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Madness of Mong Kok may move to school gates

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 07 August, 2013, 12:00am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 07 August, 2013, 8:49am

The head of the Fanling primary school where controversial teacher Alpais Lam Wai-sze works fears a repeat of Sunday's chaotic scenes in Mong Kok - only this time much closer to home.

People have already been hanging banners for and against Lam outside the school and inundating its office with e-mails and phone calls to vent their opinions, said Wendy Fung Man-yi, principal of Pui Ling School of the Precious Blood.

Sunday's mayhem from two conflicting rallies was sparked by a video online that shows Lam shouting abuse at police officers over their handling of an earlier dispute between the Falun Gong and the Youth Care Association.

There was fighting and verbal abuse as supporters and opponents of Lam took to the streets.

Fung said she worried about pupils' safety if the conflict moved to the school gates at the start of the new term in September.

She said the school was already seeking help from the Education Bureau and psychologists for advice on possible solutions.

"Our parents have been very reasonable and understanding," said Fung.

"But we have no idea what people outside are capable of. They haven't left any space for the school or given any concern about our children."

Lam has apologised to her school, the pupils and their parents twice since the video gained public attention.

Fung said the school had accepted Lam's apology and called on the rest of society to give the school and Lam space to recover.

"The attention has had a huge impact on us and Ms Lam," she said. "We hope we can help her through this."

She said the school council would be discussing the issue further, and a meeting would be held with parents.

Educational psychologist Lam Shui-fong said the crisis could be turned into an opportunity to teach children how to respect, apologise, forgive and move on - if the school manages it properly. "Other people should leave them alone so they can turn the crisis into something good," she said.



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If she cares about her students at all and how this will affect them, she should resign immediately, which should stop this "madness" moving to the school gates... There won't be any reason for both sides to be at the school anymore if she no longer works there...
Dai Muff
There's no reason anyway, since the REAL issue is HK police not controlling the Youth Care Association adequately
How do you know that? what proof do you have? if you are only making accusations, then why not others accuse you and the so called pro-democracy groups of being sponsored by Americans and British? Hey come on! Wake up. Don't just make assumptions like that. If you have freedom to choose one political line, then you should accept the fact that others should also have the same freedom. If you come to reality, then you should be able to oppose such a misbehaviour of a teacher professional. How can a society become harmonious and law-abiding if a teacher behaves like that? She is only producing insane people, like you Mr. Drago Eyes.
Dai Muff
You want to "harmonise" Hong Kong now? Whatever happened to one country two systems? And you people have been accusing the democrats of that for a long time. Short memory?
I totally agree with thenext. Ms lam should resign right away. With her political background, she does her best to brainwash the students' mind! She makes best use of her job to exert influence on student, preaching that no matter what government do, just disagree and resort to radical means. Hk is already messy! We don't need a foul lang speaking teacher with low EQ and brainless act.
Ms Lam's behaviour shows the gravity of effects a teacher's behaviour might have in pupils or in the wider society. There is no doubt that teachers have always used the restrictive spaces of classrooms to brainwash their children in support of or against the establishments. But there is also not doubt that Hong Kong teachers brainwash the students against the government and Mainland China. But when their micro level brainwashing of their students later on converge in a political fiasco like the one in Mong Kok, the whole society is going to bear the brunt. And, as is always the case, ordinary people who consider to have no business with any of the political ideologies or political lines are the ones to suffer the most. We should condemn teachers like Ms Lam for instigating such an anti-social behaviour such as the one she displays in her verbal abuse of the Police Officers, which is going to have a grave impact on young students. She must be teaching such abusive language to her students or even must be using the same language to her students when they refuse to conform to her rules sometimes.
Oh, please. Children have brains.
If children have brains, then why was there so much outcry last year about the National Education issue? Contrary to the outcry last year that curriculum and national education brainwashes people, this incident makes it crystal clear that teachers are the most powerful agents to brainwash the children and young students in schools. The reason why so many young radicals are emerging in Hong Kong recently should be partly looked at from this angle.
Children having their brain seized by stupid act teacher is a core issue we gotta deal with!
the sun also rises
Being just a primary school teacher, Ms Lam Wai-sze at least twice said sorry to the school she is teaching now and their parents as well. As we all know,'to err is human'-------even saints commit errors----not sins of course ! Yet those who attack her keep on telling her to quit or apologize to the cops whom were abused by her words:'what the fxxk !' (which means: what the hell !) and 'nasty guys, cheap guys !' --------which were uttered by Ms Lam in great fury and stress.These people are really too much indeed. Why don't they demand the battered development minister,Mr.Paul Chan to step down ? Even after his aide,Mr.Ho Kin-chung had promptly quitted and properly apologized besides a deep bow towards Hongkongers for the errors he committed for being just a political assistant ? Double standard is practised by some pro-establishment elements here in Hong Kong !




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