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Leung Chun-ying

Leung Chun-ying, also known as CY Leung, is the chief executive of Hong Kong. He was born in 1954 and assumed office on July 1, 2012. During the controversial 2012 chief executive election, underdog Leung unexpectedly beat Henry Tang, the early favourite to win, after Tang was discredited in a scandal over an illegal structure at his home.

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Advertisement calls on Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying to step down

Chief executive rubbishes idea as organiser says his policies don't live up to his promises

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 03 September, 2013, 4:24pm
UPDATED : Wednesday, 04 September, 2013, 7:43am


  • Yes: 76%
  • No: 24%
4 Sep 2013
  • Yes
  • No
Total number of votes recorded: 489

More than 300 people have put their signatures to a newspaper advertisement published both locally and in Taiwan, calling for Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying to step down.

The half-page ad accuses Leung's policies of "mainlandising Hong Kong". It was a warning to Taiwan of the side effects of opening up cross-border tourism and other policies that jeopardised local interests, the co-signers said.

The ad ran in two Hong Kong newspapers and The Liberty Times in Taiwan.

Leung described the move as incomprehensible.

"To arouse so-called international attention by placing an identical advertisement in Taiwan, this is incomprehensible for Hongkongers and the Taiwanese," he said.

The notice cited the development plan for the northeastern New Territories, close to Shenzhen, and the rapid expansion of an individual visit scheme that encouraged visitors from across the border.

It questioned Leung's insistence that his top priority in governing the city lay in the interests of Hongkongers.

"I imposed the zero quota for mainland mothers to give birth in Hong Kong," he said. "I proposed the policy of 'Hong Kong property for Hong Kong people'."

NeoDemocrats lawmaker Gary Fan Kwok-wai co-ordinated an online fundraising effort for the ads, which cost more than HK$50,000.

Fan said Leung was good only at playing with words.

"Announcing policies does not mean they have been put into practice," he said. "He can't even take good care of the livelihoods of Hongkongers, so he should step down."

Two lawmakers also on the Executive Council criticised the move as "inappropriate".

Regina Ip Lau Suk-yee of the New People's Party said: "It's not meaningful … They are merely trying to disrupt Hong Kong's stability and the illustrative value that 'one country, two systems' has for Taiwan."

Jeffrey Lam Kin-fung of the Business and Professionals Alliance said it was inappropriate to "internationalise" Hong Kong's internal problems.

Separately, a full-page ad targeting the Occupy Central campaign for democracy ran in at least three local newspapers. The advertiser, the Silent Majority for Hong Kong, proclaimed that the civil disobedience movement would bring the city "suffering".



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CY has been CE for more than a full year so the honeymoon period is over. He should be given credit for the mainland mum policy as well as the baby powder policy. As for property-related issues, no one can possibly serve a half-a-century problem overnight though CE seems to have failed to deliver on pre-election promises. His picking of key men leaves a lot to be desired and he does not have the stomach to say 'no' to Beijing when fighting for the interests of Hong Kong people. His request for a report on Alpais Lam was the most ridiculous of all as the issue might well have died down but for his crafty manipulation of the Education Bureau to clamp down on Lam so as to appease the policemen. This is divisiveness to the extreme not decisiveness. When did a CE require so much help from Beijing. Not his predecessors nor the CEs of Macau.
Needless to say, Hong Kong people can hardly endure the sight of LEUNG for 4 more years let alone another term. Should he see it out he would be wise not to attempt to seek another term. Let someone else who is more of a dove to take his place. His hawkish stance is very divisive.
once u get the universal suffrage to work which might take 10 yrs.. u will start counting the days of HK becoming just another Chinese city.. 35 yrs to go remember? 'universal suffrage' was on the Basic Law just to satisfy the Brits.. u can imagine chairman Deng going 'yeah.. yeah whatever' :)
I see great passion and enthusiasm in HK, but after universal suffrage then what? Where are the stand out leaders, the parties, the platforms and policies that will lead HK to regain it's former glory and address the social issues?
All we get are a bunch of buffoons with a one line universal suffrage chant. Yes we understand we all want that, but if we were to elect you what would you do differently? It is not enough to simply oppose ANYTHING the current Administration does. Come up with your own ideas and initiatives.
The so-called democratic politicians have sat by for the past 16 years focusing on one thing (universal suffrage) whilst the tycoons have plundered the city's wealth from under their noses, whilst still claiming a moral high ground. If you want our votes do something other than oppose.
Dai Muff
Then you can elect a pro-Beijing CE if that is how you feel. You are confusing the idea of democratic PROCESS with that of a pro-democrat CE. People might well ultimately choose the pro-Beijing figures you seem to favour. Let's fact it, we can hardly do worse.
This guy leave the golden horn? Please. He will ride this pony for the entire term and then move onto the Mainland Gravy train as a reward for properly shining the masters' "shoes" and being a good Party man. Good party men do what they are told and are rewarded by the real masters.
This is meaningless. Say something factual.
here is something factual for you mercedes - you are a commie troll
CY has launched much more hongkonger-oriented policies than the past government.
Like... which ones please? Sorry but apart from perhaps the pregnant mainland women 'zero quota' I must have missed them.
Fruit money from1090 to 2200, public transport concession scheme for elderly, establish the poor line, property cooling measures....
Why an advertisement in a Taiwan newspaper?
Because that is where the leverage lies. Hong Kong is the small peanut for our CCP comrades up north. Taiwan is the big one.

The continued (?) successful (re)integration of HK into the PRC under the 'One Country, Two Systems' model is paving the way to do the same thing with Taiwan. Any failure or upheaval with that will strengthen the hand of the Taiwan nationalists, as it darn well should.

This is also where the primary power of Occupy Central comes from - not from any potential 'suffering' it may cause to Hong Kong, but to the reputation damage it can do to the supposedly benevolent CCP vis a vis their long-time wish to bring renegade Taiwan (of enormous geo-strategic importance as well by the way) back into the fold.
Another Social Critics...
No need to advertise in Taiwan, and other Places outside Hong Kong...like even in USA...
Because only by that Act will Trigger Central China Government's DisLike...Even It's Right!!!
Saying all These are purely China's own Business...I Agreed Fully!!!
Only Need to disclose more Details of 'Evil Nature' behind Acts that 'CY' & Its Related Group...
Is going to expose More, cause Time is short for their 'Self-Profiteering' purpose in its Positions.
No one know Who'll be the Next in coming Graft Probes...
Time is real Short whenever that 'CY' is acting Further in its 'Evil Nature'.
As NPC's chairman said '...Not Easy for HKSAR be Prospered over These 16 Years...',
Surely Not Worth to be Damaged & Obstructed by that 'CY' & Its Related Group!!!
Monitoring very Closely, Seeing thru very Clearly, and Disclosing very Immediately...
Thru Publics, Medias & Legislative Council...
HK's is a Good City that Whole World is Watching...Always!!
Will all these 'Evil Nature' of their coming Acts be Disclosed & got its Inevitable Exposure...
Should that 'CY' & its Committed be Fairly & Publicly Discussed, Commented &
In its Final Repulsion, by HK's Peoples, as well as, Central China Government.
No need to see What that 'CY doing some 'Good', though Paid-For quite Highly...
Only Need to see What that 'CY doing 'Evil'...Applied for any Coming 'CE' Fairly!!!
In Against for HK's Peoples - Best Interests & Its Future.
IMMEDIATE DISMISSAL of that 'CY' & Its Related Group!!!
and replace with whom ? the basement buffoon or the CX free flight taker ?
"and replace with whom ?"
whomever the people elect. And once that person turns sour, we elect another. Politicians are like diapers, they must be changed often, and for the same reason.
No need for stability and long-term projects then.
stability comes from the community
long-term projects come from the ground up, not from the government
Like construction of the MTR or development of northern Kowloon? The community initiates and gets them done, 'from the ground up'? How do the 'ground' develop these plans, I wonder?
And the maxim always forgotten by the "removers" is - be careful what you wish for. Direct rule from Beijing is not an impossibility....


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