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Security tight ahead of Leung Chun-ying's Kwun Tong town hall meet

District councillors urge chief executive to heed calls for medical services, housing at town hall meeting today, as police prepare for protests

PUBLISHED : Sunday, 18 August, 2013, 12:00am
UPDATED : Sunday, 18 August, 2013, 3:56am

Government officials should listen to Kwun Tong residents' calls for more medical services and public housing at today's town-hall meeting there, two district councillors said yesterday.

Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying, health minister Dr Ko Wing-man and environment minister Wong Kam-sing will address about 280 residents at Kwun Tong Kung Lok Government Secondary School this afternoon.

People intending to stage protests outside the venue fear there could be chaos, and police have stepped up security and surveillance inside and outside the school, readying more than 200 crowd-control barriers and rolls of wire netting.

Last night several dozen people had already begun queuing outside the school for tickets to attend the forum. Banners in support of Leung had also been hung around the venue.

Kwun Tong district councillor Fung Kam-yuen said that instead of focusing on politics, Leung should pay attention to housing problems in the district, including the delayed completion of the Kai Ching public estate.

"The housing authority said only that it needs to look into the matter and make arrangements … but families want to move in as soon as possible," Fung said.

The residential project at Kai Tak has been delayed because of the weather, affecting about 5,000 families allocated flats on the estate.

Some families could not move in, while some others that had moved in were unhappy because the shopping mall, the playground and some walkways were still not open.

On health issues, Fung was concerned about Ko's revelation in June that a public hospital could be built at Kai Tak to answer a long-standing complaint from Kwun Tong residents that the densely populated district lacks adequate medical facilities close by.

Fung hoped Ko could make sure that the hospital would be built soon.

Fung's colleague, district councillor Jack Cheung Ki-tang, also said there should be more clinics in the district.

District councillors will need a ticket to get into today's meeting, but Fung and Cheung expect their concerns to be raised by colleagues or local residents.

Last Sunday, scuffles between pro-government and pan-democratic groups broke out when Leung was holding a meeting with Tin Shui Wai residents.

Ko said: "I am calling upon the people to express their opinion in a peaceful and rational way, and take good care of their personal safety."

Ko's predecessor, Dr York Chow Yat-ngok, who chairs the Equal Opportunities Commission, also called for Hongkongers to stay calm and respect others. He said he was worried about divisions in the city.

"We have always hoped that Hong Kong [remains] a free and peaceful place. And freedom means that while we can allow different voices and expressions, we have to respect others at the same time. No matter what topic you are debating about - whether it is a big issue like universal suffrage, or livelihood issues - we must keep it a peaceful and rational discussion."


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Another Social Critics - Not Paid For
No Matter How Much BoXiLai maipulated & utilized Provincial Resources to upHold his Position & Power...Pure Self Interest...Though DisGuisedly for Peoples!!!???
Central China Government is Clear-Minded to take-off those Evil-Natured...
Coming Thursday is a Great Day of Central China Government...
Determination & Power of Its Discretion to Exercise...Applicable to HKSAR's...'CY'...TOO!!!
Central China Government is Clear-Minded as well to take-care HK's Best Interests...
Coming IMMEDIATE DISMISSAL of 'CY' & Its Related Group...
Resembles Au Man Lun's Incident in Macau, as well as, BoXiLai's Incident in MainLand China...
Another Great Achievement for HK's Peoples...
I think CY should just stay at home and play his video games.............he is not in touch with the real world or real problems and his showing up with his face only makes things worse............
HK indeed is a blessing place and keep moving forward. As a CE, Mr Leung has put a great deal of effort to deal with social issues such as tackling sky-rocketing property prices, clamping down on sales and re-sales of first hand property, finding places to build more public and private estates. The result is good and positive. At the very first begining, I doubt if he has the calibre to be a CE. Now, I think as a first time CE, he definitely passed the test. Moreover, he keeps visiting different districts out of his sincerity to cope with social problems. Radical protestors is extremely annoying and they sicken me. Please let those who wanna discuss the issues rationally and reasonably have a real conversation with Mr Leung and the rest of the top officials. I think HK need different opinion, but not those who just wanna interrupt violently and those who just wanna act crazily so as to stand out from the crowds and earn votes during election.
Agree with what you were saying 100%. Unfortunately, there are always radicals trying to disrupt this real conversation, or people being selfish looking out for their own interest. An example of the latter is Mr. Tse, the brother of the late tour guide who was killed in Philippine. Granted it was a tragedy, however, demanding an assurance from the SAR CE for an apology and compensation from another government may be out of the power of the SAR government.
He has in many ways made things rather difficult for himself. First, his administration has seemed much more focused on making sure the government in Beijing is happy while neglecting the people he putatively works for. Which leads to the second issue, which is people's growing view that his administration lacks the willingness to take other views into account when policies are being announced unless there is a massive reaction, such as the national education debacle. Finally, there is a question as to the legitimacy of his right to rule the way he does. We have a Legco that should be making the laws within their brief but the majority in Legco (a great many of whom were not elected and rather appointed by the same team that appoints the CE) seems focused more on allowing the CE to further his agenda. Roll all of that together, with the CE's seeming disdain for the law as same is applied to himself and his cabinet members and you can start to understand why people are taking more provocative positions to be heard or even better listened to.
I think many people hvnt been so clear about if they hate CY or the government. Many people are overwhelmed with anger because they think the government is **** and many deep-rooted issues haven't been really sorted out, like rich poor gap, poor living standard issue,crazy housing price, landfill issue, etcetc. But ones must note that all these issues are cumulated problems and most of the problems have already existed before his succession. Yet people blame him like all the problems created by him. If we look at what he has done after his takeover, he has addressed many problems existed after his takeover within just a year ,like parallel traders, mainland mothers giving birth in hk etc. and even he has been dealing with many deep-seated problems like minimum wages, standard working hours,landfill, housing price etc. For me living in hk for 27 yrs, honestly I hvnt seen any gov previously being so dedicated. The reason why people don't like him because he was not universally elected and lied about his illegal structure, but hvnt we been talked about the words ' let bygones be bygones'? If we still stay where we are and don't move forward, it's not in the best interests for Hong Kong people. One more thing, people always say CY always listen to central gov. Do you guys really forget hk is part of china? No matter how much u hate china like me,hk is china.Don't forget, even 1country 2system exists,we only enjoy 'high' autonomy but not 'all' n expiry date is2047
Communication is a two-way street. I am sure there are plenty of people who want to discuss issues reasonably and rationally but the CE shuns these people. He of ten quips one-liners the most famous being 'We shall discuss the 2017 electoral reforms at an appropriate time'. How is anybody able to start a dialogue when the CE wont even commit to a timetable and delays issues. He hasn't done badly on the 'property' front and is much better than Tsang and Tung on this front but it is obvious he uses hardline tactics against his opponents instead of maintaining a dialogue. True, many problems were inherited from Tsang but up till now I wouldn't give him a bare pass.
I know it's annoying to hear from the CE saying we shall discuss the reforms at an appropriate time. But I would also think of his limited power to decide when we have such a timetable as China is the one behind this game and unless Central gov says ok it's time to discuss, I don't really think CY is powerful enough to make the call right now.


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