaven."



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Why is the SCMP continuing to provide a platform for this half-baked fool?

'Fielding questions from the [SCMP] through one of his friends who visited him in prison.' So the SCMP wrote down a list of questions, his lawyer (who might have orchestrated the whole thing...?) takes it to the convict in prison, Sick Peter scribbles his responses on the dotted lines, and the SCMP prints his gibberish. Some journalism huh!

The man was found guilty of forgery . He was sent to prison for >10 years. His appeal doesn't stand a chance. Let us know when he comes out in a decade. Maybe interview him then, but stop giving him a platform to vent.
He might be innocent on some counts but we shall never know. He was, however, definitely a greedy person who wanted to swallow the whole empire left by Nina. I find his relevation of their affair extremely distasteful. He had planned from the very beginning that he would make use of the relationship to reap him benefits. If, as he claimed, he loved Nina that much, he would never have revealed their intimate relationship. He didnt even spare a thought for his wife and children. He knows no shame.
This is no news worth to be published. Such "journalism" is not worth my money I spent to subscribe SCMP !
Why does scmp keep giving him the attention he is so undeserving of? This man knows no shame. He needs a psychiatric evaluation, not jail term. Stop interviewing him, for heavans sakes, we readers could care less what he preaches nor has to say!! Its sickening that you would continue to lower your journalistic standards by covering scums with this frequency! Stop!!
This kind of interviews belong to the cheap weekly gossip magazines, not to a newspaper. Though the way SCMP's standards have been deteriorating, it soon cannot be called a newspaper any more. Shame on you SCMP!
Hi scumpcuty and jve:
I totally agree with you two. I have been quite disappointed with SCMP about putting the comments uttered by this shameless man. I am really tired of what he'd said. Please stop.
Dai Muff
I thought the quote was from CY at first.
So many comments for a concern.
Is there any probabilities of Nina Wang who finally understood in her last days that he did not actually love her, setting him up?
will never forget "smily face" wife showing up in court in her chauffeur driven rolls royce
straight from public housing to the peak and opulence
she never cared where the money came from or how it was obtained, so who cares how she feels
did notice he is no longer smiling though-this event permanently wiped that fake smile away


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