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Beijing hits back at UK spy claims: no meddling

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 18 September, 2013, 12:00am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 18 September, 2013, 10:31am

The Foreign Ministry has reiterated that Beijing will not allow external forces to interfere in Hong Kong's internal affairs or damage the city's prosperity and stability.

The ministry was responding to reports that the British intelligence agency has been stepping up spying activities in China since it resumed sovereignty over Hong Kong in 1997.

Ministry spokesman Hong Lei told media yesterday that Beijing would not allow any external forces to interfere in Hong Kong's affairs or damage its prosperity and stability.

Hong said: "China has the ability and determination to safeguard national security."

Two commentaries appeared in the pro-Beijing newspapers Ta Kung Pao and Wen Wei Po on Monday, alleging that British intelligence agency MI5 had strengthened its presence in Hong Kong since the handover.

Both articles claimed British spying activities in the city had not stopped after 1997 but increased. They alleged many retired and serving MI6 agents were working as consular and cultural staff, and in business.

They went on to say that the spying agency had its headquarters in the consulate general, which was built in 1996 by a British architect who also designed the MI6 building in London.

The Wen Wei Po commentary claimed that many MI6 special agents had returned to Hong Kong in the 16 years since the handover. It said these agents had infiltrated political parties, the judiciary, business chambers, the media and key government departments.

On Monday, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs office in Hong Kong and the Global Times newspaper all rounded on British foreign office minister Hugo Swire for his remarks at the weekend that it was important for local voters to have genuine choice on the road to democratisation.

Beijing's vigorous reaction added to the double dose of rebuffs delivered by Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying and Chief Secretary Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor over the weekend.



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"All agents must register" Brilliant idea, why has no one thought of it before?? Foreign spies must register! Priceless.
And signing an honor declaration?! Where did you leave your brain this morning pslhk??
damage the city's prosperity? who is responsible for the city's prosperity in the first place?? not to mention freedom of speech, legal system & education system???
Whether Hong Kong voters have a genuine choice in Hong Kong affairs have nothing to do with what President Putin called a small island, and Britain should give up its hope of re-establishing its expropriation of Hong Kong through its past aggression, and concentrate on trying to help its own citizens so that they can close-down its free food-kitchens.
The Brits just can't stand it that they are no longer relevant in world politics, and losing even their last hold of power in Asia. I suppose they can spy in HK--as most countries do such--but I'm not sure what they expect to dig up. They'd just better not let me hear them whine next time they discover a Chinese online espionage on them.
The Beijing sources are just stating the obvious
British spies are everywhere in SAR
much more than before the reunion
One of the main tasks of British spies is to paint the city black
UK, practically broke, now relies on “goodwill”
grossly inflated “reputation” of dilapidated institutions
such as its schools and universities which depend on inferior foreign students
for money and scholastic standards while pretending helping to educate
To paint the city black is to divert attention from the fact of UK’s sinking
While the king’s judges propagated common law thru the inns
Nowaday’s the snake pit of the queen’s spies is FCC
Environmental industry is another major camouflage of British spies
Under “clean and sanitary” cover they aim at smearing and carpetbagging
According to a British book on British spies in the Far East
Since Robert Hart, every British in the FE spied for the British empire
S Cowper-Coles’ recent autobio named HKP
H Crumpton’s autobio confirms US continuation of this tradition with NA
that virtually every expat and many locals in foreign corps spy for foreign interests
Spying flatters the vainity of self-important, self-righteous fools who're hollow in substance
suggested SAR responses:
All agents must register
Publish the register for public info
For visa renewal, all foreigners must sign an honor declaration
confirming non participation in schemes similar to CIA’s NA
Get Britain downsize its consulate
How many hard-working people were in HK before the Brits came? I don't doubt Chinese people are hard-working for one moment but surely the economic disparity between the mainland & HK must tell you something?? Comparing a large country to a city-state is disingenuous. As for spying, everyone is doing it to each other so although we might dislike it it's the way of the world. Depressing I know but what can an average Joe like me or you do about it?
See Wiki
FARA 22 U.S.C. § 611
improved and updated for SAR
Honor code to work thru cognitive dissonance,
sublimal reconciliation, dual compromise, ....
The hard working people of HK are responsible for its prosperity. Who did you have in mind? If you're thinking of saying the British, well, they have also colonized India and some African countries for a long time, but they certainly haven't brought them any prosperity, have they? Besides, we are talking about their spying here. I have never heard of any constructive influence on local prosperity by foreign espionage before.
Vic says: "surely the economic disparity between the mainland & HK must tell you something?? Comparing a large country to a city-state is disingenuous."
Do you realize you just contradicted yourself completely there? But I do agree with your second statement there.
Objectively speaking, HK wasn't much of a prosperous place until after 1949, when all the Chinese capitalists fleeing the communists brought their wealth to HK. The British rule did provide a unique environment for HK to develop, but let's also give credit where it's due to the hard-working people.
And it's funny to see you accepting the inevitable fact of being spied upon. I just wish you'd also be so open-minded about the fact that HK is part of China under the central gov't rule. After all, what can average Joe's like us do about that?
haha, you're right. noticed the contradiction immediately after pressing "post comment"! Agree with the rest of your post. Meanwhile i'd love some of whatever pslhk is smoking.



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