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'I forgive my bosses' says Indonesian helper who was tortured for two years

Indonesian helper says she is glad her ordeal is over now and looks forward to going home

PUBLISHED : Friday, 20 September, 2013, 12:00am
UPDATED : Friday, 20 September, 2013, 10:50am

Indonesian maid Kartika Puspitasari has this to say of her two former bosses who tortured her for two years: "I have already forgiven them."

It was the first time Kartika, 30, had spoken openly after Tai Chi-wai, 42, and Catherine Au Yuk-shan, 41, were convicted on eight wounding and assault charges.

District Court Judge So Wai-tak sentenced Tai to three years and three months in prison, and jailed Au for 5-1/2 years earlier this week.

Kartika previously told the court that in her two-year stay in the couple's home in Tai Po, Au assaulted her almost daily with a hanger and a shoe. Her two former employers once even tied her to a chair and lashed her with a bicycle chain, breaking part of her front teeth, she said.

The helper had more than 45 scars and injuries over her body when she finally managed to escape from the couple's flat on October 9 last year.

Kartika was speaking yesterday in a press conference organised by the Indonesia consulate. She said she respected the court's decision and that she felt justice had been served.

She had earlier told the court that Tai and Au had made her wear a diaper, tied her to a chair and left her without food and water while they went for a five-day holiday with their three children last summer.

In passing sentence, Judge So said Kartika's testimony about her five-day detention had an "inherent improbability". But yesterday, the maid insisted: "I have spoken the truth."

I don't want to remember anything about it again
Kartika Puspitasari

Asked to recall what helped her pull through her ordeal, she lost her smile, turning sombre. "I don't want to remember anything about it again," she replied.

She said she was happy she had escaped and that she could now contact her family whenever she felt like it. She had no plans to look for a new job in the city, and wanted only to go home soon.

Indonesian consul general Chalief Akbar Tjandraningrat said the consulate would give Kartika legal advice on how to recover the two years of wages Tai and Au owed her. She would also get help in claiming damages from the couple for her injuries.

Akbar added that the Indonesian consulate kept records on the agencies and employers who used Indonesian domestic helpers, and that if the maids were found to be abused, the consulate would submit information about the agencies and employers to the Labour Department.




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Always glad to see justice where justice is deserved.........HK's environment has been protecting the ruthless employers for too long and finally, it's about time we threw some of them into the slammers..........there's a lot more HK employers out there that deserve the same..........their time will come.
she doesn't look she was tortured severely. she seems a liar. this case should be investigated again properly. domestic helper rules should really change by stopping domestic helpers in hk. only elderly people, people with disabilities and people with some sickness or illness should be allowed to apply domestic helpers, provided the background of domestic helpers should be checked properly before applying. believe me, in most of the cases the helpers are at fault. go and check the parks, markets, and watch them on sundays. there are ill-mannered, rough, gaying around and not ready to work giving excuses that they do not know cooking or missing home.
Why do people hate Chinese? I wonder.
So what you are doing here?
"Why do people hate Chinese? I wonder."

You're no better than the so called "racist" Chinese you dumb hypocritical sack of ****.
You start by assuming she was not toured. Then that she is a liar, then you assume the case was not investigated properly. You also note that in most cases the domestic helper are at fault, you also throw in them being ill mannered, etc.....
Hitler had the same views on the Jews, was he right? I hope you don't have guns or similar implements with you...
Muslim is not a forgiving religion as Camel put it. Please do not forget that in Muslim countries, a woman could at best be flogged and at worse be stoned to death for adultery; a person could have his/her hand chopped off for stealing; a woman's word is not to be believed - if a woman claimed to have been raped, she must have 3 male witnesses to testify that she was indeed raped. Is it not in Muslim countries that we see women who were raped put in prison. Those are just some of the instances of an unforgiving religion.
That is the common ignorance. What you are talking about is partly the Scharia law of an islamic state. Has nothing to do with the basic of the Islam Religion. Just like when the Catholic Church burned heretics and whoever was found guilty for witchcraft in the past. Those punishement had nothing to do with the Christian Religion but were justified in the name of God.
this has nothin to do with religion mate... just some psycho couple torturing a poor helper.
Plus no matter how good or bad, the other countries or systems are, its not an excuse to justify the wrong doings of our own, even if its minor.
And besides, Judging people by their religion is almost as psychotic as torturing a poor helper.
I was actually writing in reply to Camel who claimed that Muslim " her Religion allows (or instruct) her to forgive her tormentors", which is not true. Muslim is the most unforgiving religion I ever seen in the current world.




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