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How Typhoon Utor left Hong Kong's streets looking like a scene from 28 Days Later

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 14 August, 2013, 12:24pm
UPDATED : Wednesday, 14 August, 2013, 3:31pm

It's not often that Hong Kong, famed for being a 24-hour city, grinds to a halt.

But Typhoon Utor succeeded on Wednesday in transforming the city into a ghost town.

Like a scene from the Hollywood blockbuster 28 Days Later - where the human race is wiped out by a virus - the streets, walkways and harbour fell silent, with only a few brave souls venturing out.

Despite Hong Kong Observatory issuing a T8 warning at 1.40am, the storm appeared to have little effect on the city, other than to ensure most people stayed safely inside.

Many workers enjoyed an unexpected day off as schools, courts and offices kept their doors closed and ferries were cancelled.

It was a very different picture to last July's T10 typhoon, when trees were torn up by howling winds and torrential rain poured down.

Utor led the Observatory to raise the first T8 signal of this year's storm season.


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@ tranquilben:
i don't understand why you're giving the columnist a tongue-lashing - he/she's just making an interesting point.
Streets were empty, but devoid of the usual chaos you'd expect from a typhoon - the eeriness is likened to the post-apocalyptic atmosphere portrayed in "28 Days Later" - a perfectly valid and point, if you'd ask me.
Tranquiben: you are a complete and utter tosspot.
So what famous, well known movie based in HK could they have used a still picture for, to show an empty city like 28 days later shows?
Ha????? 28 days? Hey gw_ilo, do you watch any HK movies? Any reference to HK movies? Pathetic.
International shipping could be delayed by the Typhoon Utor for 3~5 working days! :(
Why is there a picture of London there?
Last years's T10 was in July, not August.


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