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US consul Clifford Hart gets another blast from Beijing over democracy

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 26 September, 2013, 12:00am
UPDATED : Thursday, 26 September, 2013, 3:49pm

Washington's top envoy in Hong Kong might have thought he was being careful when he said on Tuesday that the US would not take sides when it came to the city's democratic development.

But Clifford Hart's comments in his first public speech in his new role managed to reignite Beijing's anger.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs yesterday again told the US to stay out of Hong Kong affairs.

While Hart said Washington supported "genuine universal suffrage" but had "no prescription" when it came to democratic development, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said no other country should have any say in the city's constitutional development.

"The issue of political development is Hong Kong's internal affair, and China's internal politics," ministry spokesman Hong Lei said. "No countries should make irresponsible remarks. We request that the relevant countries align their words with their actions, and do more that helps Hong Kong become prosperous and stable."

The Beijing-loyalist Wen Wei Po published an editorial saying Hart could be "facing a gloomy ending if he continues meddling in Hong Kong's political development". It said: "Clifford Hart has ignored a warning from the Chinese government and is blatantly intervening in the city's political development. Such an act is a violation of the Vienna Convention on Consular Relations."

It was referring to the treaty that forbids diplomats from interfering in the internal affairs of host states. In May, the Foreign Ministry also quoted the document in a warning to Hart's predecessor, Stephen Young.

The daily pointed an accusing finger at an invitation the consulate posted on Facebook on the 50th anniversary of Martin Luther King's "I have a dream" speech, asking people what their dream was. Most of those who posted replies said they wanted an independent Hong Kong.



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Idiot. Do u see the chinese envoy in US commenting anything ?
Think before you comment dumb ****
Of course China needs no help in squelching any hope of genuine democracy in HK. China is the gold standard in destroying democratic reforms in favor their autocratic state. They have THE propaganda machine as well as the storm troopers who are well trained to assure independent thought that challenges the Party is crushed. China need no help in making sure that HK people stay good little slaves to the masters. Well done.
Beijing says HK will have universal suffrage in 2017. Hart says he supports universal suffrage. Beijing gets mad. WTF?? It's essentially saying "hey, that's a great idea!" and then getting "**** you" as a reply. Not too dissimilar from the CCP's recent conquest against constitutional government...despite writing the current constitution.
This Clifford Hart and this Hong Lei are made of the same cloth. Both trying to get international attention and both are MFSOBs
Hart should just shut up. China doesn't need his endorsement, or not.
Why should you think it is fear? Why should the US comment on anything China does? China doesnt comment on US affairs. China is saying 'mind your own business', and quite righty too.
To better appreciate the fun and meaning of your comment
I’d recommend Larry Beinhart’s America Hero which I find
more interesting than Levinson‘s adaptation Wag the Dog
Learn to outgrow the naivety of simplemindedness
by reversing your perspective then you may realize
there are more fun and games than you realize
Just see who will have the last laugh and say
Dare the silly diplomats open their mouths
and put their feet in again?
Let's all cry about hurt feelings now.
Guy does not know his mouth hole from his *** hole
that son of a **** hates hong kong , he should not be born an american he is a mentally ill arab a sick semite he does not deserve to be an american



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