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Leung Chun-ying

Leung Chun-ying, also known as CY Leung, is the chief executive of Hong Kong. He was born in 1954 and assumed office on July 1, 2012. During the controversial 2012 chief executive election, underdog Leung unexpectedly beat Henry Tang, the early favourite to win, after Tang was discredited in a scandal over an illegal structure at his home.

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Leung Chun-ying 'wrong choice' as Hong Kong's CE, says James Tien

Criticism by Liberal Party leader highlights split in pro-establishment camp over the chief executive's dismal job performance ratings

PUBLISHED : Monday, 26 August, 2013, 12:00am
UPDATED : Monday, 26 August, 2013, 5:50am

Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying is doing a worse job than his predecessors and the city will "go nowhere but down" if he continues to govern as he has in recent months, says Liberal Party leader James Tien Pei-chun.

In a public outburst that underlined the rift in the pro-establishment camp, Tien also said Leung was the "wrong choice" for the top job. He added that the city would have been better off had rival candidate Henry Tang Ying-yen been elected in March last year. Tien supported Tang in his campaign.

His remarks come amid repeated calls from Beijing for unity. But Tien blamed Leung for division within the camp. He also called for the formation of a coalition to help improve governance.

"The so-called Leung camp is very small," he told ATV's Newsline yesterday. "Only a few executive councillors are from his camp. I don't think the ministers are all in the same boat … if you ask the lawmakers from the pro-establishment camp, I'm sure the majority will say 'I am not from the Leung camp'.

"To be the chief executive, you have to accommodate more people in your camp, to share your power and authority from either the functional constituency or directly elected lawmakers," he added. "But he is not uniting the people of Hong Kong."

Tien said the pro-establishment camp was not kept informed about what the government planned to do, and Leung's administration did not co-operate with Legco or its allies. "We represent a big group of people in Hong Kong. But we have no means of expressing our views on behalf of our voters," he said.

Asked how he would rate Leung's performance, Tien said Tung Chee-hwa and Donald Tsang Yam-kuen - the two chief executives elected since the handover in 1997 - were "definitely" better than Leung. "He was the wrong choice. Tang was not a good choice, either. We hoped C.Y. would do better."

Leung's approval rating plunged to a record low of 45.7 points out of 100 in a July poll.

Tien was not confident Leung would see out his term. "I hope he can last but I am not confident that he will - just look at [his rating]," he said. "If Hong Kong is to go four more years under Leung's leadership as it stands, I think it will be pretty sad. Hong Kong will go nowhere but down."

But Tien insisted he would not run for the top job himself in 2017. "I will be 70 and I think we need a leader, hopefully in his 50s, who is on the up," he said.

Beijing officials, including Wang Guangya , director of the State Council's Hong Kong and Macau Affairs Office, have called for unity and support for Leung. ["I hope] the camp can unite and increase its fighting strength and influence," Wang said in March.


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and let the political uneducated people vote for self-publicists, dabblers, rascals and troublemakers like Albert Ho, Long Hair and all of the People Power rascals?
The majority of the people of HK is too uneducated if it comes to politics. They lack of responsibility and view what will happen to society and the city with their vote.
Dai Muff
"The majority of the people of HK is too uneducated if it comes to politics." Ah yes, but not YOU of course. That's the arrogance of the concept of the aristos vs the hoi polloi that goes back thousands of years. I thought you guys cared about the views of the "silent majority". Of course, that's only when you can tell the silent majority what those views are.
Of course the city is going down. But is CY alone responsible for this?
Of course Tang will be a better choice Tien, cause that sorry little clown can is a puppet part own by you too.
Of course "bow tie" was a better CE in your eyes Tien, because he was in your pocket.
Tien: Donald did nothing to stop mainland mom, nothing to do with the property speculation and land supply, nothing to do with air pollution, nothing to do with aging population. How do you rank him better than Leung? At least Leung imposed some measures to plug some of the holes quickly. Just because Donald is a more friendly looking civil servant turned politician making a gesture to listen to you? Please don't be so naive. We are not as naive as you. Period. Event we have universal suffrage like US, I think HK will basically like Obama elected but still hand tied by congress. hK has already good or bad becoming an extremely difficult place to compromise. Why? Because most people has power like yourself, all have good life and your priority is your belief and your power, not too compromise for the people who live in coffin home, for the 1.6 M living below property line, for the young people etc. as said, ask amongst your political parties, how many diff parties do we have in Hk? You are a bung of people fighting for your own interests that's why u have so many parties. You all will never wiling to compromise. And because of that we all suffer. You represent the business people, do u think paying hk$ 30 an hour is suffice to live in HK? No! in US food and houses are much cheaper than HK, a little 15yrs old boy and a 60 yrs old women can easily get a job in Publix for HK$60 to 70 per hrs. And Publix and Walmart is still making money! You know the answer I assume. Rip off.
I find it rather amusing that Tien, who stabbed TUNG in the back while the latter was CE, is now declaring TUNG is a better CE than LEUNG. TIEN may still be unhappy at being 'forced' to withdraw the Liberal Party's support for TANG.
Though LEUNG's policies are largely dictated by Beijing his hardline stance against adversaries leave a lot to be desired. Most HK people dont like him and his dwindling popularity ratings may soon reach the depths experienced by TANG after the latter's bumbling encounter with the media on his illegal structure and 'blame the wife' fiasco.
This article only highlights the fact that we need universal suffrage RIGHT NOW
Thanks for stating the obvious Tieng, there's a reason why CY's nicknamed 689... ANYONE is better than him, it was clear from the onset that CY's trying to turn HK political landscape into a mini-china one... cronyism, nepotism, corrupted politicians and police force and an ICAC that's ironically non-independent and corrupted.
Eveyone should have been able to see what his alignment was before he was even elected... Giving the nobel peace prize to Deng Xiao Peng!? Stating that tanks should be rolled out and blood shed to control the peaceful marches in HONG KONG?!?
I seriously don't believe the person elected from universal suffrage can be as incompetent as Tung, as corrupted as Tsang and as EVIL as CY, but even if he were, we've only got ourselves to blame.
Mr. Tien being a seasoned politician in Hong Kong he must recognize that Hong Kong politics have changed forever. I must say since the hangover especially of Donald Tsang being caught and reported of his personal close ties with local property developers, public and press had an ugly awakening that collusion in Hong Kong between government and property developers is a fact and no longer a guessing. It is a watershed awakening. People rejected that business should be run as usual. The effect is, CY Leung and his administration must conduct within the new awareness and stop the old practice. He will offend the old guards for sure.
So Mr. Tien, I can assure you no one can do any better than CY Leung being not so an insider. Not Henry Tang or especially you if thinking a political coalition can be had like in the good old days greased by collusion. Both the people and press are watching.
Without reform, the colonial culture will persist with practices no longer acceptable by public. Why living in a cage and shoebox? Why eating expansive rice? Why flying dear with little choice? Why persisting roadside air pollution?
unless THEY are in charge they all complain like little b i t c h e s
tung chee wah was the best, he really tried to do something, but they all complained about him till they got their wish




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