Phoenix TV host's alleged intruder sued by casino over HK$13m loan

Macau casino takes businessman to court over money he borrowed to buy gambling chips

PUBLISHED : Saturday, 28 September, 2013, 12:00am
UPDATED : Saturday, 28 September, 2013, 4:29am

A mainland businessman who has been charged with breaking into the home of a Phoenix TV presenter with the intention of hurting her is being sued by a Macau casino operator over an unpaid loan of HK$13.9 million.

In a High Court writ, Wynn Resorts claims Li Jun, 42, chairman of mainland car dealer Abest Group, drew a HK$15 million loan in March and failed to repay the outstanding balance of about HK$13.9 million.

The court paper says Li was a patron of the casino and took the loan to buy gambling chips.

Wynn Resorts is asking for repayment of the loan, interest at 18 per cent a year and legal costs.

Li has been barred from leaving Hong Kong after he was charged with breaking into the Peony Road home of television host Shen Xing, 38, on August 22. He was said to have been carrying a retractable baton when he entered the house.

The businessman, who came to Hong Kong on a two-way permit, was charged with burglary and possession of prohibited weapons on August 23.

Earlier this month, the High Court discontinued an interim injunction sought by Shen, who hosts Phoenix TV's fine-dining show Belle Gourmet, against Li after he pledged not to harass her.

Li undertook that he would not come within 30 metres of Shen's flats and her workplaces in Hong Kong, Beijing and Shenzhen.

Shen had filed an application for the injunction against Li days after he successfully persuaded the court to release him on bail.

In her statement of claim, Shen said she needed the injunction because Li attacked her and made repeated threats against her. He was also said to have been unlawfully harassing her.

Li had been remanded in custody for 12 days before he was released on HK$1.2 million bail.

His bail conditions include that he must stay at his reported residential address, a room at Four Seasons Place, not contact or interfere with any witnesses by any means, and report to police on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays between 6pm and 9pm.

If he wants to change his address, he has to inform police 24 hours in advance.

Li is next due in Kowloon City Court on October 18.

He could be jailed up to 14 years for burglary. The maximum penalty for possession of prohibited weapons is a HK$10,000 fine and three years behind bars.