Young taxi robber looking for a bit of fun gets five years in jail

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 19 September, 2013, 4:58pm
UPDATED : Friday, 20 September, 2013, 3:17am

A young man who robbed three taxi drivers within a month and claimed he was only looking for a bit of fun was sentenced to five years and eight months in jail by Judge Clare-Marie Beeson in High Court  on Thursday.

Lo Suet-ho, 20, who had earlier pleaded guilty to three counts of robbery, committed the first robbery with a friend on October 31 last year.

The Court of First Instance was told that Lo, then 19, and another male boarded a taxi at 4am in the morning on October 31. The driver drove the pair, as requested, to Hin Tin Street in Shatin, where Lo grabbed hold of the driver’s neck and threatened him with a broken glass bottle. The driver gave the pair HK$500 before they fled.

Lo robbed a second driver on his own on November 6, 2012, again using a broken bottle to threaten the driver, who was robbed of HK$140 and a mobile phone.

He robbed the third taxi driver with Chan Kwok-chung, then 16, on November 27, 2012. However, this time police arrived at the scene of the crime soon after and managed to find the pair nearby at a public toilet. Police searched them and found HK$45 in coins on Chan and HK$17 in coins on Lo.

The pair confessed immediatley to the robbery, with Chan saying to the officers, “I was just greedy momentarily. I know it’s wrong to commit a robbery. Please give me a chance.”

Despite Chan's guilty plea, Beeson found the charge against the now 17-year-old to be serious enough to warrant a sentence of four years and eight months in jail.

Lo told the police in his video interview that he committed the second robbery just for fun.