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It’s true, Hong Kong’s a better place to live than five years ago, report says

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 29 August, 2013, 12:00am
UPDATED : Thursday, 29 August, 2013, 10:25am


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29 Aug 2013
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Hong Kong appears to have become a better place to live compared to five years ago, an international think tank says in its annual report on 140 cities.

Worldwide, the city is ranked 31st in the latest "liveability" ratings - up 10 places from 2008, despite the world becoming a less habitable place in general, the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) said.

Hong Kong scored full marks for education, compared with 83.3 out of 100 for Singapore, which was up two places to 52.

However, City University economist Chan Yan-chong sounded a note of caution, pointing out that the report reflected only the opinions of English speakers. Each of the 140 cities rated were given a score out of 100 for each category, based on the judgment of the EIU's in-house analysts and in-city contributors. That meant the rankings relied on the perceptions of the unit's own analysts instead of being survey-based, Chan said.

EIU economist Edward Bell said the ranking "is geared towards the challenges for somebody not from that city to live there; what they would be anticipating and looking forward to if they move there".

He added: "Ratings reflect specific improvements in the quality [of living], or the deterioration in other cities."

The report considered more than 30 factors broadly grouped under stability, health care, culture and environment, education and infrastructure.

Melbourne, Australia, ranked first, with Vienna second and Vancouver third.

Hong Kong scored higher than Singapore in four of the five categories.

The city scored 92 for overall liveability, while Singapore scored 88.7.

"There is no objectivity [when comparing cities]; it always depends on who you ask," Chan said.

Both places scored 87.5 for health care.

Chan said Singapore's health care had been developed as an industry, so basic medical services and hospital beds were much more expensive than Hong Kong, which had one of the cheapest public medical services in the world.

Chan said pupils in Singapore were known for good exam grades; however, they were under more pressure than those in Hong Kong as they had four public exams - two in primary school and two in secondary school - before they even entered university.



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Is Hong Kong a better place to live than it was 5 years ago? Major categories: 1) Our your flat/living conditions better? 2) Is the air cleaner? 3) Is the education system better? 4) Is the health care system better? 5) Have you saved better for retirement? 6) Is the city better (parks, open space, cultural amenities)? 7) Is the government better? 8) Are your career prospects better?
For most people, most of these answers would be no, but you might be able to answer yes to a couple of these questions (perhaps career and money questions since you are 5 years older). Overall, Hong Kong is not better.
Dai Muff
I guess the problem with this survey is that the surveyed are expats on overseas terms who largely live in a cocoon, separate from the concerns and the problems of the rest of us.
Well if you're really a civil servant like your name suggests, then you also live in your own cocoon separate from the concerns and the problems of the locals.
Dai Muff
There's more than one kind of civil servant. And even for those with full contracts, the old perks, and even pensions, are things of the past. The government is no longer the great employer it once pretended to be. In fact, it sometimes delights in not being bound by labour laws that private companies are. It doesn't even pay ITS half of your MPF as any other employer would have to.
Sorry but Civil Servants are paid more than the private sector and work less hours. I am sure that Civil Servants hired after 1997 don't have as good packages as existing Civil Servants, but the work environment is still better than what locals have to put up with.
Dai Muff
Once again you show you have no clue of the range of jobs done within the civil service.
You have got to be kidding me. The authors of this study cannot possibly have lived in Hong Kong.
In my daily stroll this morning
down a leafy slope along a brook above St Stephen’s Girls’
crisscrossed Dr Sun Historical Trail
and passed by Man Mo Temple
I experienced our answer
to Kyoto’s philosophers’ trail
and paths frequented by the Vienna Circle
In fact I met Daniel Tsui in the vicinity
shortly after he won the Nobel laurel
and other notables
Despite our various problems,
HK is a much better place than most people fairly realize
It’s every resident’s duty to make ours an even better place
How many of you would analyze your wife and your children in great details
merely for comparison with those of your neighbor?
It’s family and we don’t have a choice.
We’d live with ours and try our best to improve
according to our own standards to achieve our purposes.
Well, it is like comparing the blind and the lame with athletes. Having lived in SG and HK, I cannot really understand what the authors mean with "Culture". Both HK and SG are so much behind the moon compared to Melbourne, London, New York, Paris, Berlin, Barcelona, Madrid, etc.
Face the fact that English at a much more higher standard in SG than in HK and Education for "English speakers" (=western Expatriates?) is just so ridiculously expensive in both cities. Same as housing, this is just ridiculous in both places.
And regarding "Stability" I would rank HK 50 points perhaps and SG 95, because HK is de-facto not under its own rule, it is governed by the Chinese Communistic Party and they decide which rules to make and when to make them.
The EIU has surely not been on the HK's MTR when they did the ratings.
Nor have they taken a proper sniff of the HK's fresh air or visited the spacious homes with 3 generations "lego-ed" into the same compact "household."
The situation cannot be better today than what it was 5 years ago.




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