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Leung Chun-ying
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Leung Chun-ying 'wrong choice' as Hong Kong's CE, says James Tien

Criticism by Liberal Party leader highlights split in pro-establishment camp over the chief executive's dismal job performance ratings

PUBLISHED : Monday, 26 August, 2013, 12:00am
UPDATED : Monday, 26 August, 2013, 5:50am

Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying is doing a worse job than his predecessors and the city will "go nowhere but down" if he continues to govern as he has in recent months, says Liberal Party leader James Tien Pei-chun.

In a public outburst that underlined the rift in the pro-establishment camp, Tien also said Leung was the "wrong choice" for the top job. He added that the city would have been better off had rival candidate Henry Tang Ying-yen been elected in March last year. Tien supported Tang in his campaign.

His remarks come amid repeated calls from Beijing for unity. But Tien blamed Leung for division within the camp. He also called for the formation of a coalition to help improve governance.

"The so-called Leung camp is very small," he told ATV's Newsline yesterday. "Only a few executive councillors are from his camp. I don't think the ministers are all in the same boat … if you ask the lawmakers from the pro-establishment camp, I'm sure the majority will say 'I am not from the Leung camp'.

"To be the chief executive, you have to accommodate more people in your camp, to share your power and authority from either the functional constituency or directly elected lawmakers," he added. "But he is not uniting the people of Hong Kong."

Tien said the pro-establishment camp was not kept informed about what the government planned to do, and Leung's administration did not co-operate with Legco or its allies. "We represent a big group of people in Hong Kong. But we have no means of expressing our views on behalf of our voters," he said.

Asked how he would rate Leung's performance, Tien said Tung Chee-hwa and Donald Tsang Yam-kuen - the two chief executives elected since the handover in 1997 - were "definitely" better than Leung. "He was the wrong choice. Tang was not a good choice, either. We hoped C.Y. would do better."

Leung's approval rating plunged to a record low of 45.7 points out of 100 in a July poll.

Tien was not confident Leung would see out his term. "I hope he can last but I am not confident that he will - just look at [his rating]," he said. "If Hong Kong is to go four more years under Leung's leadership as it stands, I think it will be pretty sad. Hong Kong will go nowhere but down."

But Tien insisted he would not run for the top job himself in 2017. "I will be 70 and I think we need a leader, hopefully in his 50s, who is on the up," he said.

Beijing officials, including Wang Guangya , director of the State Council's Hong Kong and Macau Affairs Office, have called for unity and support for Leung. ["I hope] the camp can unite and increase its fighting strength and influence," Wang said in March.


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John Adams
Well spoken !
An excellent summary and I agree !
Hope that the universities would carry out a popularity vote for Tien. With the results available, Tien would then know how he is being looked at by the HK people. Only then, he would stop spilling all these ****s in the public no more.
So who represent you? Ho? Long hair? Audrey? IP? What's the different? These bung of useless people besides supporting lam to crack down on illegal structure, scream and yell, had they make Hk housing better? Have they helped to reduce or poverty? Pollution? I think the Old colonial system has created a Slavy thinkings amongst people, most are rebellion but frigthen not too follow the civil servants turned politicians as they have lots of eperience ! of what? That's why old dog like James Tiens are still elected, that's why some even want to elect the old lady ex legco chair despite she said she was to old. That's why people want the current chair to be the CE despite he was skeptical all the time taking the job. Would u hire a guy come to interview and keep saying didn't want the job? But Hk people keep loving this nonsense! Keep want to hire a guy not wanting for the job...this is all very pitty joke...
Of course "bow tie" was a better CE in your eyes Tien, because he was in your pocket.
Should TUNG be selected(not elected) after LEUNG, most Hong Kong people would welcome him with open arms. When TUNG was CE, who would have guessed his succesors would have gotten worse. Actually, he lacked political experience and guile but he was a forthright person who truly cared for this place. An appropriate choice at that time but hindered by his lack of experience.
hard times !
Can the local pro-establishment camp elements unite and support Leung as Wang Guanya called for last March ? The chance looks dim ----very dim,I should say.Liberal Party's Tien Pak-chun has said the truth---------the choice of C.Y.to be our third chief executive is a wrong option between Henry Tang (who was found to have constructed a huge underground illegal structure during his election campaign last March) and C.Y.Yet Henry has strong support from elites in town and he also acts and looks more honest though maybe also clumsier and not so smart as C.Y. But we Hongkongers (at least most of us) would like to have Tang instead of Leung after all these months' miserable governance of C.Y. Right ?
HK needs full democracy. They have 7 million people to ask who they want for CE. Instead they choose to ask a small select group in Beijing who they want for leaders??!! Why??
"HK is certainly not a constitutional democracy, and never will be so."
That is only your opinion sir, no one can predict the future. However...Hong Kong is promised to adopt Universal Suffrage as agreed upon by both Britain & China. What the results are, is up to the people of Hong Kong.
@mdap: True democracy WILL happen for Hong Kong. It's guaranteed in the Basic Law, and real Hong Kongers will see that it is realized. If you don't like Democracy, you can move back to China or North Korea



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