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Rita Fan warns Hongkongers against being exploited by foreign envoys

Beijing loyalist warns locals against others' hidden agenda on city's electoral reform

PUBLISHED : Saturday, 05 October, 2013, 2:14pm
UPDATED : Sunday, 06 October, 2013, 8:28am


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6 Oct 2013
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Beijing loyalist Rita Fan Hsu Lai-tai has a message for Hongkongers: Don't be "too naive" or allow yourselves to be exploited by foreign diplomats who may have a hidden agenda when it comes to the city's political reform.

"China is growing more influential, hence some global powers naturally want to do something to drag it down," Fan (pictured) told an RTHK radio programme yesterday. "As some Hong Kong people are so concerned with the 2017 election and the Occupy Central movement, it is perfect timing for these foreign countries to jump into the debate."

Fan, a National People's Congress Standing Committee member and former Legislative Council president, also said Hong Kong people should not rely on foreign influence when it came to the push for universal suffrage.

She was taking a swipe at recent comments by British foreign office minister Hugo Swire and new United States consul general Clifford Hart, both of whom expressed their nation's support for the city's democratisation.

Fan said such comments were "merely rhetoric". She told Hongkongers: "Don't be so naïve and allow yourselves to be exploited by others."

In an opinion piece in the South China Morning Post last month, Swire wrote that it was important for voters to have a genuine choice, and that "Britain stands ready to support in any way we can".

That came after Hart said in July, on his second day on the job, that he was looking forward to Hongkongers' move towards "genuine democratic suffrage".

Yesterday, Fan also dismissed suggestions that Beijing might refuse to appoint a chief executive-elect it deemed unsuitable after the 2017 poll, saying that doing so would not be feasible.

"It would be too subjective for Beijing to refuse to appoint the winner of an open and fair election," Fan said.

Rejecting a winner, as has been advocated by some Beijing loyalists, would give the central government substantial, instead of symbolic, power in appointing the chief executive, essentially enabling it to screen out any candidate it did not trust.

The government has yet to announce electoral reform proposals to put to a public consultation, but Fan said January would be a good time.

Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying said there was still time to discuss the city's constitutional development.


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When a salesman sells a product with a big smile on his face, it gives me an impression that he doesn't believe in the product. Simple psychology.
A real journalist would have put Ms Fan's comments in the context of the colorful and unique credentials she holds enabling her to comment with both blessing from Beijing, and impunity from public ridicule. After all, it is (hopefully) only her gender that restricts her ability to obtain full membership of the august body that Deng Xiao-ping famously described as 'patriots'. She is certainly qualified in every other way to be their spokeswoman...a role she clearly relishes.
I've always said Hong Kong should obey more to Beijing. It shows that I don't have double standards.
The American public's brains have been washed, bleached, tumble-tried and iron pressed! They have been sleeping sheep for one hundred years now thanks to the global banking dynasty of the west-world operating from the dome of Israel. Hong Kongers begin to sound like them after being in bed with the greenback for 41 years. I can't say the Chinese government is perfect; however, they came a long way and has made exceptional progress during the past decade. China's one party government is leaning more toward capitalism every day. US's two party system is nothing more than a "two step dance". The US constitution was sub-structured by the Crown by Alexander Hamilton. Hong Kongers, you should do some real research... God bless.
All those foreigners should have raised their voice when HK was under British dictatorship.
I have warned Hong Kongers on Federal Reserve's deceptive influence as well as vitally need to de-peg from the greenback ASAP; however, with domestic BIS's sub-agents as watchdogs Hong Kong's leaders' loyalty is questionable and may be hazardous for Hong Kong's future.
At the forum in Heep Yun School, Benny Tai was absolutely persuasive. Although I have doubt if Hong Kong is in such a dire situation that Occupy Central is necessary, Tai was evidently speaking in an intellectual level worthy of the entire audience's interest and involvement.
Rita, on the other hand, was speaking the same dull passage offering no stimulating thoughts, as if the Hong Kong students were stupid. On the 2017 CE election, she tried to convince the students that Hong Kong should try to get concession from Beijing one bit at a time.
I was watching the forum live on TV with my grand-niece. This Form 3 student made this comment, "Huh, bit by bit? 2046 isn't that far away."
Who says Hong Kong students lack critical thinking?
So democracy or any form of truly representative government is a wicked foreign conspiracy. Therefore we must be obedient and allow the tycoons and crooked political elite to carry on stealing and s c r e w i ng us over, they know best what is good for we ignorant, naive peasants.
Or, what then is this 'hidden; agenda? If it is hidden, then is it something bad? Why? Or if you don't know, but just assume that because it is 'foreigners' (definitely an improvement on 'aliens') saying these things that it MUST be, look into your own heart and ask why you don't like the idea of universal suffrage and people of all opinions being allowed to stand for election as Chief Executive and representatives
There is no 'hidden' agenda..... they are saying what they think.




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