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Alpais Lam Wai-sze

Alpais Lam Wai-sze, a teacher at Pui Ling School of the Precious Blood in Fanling, sparked a protest in Mong Kok on August 4, 2013, after a viral video from July 14 showed her shouting profanity at police officers. In the clip, Lam was seen openly criticising the way the police were handling a confrontation between the Falun Gong and the Youth Care Association. Lam has taught for 18 years and won the Chief Executive's Award for Teaching Excellence in the 2010/2011 academic year.

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Mong Kok crime squad to investigate teacher who swore at police

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 15 August, 2013, 8:17pm
UPDATED : Thursday, 15 August, 2013, 9:02pm

A police district crime squad has been tasked with investigating the incident involving primary school teacher Alpais Lam Wai-sze, who was filmed shouting abuse at police officers over their handling of a dispute between Falun Gong activists and opponents earlier.

Crime squads normally investigate serious crimes, such as robbery, assaults and murder.

But a police spokesman said on Thursday the Mong Kok district crime squad would follow up on the case as a request for police assistance. The request was made by a 59-year-old man last Saturday afternoon, police said.

The man had asked officers to investigate Lam’s behaviour on suspicion that she had behaved inappropriately in public and had prevented police from performing their duties.

Lam was earlier filmed shouting an offensive phrase in English at a team of police officers over their handling of a confrontation between the Falun Gong and the Youth Care Association last month.

The clip was uploaded to the internet, raising heated debate and leading to a pro-police rally that saw clashes between her supporters and detractors on August 4.

Also on Thursday, Secretary for Education Eddie Ng Hak-kim said a report on Lam’s incident would be compiled in accordance with established procedures.

He said these would involve the management and board of the school, which employs Lam, to analyse her related behaviour and then compile a report to be submitted to the bureau.

The report was ordered by Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying on Sunday in response to the controversy triggered by Lam’s behaviour.



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Perhaps the HK police should be prosecuted for wasting police time.
This is the end of civil liberties for the average citizen in HK and the beginning of a police state where the rich and connected can do whatever they want. Someone should request assistance from the MK crime squad to investigate why the police didn't do their job and protect the Falun Gong people from the YCA.
Furthermore, Ms. Lam was on her day off. What does this have to do with her job performance?
This has got to be a joke..........the police are investigating someone because she told them to F-off..........I think the rest of the HK citizens want to say the same to the HK police force too...........
I had never imagined that the HK police force can stoop this low.......this can only happen when we have somone as lowly as CY Leung for CE.
Not only has he embarrassed himself for everything he's done so far, but now he has also embarrassed the whole of HK.............
Is this Hong Kong or is this the mainland? Next time they will start arresting passers-by for simply folding their arms whilst watching robbers fleeing. Its a slap in the face for CY who promised that no serious action will be taken against the teacher. So don't you dare stare at our policemen in future lest you get prosecuted.
People are making a big deal of this. People swear all the time. Swearing may be a bad behaviour but definitely it is not a crime.
Recently I had a traffic accident and I immediately went to the nearest police station to file a report hoping the police would take some urgent action to stop the driver who was driving like a maniac. The officer took half an hour to very casually fill in the details, went on line with his mobile to show me pictures to identify the location, while my car was parked right outside the police station. A the end of all that, he simply told me a report has been filed and the Traffic Accident Unit would handle it. And now hthey are sending the Serious Crimes Squad to investigate a teacher who swore in public? I want to swear too, at the police, at who made the decision, and at Hong Kong at large. I was born and have lived in Hong Kong all my life. I have never seen Hong Kong as bad as it is now. It is just a sick society.
The clip is cut badly by the editor. It does not show the fact. Why not attach the whole clip??
I think people is simply off-focus here. We are talking about as a teacher, Lam wai sze should pay special attention to her emotional behavior. Since she acted very radical, can she be able to control her anger in face of rebellious students? when students do not listen to her, will she resort to shouting foul language to her students? does it means that teacher can misbehave or even break the law when he/she is off duty? Let's concentrate on her act on that day! she apparently break the law. No matter what her rationale, law-breaking is not correct, not to mention as a teacher. This time, she is obviously crossing the line and as a responsible person, she should not only apologize to the public, police and the people affected, but she should also quit and never appear in education sector again.
Dai Muff
So it's bad to use the ICAC for political ends but good to use the police for political ends?
The fact is it's very stupid for the police to let themselves get drawn into this.
By the way, the teacher's behaviour and language was poor, but not criminal.



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