Public Eye

Name and shame the racist officials

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 25 September, 2013, 12:00am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 25 September, 2013, 5:01am

Ethnic minorities in Hong Kong are lazy. And they stick to their own culture. They have only themselves to blame for being so lousy at Chinese. Public Eye is not saying this. Anonymous government officials said it. That's what Unison director Fermi Wong Wai-fun, a long-time campaigner for minority rights, told this newspaper. She said it in frustration over her uphill battle for a policy change so that minority kids can learn Chinese as a second language instead of having to learn as native speakers. But why hasn't Wong named the racist officials? Racists are cowards who hide behind anonymity. That's why the Ku Klux Klan wore white hoods. But Wong has a duty to name the officials so we can shame them. The remarks, if true, are sickening. Public Eye would like to ask our officials a question. We all know most local Chinese kids suck at English. They can't string a proper sentence together. Their spoken English is even worse. Is it because they are lazy and stick to their own culture? Or is it because they are not being taught English the right way? Will our racist officials please remove their hoods and answer the question?


Heritage Peak hotel exposes planning folly

Public Eye has no sympathy for the super-rich who live in pricey homes on The Peak. But when matters reach such a stage of ridicule that it boggles the mind, we have to speak up. We're talking about the imbecile decision to allow a heritage house on The Peak to become a hotel. And who allowed this folly? The Town Planning Board. We don't give a damn that a hotel in tranquil Lugard Road would ruin the snotty lifestyles of residents. But the scenic harbour-view path is popular with ordinary Hongkongers. We dare the board to name a single civilised society that would allow a hotel smack in the middle of a quiet residential area. The board insists its decision will preserve the heritage of the house. Oh, really? We suggest board members get off their butts and go see what happened to the former marine police headquarters in Tsim Sha Tsui. That historic building was allowed to become a hotel, too. It is called the 1881 Heritage but if anyone can find any heritage left, let us know. It's a swanky hotel with an upscale mall for the rich. The trees are gone, the hill levelled, and the place looks more like a tacky replica that belongs in Disneyland than the real thing. Just who the hell are the board members anyway? The head honcho is permanent secretary for development (planning and lands). He is aided by five other bureaucrats. Then there are 28 non-official members appointed by the chief executive. How much do they know about town planning?


Policy chief scores own goal with charity match

What shouldn't you do if your popularity sucks? Organise a charity soccer match to drive up your ratings. Yet that's the loopy idea Chief Executive C.Y. Leung's minions have come up with. It's the brainchild (brainless, actually) of Shiu Sin-por, head of the government's secretive Central Policy Unit. What have soccer matches got to do with him anyway? Isn't he being paid big bucks to advise on government policies instead? Mr Chief Executive, ditch the idea. We can tell you now, you'll get more jeers than cheers at kick-off time.