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Leung Chun-ying
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Disaffection with Leung Chun-ying sees renewed flight to Vancouver, says activist

Democracy activist says people's discontent is driving them to leave city; lawmaker doubtful

PUBLISHED : Sunday, 25 August, 2013, 12:00am
UPDATED : Sunday, 25 August, 2013, 6:38am

Vancouver could be facing a new wave of immigration from Hong Kong amid growing discontent since Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying took office, according to a democracy activist based in the Canadian city.

Henry Chau, chairman of the Vancouver Society in Support of Democratic Movement, said Hongkongers increasingly felt they were being pushed out of their own city by mainlanders and that they were looking for alternatives.

However, Labour Party lawmaker Cyd Ho Sau-lan believes that although the pan-democratic camp has issues with the chief executive and his government, Chau has no hard facts to back up his claims.

Tens of thousands of Hongkongers moved to Vancouver before the handover in 1997, but in recent years the tide has reversed.

Chau said: "I have many friends from Hong Kong, and all have a grim view for the future of Hong Kong. It is not the Hong Kong of 10 years ago. They now feel like there is no room for them any more."

Chau said anecdotal evidence suggested that many returnees - Hongkongers who migrated to Canada but then returned to Hong Kong after the handover - were now going back to Vancouver, dissatisfied by changes in the city of their birth. He said that such movements would be difficult to chart, because the returnees were Canadian dual citizens who did not show up on records as new immigrants.

"But when, for instance, we talk to our family doctor, we hear about people who have been away [in Hong Kong] for many years who are now coming back [to Vancouver]," Chau said.

"C. Y. coming to office has accelerated the discontent and the frustration," he said. "But people understand that C.Y. himself is not the underlying problem. People are frustrated because they have no control over their fate."

However, Ho said: "It's hard to justify what he is claiming without concrete facts and figures. It's not hard to substantiate a claim if you have this information, but Mr Chau does not seem to have this."

Ho said it was only when substantial facts and figures were provided by Canada's Immigration Department that Chau's claims could be taken seriously.

"He is just giving an opinion - nothing else," Ho said. "Until he can back this up with hard facts, it means nothing. I would be suspicious of what he has to say until he can."


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Dai Muff
Why would he care? I don't think the PRC would care one jot if ALL genuine Hong Kongers moved out, to be replaced by people from the north. Easiest form of assimilation.
This is really non sense. With or without CY Leung, those who want to move away from HK is mostly because of expensive housing, poor air, lack of opportunity, education etc....In fact Vancourer is mostly populated with Chinese and many mainland Chinese too.
hk by any standard is never a "nice" place to live by space, air quality, choices of outdoor activities, etc etc..people stay here mainly for making money or because friends and family are in HK, so why surprised if some can leave , why not ? UBS did a study in the world and get the result that if anyone assets is 5M Usd should be considered wealthy and could live quite well.. But I think 5m Usd in HK still lives a humble live if u need a 3000 sq ft home with a pool, a golf membership and a yacht club, a nice car n a nice boat in HK...you just couldn't afford it with only 5m Usd...
I think not only the people moving to Vancouver dislikes CY...........pretty well, the whole of HK dislikes this idiot..........
Having returned to Hong Kong from overseas myself, I have to say that its not all about the CE. What I have noticed is that people in general are less friendly and even readily hostile at the slightest provocation. Goverence is plagued by belligerent bickering and everything seems to have been politicised. Coupled with an increasingly overcrowded environment and a lower quality of life, it doesn't surprise me that some are opting to go to Canada.
This sounds like those guys in the US who said they will move to Canada if Obama won the election there...
The claims in this article are completely baseless. But the sentiments it talks about are real.
CY, are you reading this? Lives of millions are in your hands, so is the future of their city.
You can continue to go on defense, and rule with an iron fist (and bamboo curtain).
You can also choose to be a real leader, fighting for real change, and look after the interest of those you are supposed to represent.
And in case you are confused, you are supposed to represent the 7million people in Hong Kong. Not the central government or your business interests.
"C. Y. coming to office has accelerated the discontent and the frustration," he said. "But people understand that C.Y. himself is not the underlying problem. People are frustrated because they have no control over their fate."
What a funny statement. Did the people had control over their fate before or at all in HK? We maybe will, when we introduce the universal suffrage but then it will be the first time in the history of HK. those democracy activists should educate themselve more instead of making lame and ridiculous statements.
What an easy explanation made and lame excuse to find a scapegoat. Hknese have been emigrating through out the history of this city when they have earned enough money or with the promise of a better life to other places. Australia, USA and Canada are the favorite destinations. GB after the handover (when GB allowed HKnese to get GB citizenship after 97) That has been always the case. How do you think the "China Towns" abroad where setted? Current unofficial figures are around 40,000 a year. The exodus increased with the rising prices for housing and the increased cost of living in this city. I doubt that the reason is that they felt threatened by the Mainland or the government. The money you spend for a shoebox called apartment here in this city you will get a big house with garden in Canada.
BTW, I know a lot of returnees (often the 2nd Generation of HK emigrants) who just returned to this city because they could not find any job or good prospect in the land where their parents were moving. Often they were not treated equally or have been discriminated. When they arrived here, they found out that HK is not that easy to handle how they have seen it in TV (TVB series) back home in the Western Countries.
Don't just emphasize places in HK or canada or the US only. There are many more better places on earth, like Australia and China mainland .....
Don't attack blindlessly CY wih these stats.
As some mentioned, HK people are less and less friendly. Also just think about it : people who have the financial ability to live in both HK and Canada are quite well-off. Wouldn't they also leaving HK because they can't invest their money in property?
Dai Muff
They came here for the promise of a better life too. And THAT is embarrassing for some to admit.


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